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12 June 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report


Last week Miss Bek Van der Neut finished at WUPS, she will be taking maternity leave until the end of the year. We will Miss V’s warm smiling face at the office. We wish Miss V and her fiancé all the best for a safe arrival of their baby.

Mr Nayler is taking leave after the early arrival of his daughter. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Nayler. We look forward to seeing you return in Term 3.


We are excited to announce Miss Emma Green is the successful applicant of our School Business Manager Position. Miss Green will be part of our Leadership Team until the end of 2020.

Mid-Year Reporting for Prep to Year 10

In response to the unusual school situation of 2020 that has included Learning at Home, there have been changes to the regular reporting processes.

It is normally a requirement for Commonwealth funding that schools report twice a year providing A-E ratings. Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19 the Commonwealth has advised that there will be flexibility for 2020 Mid-year reporting. The requirement to report A-E has been removed and the timeline to communicate with parents/carers is extended until the end of July.

In line with guidelines from the Department of Education mid-year communication will provide an insight into your child’s progress so far this year in the key learning areas of English and Mathematics.

The communication will indicate your child’s progress against the standard expected for their year level and shall include areas for future focus. It will also include a focus on your child’s general wellbeing at school.

This year for the first-time reports across Tasmanian schools might look different in each school. For WUPS families a printed report will be sent home with students on Friday 31 July. This is the second week of Term 3. During Week 3 of Term 3, Monday 3 August – Thursday 6 August teachers will be available for 3 Way Conferences over the phone.

Families will need to book an appointment using our usual booking system. More information will be available about the booking system in the next newsletter.

If you would like more information about Mid-Year Reporting please see the Department of Education FAQs on Mid-Year Reporting.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

It is great to see that the Premier’s Reading Challenge is on again, with this event dating back to 2008.

The Challenge encourages students from Prep to Year 6 to make reading a part of their day and read 10 books in 10 weeks. It emphasises that reading is a fun, free, family activity for anywhere.

Please talk to your teacher if you need a recording log.

Book review by Blake Collins (Library Leader)

  1. The name of the book I am reading is Guinness World Records 2020.
  2. My favorite part of the book was reading about the Tallest Man who is 272cm tall and lives in London.
  3. The book is very interesting. Some of the records are scary and others look fun.
  4. I think everyone would like this book and encourage you to read it.
  5. I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.


The last few weeks have started to feel a little more like we remember. While we will never be exactly the same, school certainly feels more normal. On Monday and Friday after recess Early Childhood and Primary students have a short meeting about the WUPS Values. We talk about what our focus value of Courage looks like at school and recognise students who consistently demonstrate our values of Respect, Courage, Growth and Aspiration. This week we have been celebrating students who have shown courage in their learning, in particular persisting when things are challenging. I look forward to Friday’s meeting to hear from teachers about the ways in which students have shown courage in their classroom.

Mobile Phone Policy - Kindergarten to Year 12 – “Off and away all day”

From Term 2, 2020 all Tasmanian Government Schools from Kindergarten to Year 12 will need to implement restrictions on the use of mobile phones by students at school. The Minister for Education and Training announced this policy in November, 2019.

The decision to restrict the use of mobile phones by students during the school day will support schools to minimise distraction from learning and encourage healthy and positive personal interactions.

The policy has been developed in consultation with schools, School Associations and students.

From the start of the school day to the end of the school day, students must have their mobile phones switched off and stored. All communication with students during the school day must go through the school office.

This policy applies to all students, unless they meet the requirements of an approved exemption. Exemptions may be considered where students require the use of their mobile phone for educational adjustments, monitoring health conditions or other extenuating circumstances. There may also be instances where teachers permit students to use their mobile phones for educational purposes.

If you would like to discuss an exemption for your child or have any questions about the policy please contact me on 6425 2195. The full policy can be viewed here.

Yours in Partnership

Angela McAuliffe

School Association

The School Association passed a motion to defer the holding of the Annual General Meeting 2020 and Election of Office Bearers until 2021 for the reason of a breakdown in the education process as a results of COVID19. All School Association Members will remain until March 2021.

We are currently seeking an additional parent member. Please see Miss Emma Green in the office for more information.

Premiers Announcement - Additional funding for Child and Family Learning Centres

You might have heard as part of our Rebuilding Tasmania Infrastructure Investment our Government is fast tracking five projects with additional funding. One of those is here in West Ulverstone.

Community engagement and consultation will soon begin in West Ulverstone, with construction now scheduled to begin in the 2021-22 financial year.

We know that investing in the first 1000 days of a child’s life can set them up for the brightest future possible, especially for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

Child and Family Learning Centres are a proven way of supporting families and carers in the early years of a child’s life in communities where we can make the most difference.

Engaging community and establishing a Local Enabling Group is key to ensuring our CFLCs provide the right wrap around care for young children and families.

This funding comes as part of the Tasmanian Government’s two year construction blitz, to build our way out of the coronavirus, stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Up Coming Meeting

The next School Association Meeting will be held on Monday 29 June 2020 at 5pm.

Reboot - Our Three Brains

Our Brain can be broken down into three main parts – Smart, Emotional and Wild.

The Wild Brain is responsible for all our automated functions – heart rate, breathing, body temperature control, movement, and our fight / flight / freeze (survival) response.

The Emotional Brain is responsible for our feelings and emotions (both positive and negative) and memory. It also houses the Amygdala which constantly scans like a smoke detector and picks up on any stress or perceived threat to our wellbeing or survival.

The Smart Brain is responsible for higher order thinking – complex thought, problem solving, language, reasoning, creativity and decision making.

When the amygdala perceives a threat, it will set off an alarm that sends us into Wild Brain and activates our Fight / Flight / Freeze response. The Wild Brain then hijacks the rest of our brain, shutting down all other non-essential functions, meaning it’s really hard for us to make a smart decision or to be reasoned with when we’re in Fight, Flight or Freeze.

With the support of Reboot, we are teaching students how to ‘feed’ their Wild Brain with things like breathing and movement so they can move up into Emotional and Smart Brains. We are making sure our learning environments address the physical (Wild Brain), emotional (Emotional Brain) and cognitive (Smart Brain) elements so that all students can effectively engage in learning.

Homework for Parents & Carers

Talk to your children about the kinds of things that we need our amygdala to pick up on so that we can go into Wild brain to protect ourselves – things like being chased by a large dog or almost stepping out in front of traffic. Then discuss what are the things that our amygdala sometimes perceives as a threat – things that you think might be too hard, too embarrassing or that remind us of a real or experienced threat. What kinds of things can we do to calm our Wild Brain so that we can access the Emotional and Smart Brains? Ideas include:

  • Breathing
  • Listening to music
  • Colouring in
  • Eating healthy food
  • Having a drink of water
  • Distraction
  • Laughter
  • Walking, skipping or bouncing a ball
  • Dot-to-dots
  • Puzzles

Values Champions

Week 5












Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P


Week 6






Jay Jay






Prep/1 G



Prep/1 P


Gold Card

Eloise, Sophie, Ellie Prep/1P

For an Amazing start to independent story writing

Matilda Prep/1P

So much courage shown for her independent writing

Robbie 3/4C

Excellent addition work in Maths

Boaz Prep/1G

Showing great courage in solving some difficult maths problems

Home Reading

We are celebrating Home Reading Success at WUPS! Children are encouraged to read every night and record what they read in their Home Reading Journals. Make sure your teacher knows how many nights you have read for!!!

Celebrating 25 nights of reading – Shataya Grant, Monique Robinson, Andre Gallagher-Denney, Zepplin Hill, Boaz Davis, Rosie Small, Mia Finch, Jarod Saddington and Amber Saddington

Celebrating 50 nights of reading – Jarod Saddington and Amber Saddington

Celebrating 75 nights of reading – Jarod Saddington and Amber Saddington

Celebrating 100 nights of reading – Aysh Grant, Kye Grant, Isabella Gardam and Sophie Gardam

Sabrina Catlin
Literacy Coach

Feature classes


In Kinder, the children have settled back into our routines beautifully. It’s been great seeing their smiling and happy faces back in our classroom. You’ll see some photos below of what we have been doing in Kinder.

To rebuild relationships, we have set up a supermarket! We had to do lots of talking about the different roles and responsibilities in the shop, how to speak respectfully to the workers and the customers and learnt some important language we would use e.g. asking the customers ‘would you like a bag?’, telling them how much money they owe, learning that writing a list of things we need to buy is helpful etc.

We have also been learning about patterns, and have done some seeing, thinking and wondering about the changes that happen in Autumn – have a look at the beautiful trees they painted!

Our wonderful Kinders

Hannah Robertson
Kindergarten Teacher

Prep/1P and Prep/1G

It has been fabulous to see the Prep/1 team return with enthusiasm, eager to learn and ready to challenge themselves. We have seen plenty of courage as students have pushed themselves to new levels in their work and in their play.

In Literacy the Year one’s have been working hard to improve their spelling through our daily Smart Spelling routines. They have been expanding their writing through the drafting and editing process and developing their reading skills through online books, picture books and levelled readers. The Prep’s have settled very quickly back into routine with weekly handwriting, spelling, sentence and sound work.

In Maths the Preps have been representing numbers in a variety of ways, creating patterns and pictures from shapes and collecting and representing data and making inferences (sharing our thinking) about graphs. The year Ones’s have been experimenting with clocks and telling the time to the hour. They have shown great persistence in number knowledge and place value, beginning to add some big numbers.

In P/1 G Inquiry, we have begun a series of class projects to explore rain, wind, sound and fire which came from some observations we had one afternoon. Students have been sharing their current thinking and wonderings and will know begin to seek answers to their questions. In P/1P, students have been exploring past and present, for both people and objects. We have recently begun an investigation on living things.

The Prep/1s had the opportunity to partake in the National Simultaneous Story time and create some amazing artworks from the story. Students have undertaken learning around Reconciliation Week and have begun to record their reading for The Premiers Reading Challenge. This term they continue to explore ICT with Mrs Birch and are loving using the BeeBots to explore coding. Busy – but as always – exciting and wonderful times in Prep/1!

Mrs Gardam and Miss Porteus.
Prep/1 teachers

Premiers reading challenge 2020

It is on again this year. This year students can download their reading log online. Go to the link below.


To download, find the Downloads page under the Register tab. Find the link 2020 Reading log to enter the title of the books read. This can be integrated with existing classroom reading programs. Students can negotiate with their teacher to have a large chapter book counted as being more than one book. Once your child has reached their 10 books please let their class teachers know. But don’t stop at 10.

Allison Willoughby
Library Technician

Brixhibition Lego Challenge 2020

The Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. invites all Primary School Children on the North West and West Coasts to compete in a Lego Competition running in the second term of 2020.

For schools with more than 12 participating students, there are 3 age groups (4 students per age group)

  • Prep – Year 2, Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6

Winners to receive a winner's medallion (Age Group or Age Group & Overall Winner)

One overall winner from all age group winners will represent WUPS this year.

The schools overall winner will receive 1 "Age Group & Overall" winners’ medallion, 1 voucher for a Leven River Cruise, 1 free pass to Beaconsfield Heritage Museum, Richmond Gaol and a winners parents/guardians information sheet.


  • Each Lego display to be no larger than 52cm x 52cm x 52cm or no larger than four 32x32 lug Lego baseplates.
  • Each Lego display must be an original or freelance design and not made from a Lego kit.
  • Some adult help is allowed but the Lego design should be the child’s own design.
  • Each school must confirm their participation no later than Thursday 4 June 2020
  • All Parents/Guardians to have completed entry forms and each lego entry must be returned to WUPS no later than Monday 22 June 2020
  • Each Primary School’s overall winner must be determined and announced by no later than Friday 26 June 2020.
  • Individual participating Schools can choose to undertake their own judging by photos (virtual) or in-house (as previous years)
  • Each Schools Lego Challenge overall winner then will be invited to compete against other schools overall winners.
  • All Lego Challenge overall winners will be judged by Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. members to determine the grand prize winners by submitting up to 4 photos (Virtual) only.
  • Grand Prize winners will be announced via the Brixhibition.com website by Saturday 4 July 2020

Please note: there will be no Brixhibition event this year

Community News

Cup of Kindness Community Food Van


Every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Commencing on 16 June 2020


Ulverstone Anglican Church grounds

6-8 Kings Parade (next to McDonalds), Ulverstone


To provide a free meal and a hot drink to the disadvantaged, people in short-term financial crisis, those who are socially isolated, those new to the area seeking community connection and single parent families. All are welcome.

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Scholastic Book Club Orders Due

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Lego Competition Entry Forms and Lego Display Due

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