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13 March 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

WUPS Values – A Spot Light on Respect

During Term 1 we will continue to focus on the value - Respect. Respect for self, others and the environment. When students model our value of Respect they may be given a Values Token by staff. Students are able to trade their Values Tokens at the Values Shop which is open Monday’s in the Hub. Items at the shop are priced from 10 to 100 tokens and include items such as stationery, bouncy balls, books and sensory items. The shop also contains a range of vouchers to access experiences such as cooking, spending time in another class and even using a teacher’s chair for the day.

Afternoon Tea with Teacher

On Tuesday 10 March WUPS held an afternoon event. This was a great chance for parents to come in and see children’s classrooms and share their learning with families. Primary Progress Reports were given out at this event. It was great to see so many families support their child’s education.

Every School Day Counts

Attendance matters as early as Kindergarten. Studies show children who miss too many days of school can struggle academically. 20 missed days each year over 10 years of schooling is equivalent to missing a full year of education.

How can you help?

  • Plan vacations during non-school days
  • Schedule your child’s medical and dental appointments at the end of the school day
  • Make sure your child goes to school every day unless they are unwell

Student Wellbeing Survey

Attention: Parents and Carers of Students in Years 4, 5 & 6

The wellbeing of our Students is important to us.

Students in Years 4, 5 & 6 at WUPS will be taking part in a wellbeing survey. This is to help get an understanding of how students across Tasmania feel about their own wellbeing,

The Student Wellbeing Survey is part of the Department of Education’s Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy.

The details for the survey are:


Monday 16 March until Friday 20 March *Catch up survey’s will be held on Monday 23 March


Year 4, 5 & 6 Students

What do I need to do:

The survey will be done in class time and will not require your child to prepare in any way. Support your child to be here on the day, have had breakfast and to understand it is a survey, not a test – there is no need to worry.

A letter with more information has been sent home with all Year 4, 5 & 6 students, including Frequently Asked Questions and a form to sign and return to the school if you do not want your child to participate in the survey.

If you would like further information, please contact Mr Bruno Lee on 6425 2195.

Thank you for supporting us to ensure that all our learners are safe, feel supported and are able to flourish, so they can engage in learning.

Being part of the WUPS community

Wearing school uniforms is the easiest way to feel a part of the WUPS community. Here at WUPS we are committed to ensure we are all in uniform every day. School uniform is not just about how we look - it is our first experience in developing an understanding of social expectations. Here at WUPS we pride ourselves on growing and developing connected community members.

WUPS Uniform

The West Ulverstone Primary School Dress Code and Uniform Policy states that all children wear:

  • A navy polar fleece top/polar fleece jacket with school logo in gold
  • A navy broad brimmed sun safe hat for Terms 1 and 3. (There is a No Hat - No Play policy in Terms 1 and 3. Children without hats sit in the nominated shade areas.)
  • Dress – checked
  • Skort – navy blue
  • Shorts – navy blue
  • Track pants – navy blue
  • Drill trousers – navy blue
  • Polo shirt – Navy/gold polo shirt with school logo
  • Jacket – navy blue with school logo
  • Embroidery on jackets only (surname on back embroidered in navy blue)
  • Shoes – flat heeled black shoes are preferred or a running shoe/sandshoe in black (not a slip-on)
  • Jeans/Tights are not acceptable as an item of school uniform.
  • West Ulverstone School Association in consultation with the school community will review the uniform list from time to time and put forward items for inclusion or deletion. This will be advised to parents/carers by the school newsletter.

For the full policy, please click on the link School student Dress code and uniform policy

Angela McAuliffe

Values Champions

Week 4










Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P


Week 5










Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P


Gold Card

Eloise Prep/1 P

Wonderful independent writing about her magic tap

Matilda Prep/1 P

Outstanding knowledge and effort of our weekly words

Sophie Prep/1P

Independently sounding out words to make a readable sentence.

Feature classes


Exploring Living Things

In 2/3C we have been learning about living things and what they need to grow and survive.

We looked at seeds and the fruit or vegetable they come from.

Students have enjoyed discussing the life cycle of a plant and how the seed is like the baby of the plant.

We have learnt that all living things need:

Sunlight, water, food and air
to grow and survive.

We are planning to grow a school garden in the near future using the information we have learnt in the classroom.

We have also compared the needs of plants and animals as they are both living things.

Deet Cox
2/3C Teacher


During the week whilst air conditioners were being fitted to classrooms 3/4N took the opportunity to work with 5/6B on a STEAM challenge. The task was to create a bridge from a limited amount of masking tape and newspaper that would stretch across a 42cm gap and hold as many books as possible. Designs were discussed, planned and drawn before the construction began. The team work and problem solving skills combined with some fantastic ideas and knowledge were a highlight of the task. The strongest bridge supported a whopping 34 books before collapsing. 3/4N are looking forward to the next challenge that they can work on with 5/6B so that they can use their new Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths skills.

Klay Nayler
3/4N teacher

2020 Year 6 Leaders

Sports Leaders responsibilities include but are not limited to: lunch time games, helpers at events and daily fitness. Congratulations to Shataya Grant, Cameron Gleeson, Liam Snowden and Charli Hamill. This group will be led by Mr Gee.

Library Leaders responsibilities include, but are not limited to: putting away books and reading buddies to younger classes. Congratulations to Blake Collins, Kai Monk, Rhiannon Woodhall and Mikayla Pitchford. Mrs Willoughby will lead this group.

School Leaders responsibilities include, but are not limited to: fundraisers, hosting assemblies and organising events. Congratulations to Roscoe Davis, Beau Worley, Indi Mee and Gabbi Ellis. This group will be led by Mrs McAuliffe and Leanne.

Pride and Values Leaders responsibilities include, but are not limited to: role modeling WUPS Values, creating community connections, WUPS Recycling and weekly Pride and Values challenges. Congratulations to Cohen De Vries, Ashton Edge, Masyn Campbell and Macadiy Johnstone. Mr Barnett will lead this group.

Student Leader Report

Well done to everyone who participated in the athletics carnival on Friday. It was great to see people wearing house colours and cheering one another on. Our favourite part was after recess listening to house chants. A big thank you to the Ulverstone Secondary College students that helped set up a fun day at WUPS. We also would like to thank the staff and Mr Pursell and for making it an awesome day.

Written by Wyatt and Liam

Home Reading

By now your child will have started to share their Home Reading folder with you, complete with the My Home Reading journal. Please enter each night that they read, what they read and some feedback to the teacher about the Home Reading experience.

Our Rotary West Reading Helpers have started in all classes and provide another adult for children to read to.

We should be handing out 25 nights certificates before the end of the term – so help your child to achieve this first goal – aim to read for at least 5-10 minutes 7 days a week!!

Volunteers in our school

Rotary Reading

Rotary Reading is happening in kinder

Literacy support

We have been very lucky to have had help from retired teacher Jenny Wall to start the term. Jenny lives in our school community and volunteered her time to give assistance with boosting phonemic awareness for children in Ms Cox’s class. Jenny will leave us after next week to care for her father in Victoria. We wish her safe travels and hope to see her back at WUPS one day sharing her passion for literacy learning.

School photos


Our Cluster Common Instructional Model

Teachers in our 8 Schools (Ulverstone Secondary College and all its feeder schools) have been developing a common understanding of our Instructional Model. An Instructional Model is a planning tool that teachers use to plan their lessons. It highlights what our teachers should consider about delivering their lessons and what opportunities they are providing for their students to achieve success. This includes talking about what the learning goal is, thinking about how they will teach the lesson and provide opportunities for to students show their understanding. If you would like to know more about this please ask your child’s teacher.

Corona Virus

School Association

School Association

The next meeting will be held on Monday 16 March at 5:00pm.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 6 April at 5:00pm. Nominations are called for parent and community representatives. Nominations forms are available from the school office and must be returned to Bek (Returning Officer) by COB Monday 30 March.

SAC Fundraising Committee - WUPS Giant Easter Raffle

Last year we raised almost $1000 with 17 individual winners. We kindly ask each family to donate an Easter item for the raffle by Monday 6 April. A book of raffle tickets will be sent home to the oldest child in the family. If you choose to participate, all raffles tickets and money raised needs to be handed back to the Office by Monday 6 April. Tickets are $1 each. The raffle prizes will be drawn Wednesday 8 April.

Community News


Auskick and School Football, run by the Ulverstone Football Club, begins on Friday 27 March.

Some key information is included below:

  • Auskick is for Kindergarten to Year 2 students. Auskick is held on Friday afternoons at 5:00pm at the Ulverstone Football Ground.
  • Mini League (Primary School Roster) for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 teams will also be held on Friday afternoons at either 4:00pm or 6:00pm with a roster to be advised.
  • Students are asked to register via the Ulverstone Robins Auskick and Mini League Facebook Page (or see representatives on the night).
  • Students are welcome to take part for the first two weeks before deciding if they will continue. After a two week trial, students must be registered to participate.
  • The cost of Registration is $85.00. However, your child may be entitled to a Ticket to Play. Please see further information in this newsletter.
  • We will require coaches for a 3/4 and 5/6 team, if you are interested in in coaching, please contact the office.
  • Once your child is registered, please let the office know.

Register via this link below:


Ticket to Play – Sports Voucher Program

Have you got your Ticket to Play?

Ticket to Play is a Tasmanian Government initiative designed to reduce the cost of participating in club sporting activities for Tasmanian children.

Tasmanian children aged 5 to 17 who are listed on a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, or who are in Out of Home Care, are eligible for a voucher of up to $100 in value to be used towards the cost of club membership.

Apply for a voucher here:


Ticket to Play vouchers can be used at approved activity providers who meet certain eligibility criteria. Search for approved activity providers here.

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our website.

If you are having trouble with the Ticket to Play process, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation for further information by email at tickettoplay@communities.tas.gov.au or 1800 252 476.

Thrive Kids Club

Ulverstone Soccer Club

Traditional Yoga Tasmania

Debbie is a member of Yoga Australia, fully insured, qualified in first aid and currently teaches at Splash in Devonport. She has a Senior Yoga class at 11:00am Monday mornings. This class is a combination of 'normal' yoga with chair yoga & yoga using a bar on the wall for stretching.

Cost is $10.00 per session and is held at Josephine Street, West Ulverstone. If you or have a group of friends who would like to try yoga call Debbie on 0476 151669 for more details.

School Calendar

Monday 16 March

3:10 – 4:30pm Values – Community Input

5:00pm School Association meeting

Monday 16 – Monday 23 March

Student wellbeing surveys Years 4, 5 and 6

Thursday 19 March

School Photos

Thursday 26 March

North West Thunder Basketball Clinic

Friday 27 March

North West Thunder Basketball Clinic

Monday 30 – Tuesday 31 March

Cyber Safety and Preventing Violence Years 3 - 6

Tuesday 31 March

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Monday 6 April

5:00pm School Association AGM

Tuesday 7 April

Chess Tournament

Wednesday 8 April

Tim Blair Event

Thursday 9 April

Student Free Day

Term 1 Ends – Students

Moderation day for staff

Friday 10 April

Good Friday

Monday 27 April

Term 2 Commences

Monday 11 May – Friday 15 May

Fissure Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Program