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6 December 2019

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Principal’s Report

In partnership,

This year’s celebration assembly will be held on Thursday 19 December at 11:00am. At this assembly we will be celebrating Year 6 student’s time at WUPS and presenting awards for all classes. We invite all of our families to attend.

Staffing & Class Structure 2020

We are now able to share with you staffing for 2020. A letter will go home with students on Monday 9 December to inform families of classes for next year.

Kinder/LiL = Mrs Hannah Robertson (Millar)
Prep/1G = Mrs Elisse Gardam (McWhirter)
Prep/1P = Miss Shayarne Porteus
2/3C = Miss Deet Cox
3/4N = Mr Klay Nayler
5/6G = Mr Reuben Gee
5/6B = Mr Campbell Barnett
Support Teacher = Mrs Nicci Birch
HPE – Mr Damien Pursell (Mon/Tues)

We are pleased to advise that the Department of Education have accepted Scripture Union of Tasmania’s tender to provide chaplaincy services for the new round of funding. We are hoping to hear soon if our submissions to continue having a chaplain in the school for 2020 is approved.

Men’s Shed

Some Year 5/6 students have enjoyed visiting the Men’s Shed this year. The boys are pretty impressed with their projects made at the shed. On Wednesday students will enjoy lunch with members of the Men’s Shed. A big thank you to the Men’s Shed and Mrs Jones for making the program.

ICAS Testing - English

11 students participated and were awarded 4 credits, 1 merit and 6 participation certificates. Congratulations to Cormac, Carly, Riley, Sebastian, Corben, Shataya and Naomi for participating in the ICAS Testing. Lilyana achieved a merit, Riley, Paige, Roscoe and Rubi achieved a credit. All students are commended for their achievement. Paige’s result was in the top 15% of Year 4 participants in Australia. Well Done Paige!

Angela McAuliffe

2020 Ulverstone School Bus Service

The Department of State Growth is finalising Ulverstone school bus services for the start of the 2020 school year.

The proposed route designs will provide reliable access to and from the area’s six schools and include some route and timing changes to improve connections with other bus services and minimise the need for students to change buses in order to get to and from school where possible.

The proposed routes and timetable are available at the link below or you can call 6166 3145 to discuss any changes to your child’s travel arrangements.


Feedback can be provided at the link below or by calling 6166 3145.


Feedback closes at midday, Monday 16 December 2019.

All feedback received will be carefully considered before we finalise these replacement services and further information will be provided once the arrangements have been confirmed.

You can register your interest in receiving any updates by emailing busreview@stategrowth.tas.gov.au or by calling 6166 3145.

Andrew Mullen
Principal Policy Officer – Bus Services Review

Parent Fact Sheets

Volunteers and Visitors


WUPS 60th Birthday Celebration

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 22 November at our School Meeting:

Respect, Relationships
and Responsibility








These winners were drawn out on Friday 29 November at our School Meeting:

and Relationships

and Learning


and Relationships


and Learning


and Relationships

Gold Card


His choice of vocabulary in poetry.


Excellent improvement in reading


Working hard on his reading


Fantastic persuasive writing


Excellent work with writing instructions


An amazing book report


Outstanding work in Maths

Feature classes


Term 4 has been a busy time. Some of the things we have been involved in include; the Fire Education Program, Bright Sparks Program, Grade 6 Transition at the Ulverstone Secondary College, the Growing and Changing Program, Phase 2 of the Operation Resilience Program and our excursion to the Paloona Dam, Sheffield Murals and Tasmazia. In the classroom we have focussed on using descriptive language in our writing, editing and publishing our work. We have also focussed on reading groups, creating digital stories and our maths groups between both the Year 5/6 classes.

Jonty and Roscoe shared their descriptive writing in assembly. Here is their work:

Here are some students standing out the front of their favourite murals in Sheffield:

5/6 Excursion to Sheffield

Students were involved in a computer design program during a transition session at the Ulverstone Secondary College.

Kylie Mudford and Thais Gardam
5/6A Teachers


In Term 4 we have been learning about renewable energy, with a focus on hydropower in particular.

Students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Paloona Dam, Sheffield and Tasmazia in week 6 and were really engaged in the hands on activities presented by Gina from Hydropower Tasmania back at school.

As the year is almost over we have been busy preparing for the annual end of year assembly and other events.

Year Six students have been visiting the Ulverstone Secondary College in preparation for their move to Year seven and have received some positive feedback from the USC staff.

When students have been asked to reflect on the highlights of Term 4 it is evident that they have great memories of Operation Resilience Phase 2 and our 5/6 excursion.

Deet Cox
5/6B Teacher


Operation Resilience Program Phase 2

Year 6 and some Year 5 students were excited when our day out completing Phase 2 of the PCYC Operation Resilience Program finally arrived. Some Year 5 students were nervous and apprehensive as they were unsure what to expect. Addy and Chiraphat were selected as the two overall leaders (Generals) to oversee all groups and to relay information from the PCYC Co-ordinator. Each team also had a leader and all students were placed into mixed groups from both classes.

The pieces of equipment which needed transporting around the course for the day included 20kg logs, a giant heavy rope, car tyres and two smaller pieces of log joined together with chains. First up we headed to the creek where unfortunately if your piece of equipment got wet it made it heavier for the remainder of the day. Unluckily a few shoes were left behind in the muddy creek bed as a reminder of our visit, a casualty which happens every year. People who lost a shoe or a pair of shoes (not naming anyone in particular Ashton) soldiered on for the rest of the day as their team were depending on their help. A great deal of teamwork and co-operation was displayed as some teams who got through the creek and out of the muddy exit first came back to help other teams.

Next we headed over 3-4 smaller hills before facing the steep grassy hill which seemed to go on forever and started to really push and test a few people. Despite aching limbs, wet muddy feet and legs all groups co-operated to reach the top. There was little time for rest as what goes up must come down, so the equipment was then hauled down the other side of the hill.

At the base of the hill was a small section of bushland, but there was an added obstacle in getting through to the other end of the bush track. Ropes had been zig-zagged across the track which provided further difficulties for each team to navigate themselves and their equipment through. Once again team members who got through earlier doubled back to assist other teams.

By now a few were overhead saying “I give up” or “It’s too hard!” Encouragement, clear communication, team work and co-operation provided by leaders and other team members assisted all teams to continue working hard, meeting all the challenges which had been set.

The grand-finale was transporting the giant rope and everyone, including staff up the cliff face. Addy and Chiraphat were positioned to safely offer a helping hand to those who needed it. People with a fear of heights overcame these fears and successfully made it to the top. After meeting our final challenge all the equipment still needed to be transported back to our starting point.

All students achieved success by making it around the course and overcame difficulties as teams became tired and uncomfortable. Without using effective communication, team work, co-operation and leadership Phase 2 would not have been conquered. Many students really stood out on the day for pushing themselves beyond their boundaries and fears, for encouraging others, helping out other teams and leading teams by listening to their group and working together. Overcoming difficulties, pushing on when things seem impossible or too hard and not giving up shows that a person/team are resilient. Through resilience and determination we would not have completed our mission. Well done to all involved!

Student Leader Report

Colour run

On Friday 13 December at 1:30pm the school will be holding a colour run. The run will have obstacles and coloured paint sprayed at us. It will not be a race, it’s just about having fun. Please wear old clothes and shoes and remember a change of clothes.

Rain dance #bust the dust

Students at a small school in the Central West of NSW are hoping to dance up a storm to break the drought. On Friday 13 December at 1:00pm, the school will be joining in a simultaneous rain dance on the top oval. Drought-ravaged communities and its farming families are doing it tough but the aim is to dance up a drought-ending storm. We will bust a move and bust the dust. #bust the dust

Supporting Our Community

The student leaders have decided to use some of the money raised this year from events to buy Christmas hampers/toys for the Ulverstone Neighbourhood House to give to families in need this Christmas.

Written Mia & Addy


All library books are now due back at school. Your prompt return of any overdue books would be appreciated or you will be charged the cost for a replacement copy.

Alison Willoughby
Library Technician


Tuesday 10 December 2019 will be the last banking day for 2019. Thank you for your support throughout the year. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Sharyn Mee and Jane Polden
Banking Co-ordinators



East vs West

On Tuesday 8 November East and West Ulverstone Primary School’s had a clash at East Ulverstone Primary. West opened batting with everyone doing their best. Blake and Jonty both hit some big shots to keep us in the game. Our fielding challenged East with Seth and Chiraphat wicket keeping, Jonty and Daniel bowling and Roscoe catching a six on the boundary. Although we lost the game everyone enjoyed the match.

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School Calendar

Monday 9 December

School Association Meeting, 5:00pm

Thursday 12 December

60th Birthday Celebrations, 3:00 – 5:00pm

Friday 13 December

Whole School Assembly, 11:00am

Simultaneous rain dance, 1:00pm

School Colour Run, 1:30pm

Reports sent home

Monday 16 December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner, 6:00pm

Tuesday 17 December

School Picnic at Latrobe Pool

Thursday 19 December

Celebration Assembly, 11:00am

Term 4 finishes

Saturday 21 December

Ulverstone Christmas Parade, 3:30pm

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Book Sales, 10:30am – 6:30pm

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Term 1 starts