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26 June 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report


We are excited to announce Mrs Beth King will be joining our teaching team in Term 3 until the end of the year. Mrs King will be teaching Art on Tuesday and Wednesdays.


Term 2 is quickly coming to an end after a very strange term. This year for the first time, reports across Tasmanian schools might look different for each school. For WUPS families a printed report will be sent home with students on Friday 31 July. This is the second week of Term 3. During Week 3 of Term 3, Monday 3 August – Thursday 6 August teachers will be available for 3 Way Conferences over the phone. Families will need to book an appointment using our usual booking system.

If you would like more information about Mid-Year Reporting please see the Department of Education FAQs on Mid-Year Reporting.

WUPS Values – A Spot Light on Courage

Each week, at Monday Morning Meetings, we celebrate students who have been consistently displaying our school values. We also talk about our values of courage and how we show courage at school. Below is an outline of how students show courage in class.

I ask a teacher when I need help outside, Kira Davis Kinder
I try to write even when it is hard, Eli Wickman P/1P
I try new things and try my hardest, Rosie Small P/1G
I read out aloud in class even when I feel nervous, Lochie Campbell 2BF
I keep trying when things are hard, Sebastian Prewer 3/4C
I am brave and ask people for help if I’m not sure how to do something, Kendell Dobson 3/4N
When it is too noisy, I show courage by moving away and getting on with my learning, Izayah Clark 5/6B
I be brave by sharing in front of the class even when I’m nervous, Monique Robinson 5/6G

Maintaining Learning & Relationships – class splits

The last few months have been challenging for everyone and the challenges are not over yet. WUPS along with other schools are increasingly finding it challenging to secure relief staff (both teaching and non-teaching). Every effort is made by the leadership team to minimise disruption when staff are away however there are times when we are unable to get a relief teacher. This results in classes split amongst other classes across the school. We are fortunate having small classes and teachers planning to enable a smooth class split if it occurs. To date this has only occurred once.

Lunch time foods

We have noticed an increase in students bringing instant noodles to school for lunch. While we understand noodles are a quick and tasty lunch time option, this raises student safety concerns.

We please ask that you support us by bringing noodles to school in a thermos.

Intake Area Changes

The Department of Education (DoE) has released updated government primary and combined (district) school intake areas, to apply from Term 1, 2021. These updated intake areas will only apply to families who enrol a child in a government primary or combined (district) school for the first time from Term 1, 2021.

This means that for parents with children already enrolled in our school, the updated intake areas do not apply to your family. If your child has a brother or sister who hasn’t started school yet, they can still enrol at our school.

Our school’s updated intake area map can be found in the link below.This map is the same as the Proposed Map released by DoE last year in stage two of the Intake Area Review consultation process.


Why do we have intake areas?

Intake areas ensure that every Tasmanian child can enrol at a high quality government school close to where they live. Attending a school close to home helps children feel part of their local community. Intake areas also help ensure schools have the facilities and staff to best support their students’ learning.

Where to get more information?

If you would like more information about our school’s intake area, or help finding out whether a particular address is within our intake area boundary, please contact us directly. Alternatively you can contact Learning Services (Learning Services Southern Region: phone 6777 2440 or email Learning.Services.NR@education.tas.gov.au

ICAS Assessment

We are delighted to inform you that WUPS will be participating in the world-renowned ICAS Assessments this year. ICAS is developed by UNSW Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of UNSW Sydney, with over 35 years’ experience in educational assessments.

ICAS is designed to target students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Digital Technologies.

Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition. Every student will receive a printed certificate and an online result report. Top performers will be eligible for medals and are invited to attend special award ceremonies to have their academic excellence publicly recognised.

We encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS this year. The assessments are suitable for students wishing to extend themselves academically and take up the personal challenge of competing in an international assessment. Your child will be presented with high-quality, expert-developed questions, allowing them to apply their learning without the need for prior study or revision.

ICAS Assessments are now online, a move that reflects a sector-wide transition to online assessments. This allows greater accessibility for students and faster delivery of results. You can learn more about ICAS here:


Interested students need to collect an information letter from the office. All registrations need to be entered online at a cost of $15.95 per test.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Acknowledgment of Country


What do you have in common with Mandela, Gandhi and Mother Teresa?

We share a vision of an equitable Power With world. In a Power With world, we know that Power multiplies when shared and we prize win-win relationships over taking advantage of others. Yes, it will take time and sometimes we have to compromise and share.

Ultimately, we prioritise a world in which everyone has an opportunity to make the most of their potential. Imagine a home, classroom or workplace in which you feel seen for who you are, valued and encouraged to contribute. How would you feel?

And before you naysayers say “it’s not possible” consider how you feel in the alternative Power Over universe. Based on a false sense of superiority, Power Over dynamics exercise tactics of humiliation, control and abuse to silence others. It’s a threatening place in which you can never be “enough” because of your colour, gender, size, sexuality, nationality etc. This warps power and leads to the destruction of people, creativity and the Earth itself.

In reality no one wins.

NOW is the time to build our Power With World!

And it all starts by boosting the levels of Power Within:

1. Start with I……

We change the world by changing within first. Consider your relationship with yourself and others. Do you value your Power or are you giving it away? Are you exercising Power Over another or assuming a subservient position of Power Under? Do you doubt your worth and your voice? Do you stand by and watch bullying occur at home, in the workplace or society at large? Although it may be uncomfortable at times, can you listen and allow those in Power Under positions to express how they feel and what they need? There is more than enough Power to go around and every time we share Power it can grow.

2. Empower our children to feel the Power Within.

The more Power Within the less we need to seek Power Over others. When our educating and parenting shares the Power with our children, by giving them choice, relationship skills and opportunities to be responsible and contribute, they feel worthy and learn to be Power With others. When young people live in Power Over homes and schools they learn Power Over strategies as a way of influencing, or even simply connecting with others socially. Relying on Power Over strategies undermines the quality of all relationships.

Values Champions

Week 7











Prep/1 G



Prep/1 P


Week 8










Prep/1 G


Gold Card

Troy Robinson 2BF

Excellent independent writing

Angelica Elder 2BF

Making great choices and her excellent literacy work

Drey Bonner-Pope 3/4N

Excellent story writing

Rylie Campbell P/1P

Outstanding work in telling the time

Home Reading

We are celebrating Home Reading Success at WUPS! Children are encouraged to read every night and record what they read in their Home Reading Journals. Make sure your teacher knows how many nights you have read for!!!

Celebrating 25 nights of reading – Drey Bonner-Pope
Celebrating 75 nights of reading – Reid Preston
Celebrating 100 nights of reading – Reid Preston, Amber Saddington

Sabrina Catlin
Literacy Coach

Feature classes


Team 2 B/F has had a fantastic start as a brand-new class. All students in Year 2 have shown great courage transitioning into a new space after what has been a challenging year.

Our wonderful members of Team 2 B/F have been very busy over the last few weeks. We have been working hard to develop our skills in reading and writing, and along the way discovered we absolutely love writing engaging narratives.

We have also been exploring how technology has changed our world – particularly recently with a lot of at home learning taking place online! We have looked back on a world without iPhones and explored how our lives are impacted every day by technology.

Alongside all this, we have been focusing on how we can work as a team, to make our time at school engaging, fun and full of learning.

We are looking forward to the rest of the year and continuing our learning in Year 2.

Maddison Burgess and Alex French
2BF Teachers


3/4 Nayler has been missing their fearless leader as he is away with his new baby (we hope all is going well for Mr and Mrs Nayler!). In his absence Mr Reeve is filling in and is now starting to find his feet in the classroom.

With Mr Reeve, we have begun some new daily routines to help improve our speed and accuracy in maths. The fast 40 activity is challenging, but very rewarding. We are trying to answer as many of the 40 questions as we can in the 10 minutes while making sure our answers are correct; and as Frank Spencer would say “every day, in every way, [we’re] gettin’ better an’ better”.

We have also commenced a new unit comparing schooling in the past to modern-day schooling. Look out parents, you will be bombarded with questions and surveys as we try to contrast and compare our schooling experiences!

Jake Reeve
3/4A Teacher


We have been learning about shape in 3/4C. Students have enjoyed exploring the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We have made pictures using shapes and labelled them, created some Tangram pictures from patterns and learnt the names of the different shapes. The students can explain that a 2D shape is flat compared to 3D shapes being solid. Next week we will be designing and building some 3D shape models of places we like to visit.

3D shapes are solid – Robbie
A square has 4 corners – Sophie
Some shapes have 3 sides – Christian
A cube is a 3D square – Carly

Deet Cox
3/4C Teacher


Last Wednesday we had Constable Emilie Dellar visit our school to run the Think-U-Know program with our Year 3 – 6 students. The program is an online safety program which provides information on the technologies young people use, the challenges they may face, and most importantly, how they can be overcome. It aims to provide students with the tools to create a safer online environment for themselves when using the internet, and gaming and social media platforms. The presentations cover what young people SAY, SEE and DO online.

We would like to thank Constable Dellar for taking the time to come in and educate our students on how to use the internet safely.

If you would like any further information about the Think-U-Know program or making the internet as safe as possible for your children, please contact the school.

Nicci Birch
Support Teacher

Premiers reading challenge 2020

It is on again this year. This year students can download their reading log online.


To download, find the Downloads page under the Register tab. Find the link 2020 Reading log to enter the title of the books read. This can be integrated with existing classroom reading programs. Students can negotiate with their teacher to have a large chapter book counted as being more than one book. Once your child has reached their 10 books please let their class teachers know. But don’t stop at 10.

Allison Willoughby
Library Technician

Community News

Discovery Early Learning Centres Vacation Care Program

Discovery Vacation care booking sheet and program

Basketball Tasmania

Spirit Week

Dear Families,

Spirit week is a fun way to end term 2. In spirit week there will be a theme or activity for each day. This is a whole school event.

Monday we will be making dream catchers in the Hub at lunch. Tuesday we are doing a mindful in the hall at lunch. Wednesday we will be making spiritual creations in the Hub at lunch. On Thursday we will be coming to school dresses in black and white (no cost). On Friday the last day of term we will be having a NAIDOC afternoon with arts and games since we won’t be coming to school for NAIDOC week. We hope you enjoy our activities planned. Have a great weekend.

School Calendar

Friday 3 July

Term 2 finishes for students

Monday 20 July

Profession Learning Day (Student Free Day)

Tuesday 21 July

Term 3 Starts

Tuesday 1 September

School Photo Day

Friday 25 September

Term 3 Finishes

Monday 12 October

Term 4 Starts

Monday 2 November

Public Holiday (Recreation Day)

Friday 27 November

Public Holiday (Devonport Show)

Thursday 17 December

Term 4 Finishes