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15 May 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Thank You

What a huge few months it has been for our students, families, and staff as we navigate learning from home and living with restrictions. During this time we have all been learning together, we have learned a new way of living, a new way of learning and have been finding new ways to have fun within the boundaries of our houses. These times have certainly been unprecedented and we would like to take this opportunity to capture some of the learnings our school community have made during this time. Teachers will be discussing this with classes as we return but we would also like to invite all other members of our community to share with us your responses to the following question: “What have you learned during the Covid-19 Pandemic?” These responses can be shared by following this link below.


A big heart felt thank you to EVERYONE who has been supporting learning at home. After all you are your child’s first teacher. We are sure it has not always been easy, but we are extremely grateful for the support that you have provided during this challenging time.

Learning from Home

It has been wonderful to see students completing tasks set on Seesaw and interacting with their teachers on Seesaw. Thank you to families who have been sending WUPS messages about their learning from home. We have enjoyed hearing all the stories and seeing pictures.

Lifting Restrictions at Schools

Keeping children at home, where possible, for their learning has helped to limit the spread of COVID-19, but we must now look to return students to classrooms. The Department of Education is taking a staged approach so we can manage the movement of people on our sites.

What’s Next…

From Monday 25 May 2020, Kindergarten to Year 6 students will return to school-based learning. Yes, ALL students will be back at WUPS in 10 sleeps. We can’t wait to see everyone.

Additional Class

During the pandemic we have had increased enrolments and have been able to employ more teachers to create smaller class sizes across the Year 2 to Year 4 cohort. From May 25, our class structure will change slightly we will now have a Year 2 class, and two Year 3/4 classes.

Term 2 Focus Value – Courage

Over the next few newsletters we will be highlighting our value of Courage. When students return to school on May 25 we will be learning about Courage and celebrating students who display the value of Courage at WUPS.

Some points to consider…

Courage looks and feels different in a range of contexts. It can mean acting with integrity, overcoming adversity, speaking up or preserving, thinking creatively, or being brave. It takes courage to be transparent, display vulnerability and also to accept the challenges of leadership; Courage shows itself in many different lights.

Some questions or reflections…
What does Courage ‘look, sound and feel like’ at WUPS?
How do you build Courage with your child/ren?
What do you/we need to do more of?
What do we need to do less of?

A reminder, Courage is not necessarily loud, but sometimes quiet and thoughtful.

Introducing Physical Distancing in Schools during COVID-19

Social distancing has been the buzz word since COVID-19 hit but get ready to hear a lot about Physical Distancing. Below is a message from the Department of Education regarding Physical Distancing measures in and around schools:

Public Health advice is clear – it is safe for schools to be open. This is because we have a low rate of Coronavirus (COVID-19) community spread in Tasmania and there has been increased and expanded testing. To reduce the risk even further, schools have hygiene and physical distancing measures in place.

While it is safe to send your child/ren to school, we still need adults to maintain a distance from other adults, whilst on site. To help us with adult physical distancing, we are asking all families to:

  • ‘Stop, Drop and Go’ for all drop offs and pickups. This means you don’t get out of your car unless it is essential to do so
  • Not enter the school buildings, except for the office and only if it is essential or critical to do so
  • Not bring toys and other such items to school
  • Please pass on these processes to other family members or friends who might be doing drop off or pick ups for you
  • Keep everyone safe by using the pedestrian crossing and adhering to speed limits around school and in the car park
  • Use phone, Facebook or Seesaw to contact the school instead of visiting the office
  • Speak with your child’s teacher or a member of the leadership team if any extra steps need to be taken to safely drop off and or collect your child from school each day

By following these measures, it stops groups of adults gathering. We want to make school as safe as possible for everyone. Feel free to ask questions if you require any further information. These things won’t be forever, but we all have a shared responsibility to act in a way that supports everyone being safe.

More information is available on the Department of Education website below:


Why our Schools are Safe Places

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Messages from Class Teachers

Launching into Learning

Follow our Facebook page at the link below and keep updated with what is happening in our Birth-4 programs, both now and in the future when face to face sessions are back up and running.


Kinder with Mrs Robertson

Hi families, I’m missing all your friendly faces at school. I have loved seeing the kids play and explore on Seesaw to respond to tasks, send me beautiful pictures and even have a go at videoing and recording their voices!

I’ve been learning as we go along as well, making mistakes, and finding out new things every day so I hope you are being kind to yourself and giving yourselves time to adjust.

Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to be back in the classroom soon!

Prep with Miss Porteus

What a crazy, strange time for learning! But wow, what an exceptional job the Preps have done.

It has been an interesting few weeks learning how to use Seesaw as a platform for learning, but the Preps have shown great persistence in uploading their tasks. I have been so impressed by their adaptability and skills in recording, videoing and working with writing online.

Here are some examples of the excellent work so far – it’s just a shame you can’t hear recordings in a newsletter!

Year 1 with Mrs Gardam

The end of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 have seen many changes and I truly appreciate the support and feedback from all the Prep/1 families as we navigate this unknown journey.

The Year 1’s have been doing an amazing job of adapting to online learning and have been submitting lots of great work. It has been great to see the development of their technology skills as they navigate their learning in this new way. I have really enjoyed seeing and hearing their responses and seeing the wonderful support of the families at home.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the students again when we return to face to face learning soon. In the meantime, stay safe and here are some wonderful work samples from our online learning.

Year 2/3 with Miss Cox

Despite the changes in our lives student’s in 2/3C have approached online learning with positivity and enthusiasm. It has been wonderful to see the many videos and voice recordings being sent via Seesaw showing just how well these little people have adapted to a new way of learning.

We have been focusing on a new spelling program called Smart Spelling, reading books on Epic and collecting data for Numeracy. Students have used a variety of objects to sort, tally and graph. Here are some fantastic examples.

Year 3/4 with Mr Nayler

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing OK. I know that this has been a tricky time for many people with lots of changes to our everyday lives. It has been great to see some of the amazing work that has been completed, both at school and at home. The positive attitude of parents and students has been a real bonus. I am excited to get back into class and see everyone's faces again. See you soon.

Year 5/6 with Mr Gee and Mr Barnett

In 5/6 we have seen most students taking to online learning with ease. We have watched computer skills improve really quickly since we have been back for Term 2 which is an upside to this situation. It has been really cool to read about some new inventions and see the creativity that we have in 5/6.

We would like to thank all the family members that have supported students in this new way of learning. We look forward to seeing everyone’s faces back at school soon. Take care and have fun.

Here are some examples of the wonderful work that has been completed by Year 5/6 students over the past two weeks of online learning.

Aboriginal Dot Painting and Story by Beck

Emoji Story by Charli

Fractions by Rubi

Learning Seesaw

Mother’s Day Message by Masyn

Story Writing by Jack


Scholastic Book Club

We’re really excited to have Book Club running this Term, but it will look a little different! It will be a virtual catalogue rather than the printed catalogues you’re used to receiving.

  1. To order from this issue go to: https://issuu.com/scholastic_australia/docs/aus_issue_3?fr=sMTQ2ZTExOTgzNjE
  2. Place your order on LOOP https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx?fbclid=IwAR10jq6RPLatwZU8H2iiRlCSqDI37Upn5MQxgPol-Y7BeXTWiacL-hyYvpQ as normal. Orders need to be in by Monday 18 May.
  3. We will receive your order here to our school like normal. Once your order arrives, we will contact you to arrange for collection. Please add a contact phone number to your order and Sharon will contact you when it arrives.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Sharon via the School Office on 6425 2195.

School Calendar

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