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14 February 2020

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome Back

A big welcome back to everyone. Thank you for preparing your child/ren to be school ready following the holiday break particularly after the delay we faced with school books. This year at WUPS we welcomed 31 new faces to our school. This included 23 students, 16 of these students are starting school for the very first time in Kinder and seven students have come to WUPS from other schools. Other new faces include eight new staff members. All staff at WUPS look forward to working with you and your child/ren in 2020.

Welcome Mr Klay Nayler 3/4N, Mr Campbell Barnett 5/6B, Mr Reuben Gee 5/6G, Mr Damien Pursell HPE, Miss Krystle Simpson P/1P Teacher Assistant (Thursday and Friday for Term 1), Mr Jake Reeve P/1G (UTAS Teacher), Mr Jesse Dance 2/3C (UTAS Teacher) and Miss Emmie McKay 5/6G (UTAS Teacher). UTAS Teachers will be with us until the end of the week then back on May 25 for four weeks.

Congratulations to Miss Elisse McWhirter who got married during the holidays. She has returned to WUPS as Mrs Gardam.

Newsletter 2020

Please complete the survey at the link below or return the back page of the newsletter. Our aim is to find out your preferred way of receiving our fortnightly newsletter in 2020.


Students showing respect at WUPS

The playground at West Ulverstone Primary School is a busy place over the holidays. Lots of students and community members use the facilities. We ensure the grounds are accessible both after school and in the holidays. During the holidays we were alerted through our school Facebook page that our grounds were looking a little grubby with rubbish littered all around the grounds. To our delight three students were witnessed at WUPS with empty bags cleaning the entire school of rubbish. We are so proud of their initiative. What a great demonstration of care and pride in our school.

Community Engagement – Building a vision for the future

On 29 and 30 January, 16 parents and community members worked with staff at a workshop facilitated by Bill Martin and Mary Wilson from ‘Schools that Deliver’ building a vision for the future. In groups we brainstormed the following eight questions with every voice being heard and every idea later voted on.

1.   What most motivates and inspires our children to learn?
2.   If we could create ‘the school of our dreams’ on this site, what would be its major characteristics?

3.   What are the current strengths of West Ulverstone Primary School, which we should build into our future?
4.   What do we most need to deeply understand about our children and our community to inform them about the way we work together?
5.   If we were to hear community members who we respect talking about West Ulverstone Primary School, what would we most like to hear them saying?
6.   How can our school and community work together to ensure that we keep our children at the centre of all we do?
7.   What do we most want our children to be able to do when they leave us?
8.   What characterises a school culture that creates a safe and respectful learning environment for students, staff and community?

The ideas brainstormed were used overnight by three anonymous participants to write a draft vision for the school. The group started the day Friday by reading the draft vision and providing feedback on the drafts. Two new writers used this feedback to create a second draft of the vision. This is where we need your help… you can help by providing written feedback on the vision.

How to provide feedback

  • Read through the draft deeply
  • Circle the paragraphs you like the most
  • Cross out any paragraphs you dislike
  • Leave any comments in the comment box provided

Please use the page at the back of the newsletter to do this and return to the office by Friday 21 February.

Draft Vision 2

West Ulverstone Primary School has wellbeing at the centre of everything we do in a culture of kindness. Everyone feels welcomed and respected. We have an innovative learning environment with strong leadership that recognises need and implements purposeful change. We make decisions that are based on improving student outcomes and ensuring the student remains at the centre of all we do. We provide opportunities for growth for both parents and children actively seeking to build families’ capacity to support their child’s learning.

We strongly believe that every child is an individual who can learn, developing a love of learning as part of life. We pride ourselves on our inclusive, engaging learning environment where happiness, laughter and fun are evident. Learners are provided with authentic tasks that build on strengths and interests in flexible environments. There is a strong emphasis on developing the functional literacy and numeracy skills of everyone. We have a clear understanding of the outside factors on children’s ability to learn including the impact of trauma, generational poverty and neuro-cognitive disorders.

We believe that positive relationships are essential for learners to be able to achieve their best. All members of the school community feel safe and valued at our school. We find a way to develop respect and trust between staff and parents to make the best professional decisions for our learners. Staff go the extra mile for learners and have a genuine care for them. The decisions we make are focused on the child’s wellbeing and learning. We are aspirational and expect the best.

Children leave West Ulverstone Primary School as connected, resilient, capable and curious thinkers who can contribute positively to society. They have success today and are prepared for tomorrow. They are able to problem solve and make choices. Their thirst for learning continues with them throughout their life.

Throughout the two days we were privileged to hear stories of Schools that Deliver’s work in schools around the world. Stories were both enlightening and inspiring.

If you are interested in attending future community engagement session please leave your name at the office.

School Association

The first School Association Meeting will be held on Thursday 20 February. The meeting is held in the WUPS meeting room from 5:00pm until 6:30pm. Members of our community are welcome to attend. The Annual General Meeting will be held in Monday 16 March at 5:30pm. We are always looking for new members.

Working together for safe school

You are welcomed as a valued school member and role model for our school. While on school grounds or at a school activity, everyone has the right to be safe and be treated fairly and respectfully. Volunteers and visitors are expected to behave in a way that supports a safe school environment. This means that everyone at our school agrees:

  • We behave in a safe and respectful manner
  • We use constructive and appropriate language
  • We treat school property with respect
  • We work together to support learning
  • We cooperate with staff instructions and school procedures
  • We drive slowly and carefully on school campus
  • We behave in line with our school’s behaviour policy.

If unacceptable behaviour is displayed on school grounds or at a school activity the principal (or their delegate) may ask you to leave. Please request a copy of our school policy for volunteers and visitors for further information.

Worries and Concerns

During the year if you have any concerns classroom teachers are your first port of call. You can book an appointment through our office staff to see classroom teachers after 3pm Tuesday and Thursday. All staff take part in Professional Learning on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Values Champions

Week 1









Jay Jay




Prep/1 G


Prep/1 P




Reboot 2020

In 2020 West Ulverstone Primary School will continue to utilise the reboot program within our classes.

Teachers will have dedicated time each week to explicitly teach our students the skills to regulate and manage their emotions. It helps us to develop a calm, happy and productive learning environment for ALL students to engage in their learning.

Have you seen the 5 faces and 3 brains within our classrooms or spoken about at home? We would love to hear from you if your child has talked to you about reboot.

8 Schools

Have you noticed our 8 schools logo around? This logo represents our 8 schools who work together across the Central Coast Cluster – East Ulverstone Primary School, Forth Primary School, Penguin District School, Riana Primary School, Spent Primary School, Ulverstone Primary School, Ulverstone Secondary College and West Ulverstone Primary School. The logo spreads from coast to country, along with the Ulverstone Clock and Big Penguin representing where primary schools connect with the secondary schools. This logo is the result of a competition held in 2018, run by the Middle Years Literacy Project, where all of our grades 3-8 students in our cluster were invited to submit a design.

Feature classes


Our first few days of Kinder have been very busy!! We have been learning names and getting to know one another, and getting familiarised with the routines and expectations of school. It’s been lovely playing outside and enjoying the nice weather. Thank you to all the families for preparing your child for a positive start to the school year. In particular, we have noticed how nicely the children are interacting with others and using their manners.

The door is always open in Kinder and we welcome families to approach us with any questions or concerns. Also, if you are interested in parent help please see us in regards to your RWVP card.

Hannah Millar
Kindergarten teacher

Prep/1P and Prep/1G

Welcome to 2020 to all our Prep and Grade One families. We have had a wonderful start to the term finding our feet in our new classrooms. If you have come in to our classrooms so far you will have noticed that we have our internal doors part way open to all our students to interact and learn across the two classrooms. All students have made a positive start with both explicit and play based learning opportunities and are working to build positive relationships with their class mates and staff across both rooms. Our intention is to be able to run our learning groups across class rooms to be able to best meet the needs of all students. During a single day that might look like your child working in a Prep or Grade 1 specific group or in their normal class group or even in an interest group of students who are all inquiring into the same concept.

In our classrooms we also have Taryna, Sharon, Mrs Good, and Krystal working with us to support student learning at various stages of the week. Over the first two weeks we have also had Mr Jake Reeve from the University of Tasmania developing his teaching skills. He will be back later in the year for an additional 4 weeks of work experience in our classrooms.

This year some important days to remember for our class are:

Tuesday Banking
Wednesday Library
Thursday ICT
Friday PE and Health

This year we will be using SeeSaw as a communication tool and a way of students sharing their learning with you. A flyer with a sign up code will come home in your child’s bag soon.

If there are any families who would like to come in and be involved in our classrooms, please make contact with either Mrs Gardam or Miss Porteus. We are looking forward to working with you and your children to have a positive and successful 2020.

Elisse Gardam and Shay Porteus

Prep/1G and P/1P Teachers


It has been a fantastic start to 2020 in 2/3C. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our new classroom. There is a strong focus on following instructions and being kind to others. Our book of the week is Horton hears a Who by Dr Suess and we are learning that we are all different but all very important. A big thank you to Mr Dance for his help during the first two weeks back at school and we look forward to seeing him return later in the term to complete his Utas practical experience. Mrs Scott, Taryna and I are excited to see the students learning and growing throughout the year.

Deet Cox
2/3C Teacher


It’s been an exciting start to our new year in 3/4 Nayler. Our learning so far this term has included group work, problem solving, skip counting and building relationships. We are keen to sink our teeth into further learning, such as prefixes and suffixes and some creative writing. It’s been great getting to know the children so far and we look forward to learning more together throughout the year. It’s fantastic to see that most students have remembered to bring their hats, please remember these are required for students to play.

Klay Nayler
3/4N Teacher


This term has started off with a bang in 5/6 Gee. We’ve made new relationships, welcomed a new student to WUPS, celebrated birthdays and started our learning journey together as a team.

For the first two weeks of term we have been lucky to have Miss Mckay, a university student who is training to become a teacher and who will be back later in the year to continue her work in our class.

We have been exploring our identity, brainstorming the values we think are important, sharing important memories and learning how to write autobiographies. To guide us we have been reading Roald Dahl’s ‘More About Boy’ which is the self-written story of his time at school.

We have learned a range of games that are helping us to explore numbers and develop our mental strategies in maths and have enjoyed playing games outside to stay active (despite the heat).

Mr Gee has been very impressed with the will of all students in 5/6 Gee to strive to do their best, to struggle through challenges as a team and support each other to succeed.

Reuben Gee
5/6G Teacher


In 5/6B we have been doing various work in the visual art and drama space. These activities have really helped develop our confidence which will be fantastic for the rest of the year. Hopefully in the coming few days some of our visual art pieces will be completed and displayed around the class or taken home for you to see. We are also looking into how much sleep impacts how we feel and what we can complete at school, we will keep you posted on what we find out.

Campbell Barnett
5/6B Teacher


WUPS has a very busy term 1 in regards to physical education, with lots of great opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of programs.

Our school athletics carnival is to be held on Friday 28 February, with the opportunity for students to be selected to represent WUPS at the NWPSSA interschool carnival on Wednesday 11 March.

Prior to the school Athletics Carnival, students will be able to test their longer distance ability in the 1500m and 800m run offs. These races will be recorded for house points and for those runners wishing to attend the inter school carnival. These events will be run in school time leading up to the carnival.

If any parents or carers are able to help in the organisation, running and assisting at any of these programs, please contact Mr Pursell on 6425 2195.

Damien Pursell
Health PE Teacher


Book Club

Welcome to Scholastic Bookclub for 2020. Twice a term a catalogue will be sent home, no one is obligated to buy. Orders need to be handed into the school office with the correct money by the due date. Orders can also be completed on line and paid for by credit card, at the link below or you can download the Scholastic app.


Orders for issue 1 are due back by Friday, 21 February 2020.

Sharon Guard

Book Club Coordinator

Car Park

With the new school year here, it is timely to remind our school community of expectations in our car park.

For safety reasons the car park is one way, with the entry point closest to the crossing, and exit point to the East. Please ensure that you enter at the correct point to ensure the safety of everyone using the car park.

There is a designated disabled parking spot directly in front of the school, please ensure that this spot is kept clear for those who require it.

Thank you for your co-operation.


If you are in Year 5 or 6 this year and are interested in playing cricket, the Primary School cricket roster will be starting on Friday 6 March 2020. All games will be played on a Friday night.There will be three games in the Term 1 (6, 13 and 20 March), which includes the long weekend. A further seven games will be played in the Term 4, commencing on Friday 23 October. This will be confirmed later in Term 3.

If schools find that they are struggling for numbers to fill a team, there is a possibility of merging with another school which may be in the same situation. Schools may also be able to use some of the most capable Grade 4 players to make up the team if necessary.

Please note that all registrations for 2020 must be made through playcricket.com. To fall in line with our Public Liability Insurance conditions, all players must be registered before they can play.

If you are a returning player, or a past Blast participant, you will already have an ID number. It will prompt you for a password, but you are able to re-set the password and they will email you a link to do so. If you are completely new, you will register as a new player.

Primary School Roster fees are $10.00 (includes Terms 1 and 4). An additional fee of $5.00 for insurance will be charged automatically (on top of the $10) when registering.

For all junior enquiries, please contact Alex Lomas on 0422 401 784.

Hats in Term 1

A reminder that hats must be worn in Term 1 when we play and learn outside. It is also important that students are wearing our school hat. These are available for purchase from Maveric Clothing.

Student Banking

Student banking will be on Tuesday mornings. If you require any information regarding this or would like to open a banking account for your child, please contact the office on 6425 2195.

Sharyn Mee
Banking coordinator

Community News

Thrive Kids Club

Fairy Godmothers

Mainly Music

Ulverstone Soccer Club

School Calendar

Monday 17 February

BASE testing Preps (formerly PIPS)

Thursday 20 February

5:00 – 6:30pm School Association Meeting

Tuesday 25 February

Kinder – Year 1 Bravehearts Ditto Performance

2:00 pm Whole School Assembly

Friday 28 February

Athletics Carnival

Clean up Australia

Monday 9 March

Public Holiday

Wednesday 11 March

NWPSSA Athletics Carnival

1:00pm AFL Clinic

Friday 13 March

Ride 2 School

Thursday 9 April

Student Free Day

Term 1 Ends

Friday 10 April

Good Friday

Monday 24 February

LiL Commences

9:00am Playgroup

Monday 27 April

Term 2 Commences