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31 July 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome back for Term 3. It has been great to see our whole school community reconnecting so positively after the holidays. Students are excited and re-energised. Welcome to the new WUPS students and their families who have joined our school community for the start of this term. We also extended a warm WUPS welcome to our new staff members. Please make them feel welcome if you see them at WUPS.

Term 3 Value Focus – Growth – we see mistakes as an important part of learning

During Term 3 we will be focussing on the school value of Growth. We will be looking for students who are improving each week by always learning and finding better ways to do things. On Fridays in our whole school morning meetings we will recognise a student from each class showing the value of growth. This video captures students’ thoughts in Tasmania about what growth means to them.



This year for the first time reports across Tasmanian schools might look different in each school. For WUPS families a printed report will be sent home with students today, Friday 31 July. Next week (Week 3), Monday 3 August – Thursday 6 August teachers will be available for 3 Way Conferences over the phone. Families will need to book an appointment using our usual booking system.

If you would like more information about Mid-Year Reporting please see the Department of Education FAQs on Mid-Year Reporting.


We encourage all parents to make a booking.


Thank you Mr Reeve who has been covering Mr Nayler while he has been on leave. Mr Nayler will be returning Monday 3 August. We are lucky that we will still see Mr Reeve around the school as a relief teacher.

Last week we welcomed Mrs King to WUPS. Mrs Beth King will be teaching ART until the end of the year. We are very excited to have Mrs King teaching at WUPS she has over 15 year’s experience and cannot wait to see work students produce.

Ms Kate Johns started teaching Y5/6 students Italian. Prof (Italian name for teacher) is a teacher at Ulverstone Secondary College and is teaching Y5/6’s students Italian at EUPS and WUPS.

Last Term we welcomed Leah Furley to WUPS. Leah works at WUPS on Fridays as our School Nurse. Please contact the school on 6425 2195 if you would like to contact Leah.

Mrs Annette Jones will be taking medical leave from Tuesday 4 August until Friday 11 September. During this time we will have some new relief Teacher Assistants in primary classrooms. We wish Mrs Jones a speedy recovery.

This term we have welcomed Miss Rachelle Dell who is undertaking a placement as part of her study at the University of Tasmania. Miss Dell is working with Mrs Robertson and Sharon in our Kinder classroom.

During Term 3 WUPS is hosting five students from TasTAFE who are training to become Teacher Assistants.

James Todd – Lunch time volunteer

James has been a chaplain in a number of schools and volunteers his time at lunch time in the playground on Thursday’s.

Dogs at WUPS

Dogs are not allowed on any school grounds without my permission. This does not apply to Guide and Hearing dogs.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Acknowledgment of Country


Five steps to create Resilient Kids


Values Champions

Week 9

















Week 10
















Gold Card

Lachie Parker Prep/1P

Keeping his writing flowing along the lines and writing a sequence of events from his weekend.

Xavier Mannie Prep/1P

Fantastic use of finger spaces and a good effort at sentences in independent writing.

Rosalie Small Prep/1P

Fabulous use of her independent writing time with a detailed labelled drawing and a detailed description of her sister's birthday party.

Rudy Lawler Prep/1P

Excellent use of capital letters and full stops to show his sentences and a sequential recount of his weekend.

Boaz Davis Prep/1G

Fabulous independent writing featuring a capital letter to start, finger spaces to separate clear words, correctly spelt high frequency words, good effort at new words and a full stop to finish.

Billy Newitt Prep/1P

3 recognisable sentences and a fabulous application of last weeks split digraph (a-e) when he wrote the word ate sounding out the a and t but realising that it was at so he added in the e for the A sound.

Sophie Reimer 3/4C

Fantastic Sentence Stretching

Skylah Hall Prep/1P

Outstanding growth in sounding out words to do great writing.

Kash Currie Prep/1P

Excellent progress in his reading

Jacob Gardiner

Awesome effort in sounding out and writing the alphabet on your house drawing

Maysi Purton

Outstanding two and three digit addition

Jason Coulson

Excellent ‘best effort’ in writing

Boaz Davis

Fantastic independent writing about his two special places

Home Reading

We are celebrating Home Reading Success at WUPS! Children are encouraged to read every night and record what they read in their Home Reading Journals. Make sure your teacher knows how many nights you have read for!!!

Celebrating 50 nights of reading – Jace Waddington, Rosalie Small, Boaz Davis, Ellie Hannon, Louise Schweinitz
Celebrating 75 nights of reading – Shataya Grant, Callum Seymour, Jace Waddington
Celebrating 100 nights of reading – Lily Hall
Celebrating 150 nights of reading – Aysh Grant, Kye Grant

Sabrina Catlin
Literacy Coach

Feature classes


This term, students in Years 5/6 have raced off to a fantastic start. With the disruptions of the Corona Virus and online learning in our rear view mirror, we are looking ahead and hoping to navigate our way through what’s left of the year in a positive and successful way.

This term, the Year 6 Sports leaders Cameron, Liam, Charli and Shataya have made a fantastic start to the daily PE program and have been displaying a high level of reliability and leadership in their roles.

Speaking of showing leadership, 5/6 Gee have buddied up with Miss P’s Prep/1 class for Friday afternoon activities and we have been so proud of the way the Year 5/6’s have shown kindness and responsibility while interacting with their younger buddies.

All Year 5/6’s have started 3 new classes this term and have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Art, STEM and Italian lessons where they are learning a wide range of new skills that will help them explore their creativity into the future.

We have also been participating in the Little Scribes creative writing workshops and have tuned in each morning to live streamed workshops run by famous authors such as Andrew Daddo as they show us how they create ideas for their own stories.

Writers workshop

Reuben Gee
5/6A Teacher


In 5/6B we have had an interesting start to term 3. It has been fantastic to hear about how people kept themselves entertained in our home state over the break. We have started covering many new topics and finished off some we were covering last term. We have started having Italian, Art and STEM lessons which would be interesting to hear about at home. In science we have learnt about the relative size of planets, their order from the sun and some other cool space facts. The picture below shows the order of the planets and their relative sizes. It was taken just before the planet carriers demonstrated their orbiting speeds.

Campbell Barnett
5/6B Teacher


School Nurse

Kindergarten Health Screening

The Kindergarten students have had a great time last term and this getting their health screening completed.

The kinder screens checks that the student’s eyes and ears are ready for learning and that they are reaching their major development milestones.

This includes hearing and vision screening, fine and gross motor skill assessments, height and weight check and talking about teeth and toileting.

If you have a health concern about your child or would like their hearing or vision tested please let your child’s teacher know and get a referral form for the school nurse from the office staff.

Leah Furley
School Nurse

MSP School Photos

Just a friendly reminder that the date for school photos is now Friday 14 August. If you require another envelope for ordering individual or family photos, please contact the office on 6425 2195.


Just a reminder that school soccer started on Saturday 25 July 2020 but it’s not too late to join. Please see the information and rosters below.


School banking will now resume on Tuesday’s for Term 3.

Thank you

Sharyn Mee
School banking co-ordinator

Premiers reading challenge 2020

Extended until Friday 14 August

It is on again this year. This year students can download their reading log online. Go to the link below.


To download, find the Downloads page under the Register tab. Find the link 2020 Reading log to enter the title of the books read. This can be integrated with existing classroom reading programs. Students can negotiate with their teacher to have a large chapter book counted as being more than one book. Once your child has reached their 10 books please let their class teachers know. But don’t stop at 10.

Allison Willoughby
Library Technician

Community News

Fairy Tales and Pirate Sails

Ulverstone Basketball Association

Ulverstone Football Club

Reflextions Dance Studio

School Calendar

Monday 3 August

9:00 – 10:30am LiL Playgroup Kinder room

Wednesday 5 August

9:00 – 10:00am Playgym School hall

Monday 10 August

9:00 – 10:30am LiL Playgroup Kinder room

12:30pm Get involved Campaign and media event

Child and Family Learning Centre

Tuesday 8 August

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Wednesday 12 August

9:00 – 10:00am Playgym School hall

Friday 14 August

School Photo Day – Please note new date

Monday 17 August

9:00 – 10:30am LiL Playgroup Kinder room

Wednesday 19 August

9:00 – 10:00am Playgym School hall

Monday 24 August

9:00 – 10:30am LiL Playgroup Kinder room

1:30 – 2:45pm Pre-Kinder begins Kinder room

Wednesday 26 August

9:00 – 10:00am Playgym School hall

Friday 28 August

Cross Country

Thursday 10 September

10:00am – 3:00pm Inter Primary Cross Country

Monday 14 – 25 September

Swimming and Water Safety Program

Tuesday 15 September

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Thursday 24 September

Tim Blair run

Friday 25 September

Term 3 Finishes

Monday 12 October

Term 4 Starts

Monday 2 November

Public Holiday (Recreation Day)

Friday 27 November

Public Holiday (Devonport Show)

Thursday 17 December

Term 4 Finishes