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27 March 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

The biggest story of the moment is obviously the Coronavirus (COVID19). Thank you so much for the calm and measured way you are currently supporting your children to ‘keep things normal’. Students at school have been terrific so far. I am working with my Principal colleagues from other Central Coast schools to develop a consistent approach.

Key Messages:

  • Schools at this point in time will remain open and are safe.
  • Please notify the office if you are choosing to keep your children home
  • If you are unwell it is advised that you stay home until better
  • Washing hands and avoiding touching our face and mouth remains the most effective measure
  • Social Distancing by keeping a 1.5m distance (where possible) and waving instead of shaking hands is also a good measure
  • If a person is in self-isolation, those living with them only need to self-isolate if that person becomes sick or becomes a confirmed case. Information about self-isolation can be found via the following link https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-information-about-home-isolation-when-unwell-suspected-or-confirmed-cases
  • Here at school we will be taking extra measures to make sure everyone can wash their hands regularly, clean surfaces often and know what the best things to do are and what the things to avoid are
  • While we will be doing lots of normal things at school such as playing outside together, we will be continually making decisions about where classes go and for what
  • If you are keeping your child/ren home they should not be near school grounds

We are continuously receiving updates from the Department of Education and will advise parents if there is a need to change any of our practices or routines.

This link is a social story you can read with children to help understand COVID19.


We are here to help

Toys and Valuables from home

Families are asked to keep all toys and valuables at home. We would hate to see precious items getting lost. If students have toys at school they will be asked by an adult to take them to the office and collect them at the end of the day.

Dogs at WUPS

Dogs are not allowed on any school grounds without my permission. This does not apply to Guide and Hearing dogs. Nor does it apply to Story dogs.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Values Champions

Week 6










Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P

Sophie G

Week 7









Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P


Gold Card

Will Prep/1P

Fantastic writing

Cooper Prep/1P

Amazing transformation in handwriting

Feature classes


Wow. What a crazy, busy start we have had to Prep/1. For the Preps, it has been a big change to full time school. For the Year ones, it has been a shift to new expectations and structures, as well as setting a good example for their peers. In Prep/1P, we have worked really hard on settling in and building a classroom that looks, feels and sounds like a nice place to be. We have a continuing focus on listening and following simple instructions to make sure we give our best effort at all times. We have been lucky enough to work alongside Prep/1G for literacy and numeracy. It has been exciting to see students working together so well.

From a teaching perspective, I am amazed at the growth and enthusiasm the children have shown already. I encourage families to continue praising children for their hard work and support them in their home reading and practice of weekly words.

I can’t wait to see what term 2 will bring!

Shay Porteus
Prep 1/P Teacher


Term 1 is flying by and Prep 1 Gardam have been working very hard in all areas.

We have been learning in a variety of ways including structured learning programs like SMART spelling, online learning apps on the iPads, explicit teaching in small groups and whole class activities. We have also been using inquiry to explore our understanding of all subject areas and challenge our thinking on what we think we know.

In Science we have been exploring the way things move from parts of our body like our tongues, the way different animals move and various sporting equipment. The students helped direct our learning through their wonderings and confusion about movements. It has been interesting hearing their thoughts and seeing how they put it all together.

In HASS we have been inquiring into families and the different ways that they celebrate things. This week we problem solved the issues arising from the corona virus that we can no longer celebrate in the ways we normally do. Students came up with great ways to stay connected and celebrate successes and events without breaking Government protocols.

We had also begun having some parent helpers coming in to assist with our classroom learning. A big thank you to D’Aryne, Katie and the Rotary ladies who helped with the home reading program – Veronica and Mrs Mac. We are looking forward to having helpers back in our room later on.

Thank you for supporting your children in their learning endeavours so far this year.

Elisse Gardam
Prep/1G Teacher

Student Leader Report

Spotlight on Student leaders

Beau Worley

My hobbies include; building Lego, playing my PS4, watching YouTube, hanging with family, playing Xbox, bike riding and playing sport.

The best thing about WUPS is that we have a soccer oval and can play soccer in break times.

In 10 years’ time I will be an author writing horror novels.

This year as a Student Leader I will come up ideas to help fellow students.

This year I am looking forward to sharing my ideas with the school.

My goal for 2020 is to excel at school.

Charli Hamill

My hobbies include: running, gymnastics, soccer, cooking, chatting with friends, having fun, YouTubing and learning new things.

The best thing about WUPS is teachers, the equipment, the playground, my friends and being a leader.

In 10 years’ time I will be a zoologist, glaciologist, lawyer, if not I hope to be travelling the world.

This year as a Sports Leader I will set up games, do fun things and help the school during bad times. I will also make sure things are fair and fun.

This year I am looking forward to doing Daily PE I the morning and being a part of the school community.

My goals for 2020 are:

  • Learning new things
  • Pushing myself out of my comfort zone to be stronger
  • Smile more
  • Find the positive in all things bad

School photos

Dear Families,

We are postponing our School Photo Day till Term 3. Please be assured that your orders will be protected and any orders placed online will be valid and simply carried forward to the new date. You will not need to contact MSP Photography for a refund or to make any special arrangements. You may continue to order online as normal until the new date which is to be advised.

If you are keeping your order form at home ready for cash payment closer to photo day, please keep it safe as each individual student has a unique shoot key.

School Association

SAC Fundraising Committee - WUPS Giant Easter Raffle

Last year we raised almost $1000 with 17 individual winners. We kindly ask each family to donate an Easter item for the raffle by Monday 6 April. A book of raffle tickets will be sent home to the oldest child in the family. If you choose to participate, all raffles tickets and money raised needs to be handed back to the Office by Monday 6 April. Tickets are $1 each. The raffle prizes will be drawn Wednesday 8 April.

School Calendar

Friday 3 April

Last day of term one

Monday 6 – Thursday 9 April

Student free days

Friday 10 April

Good Friday

Monday 27 April

Term 2 Commences