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16 August 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

WUPS Value of Respect - What respect means to students at WUPS

  • “I let people play with me,” Lochie (Prep).
  • “I help others,” Brynee (1/2A).
  • “I put rubbish in the bin and put things back where they belong,” Liam (1/2B).
  • “I am kind to others, include them and don’t let them down,” Riley (3/4B).
  • “I speak nicely to people,” Paige (3/4B).
  • “I listen to others when they are speaking,” Shataya (5/6A).
  • “I treat others how I would like to be treated,” Liam (5/6B).

How you can help at home:

  • Discuss what it means to be respectful and to be respected.
  • Ask your child what they did to earn a ‘Values Token’.
  • Talk about everyday events.
  • Use the language of respect at home.
  • Ask your child what they did today to show respect.

School Chaplaincy Program

In Tasmanian schools there are 83 chaplains in primary and secondary schools and colleges across the state. They are an integral part of the support staff in schools, providing emotional and practical support to school communities: students, staff, and families. Chaplains are selected based on their qualifications and skills.

Leanne Jopson has been working WUPS for three years. This year Leanne works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Leanne supports students in times of grief and loss. She has revived the Chess Team and is supporting Student Leaders with the Wednesday Canteen. This is just a snap shot of the role Leanne has supporting families at WUPS. If you would like to speak with Leanne you can contact her on leanne.jopson@education.tas.gov.au or call the office on 6425 2195.

James Todd – Lunch time Volunteer

James has been a Chaplain in a number of schools and volunteers his time in the playground at lunch time on Friday’s. James will be volunteering on Thursday from September.

Staffing Change

At the end of Term 3 Miss Finch will be taking maternity leave. The WUPS community wish Miss Finch all the best for the safe arrival of her baby girl. We are pleased to announce Miss Wootton and Mrs Haywood will take over as teachers of 1/2B. Both Miss Wootton and Mrs Haywood will work Monday to Friday. Starting next week both staff members will visit 1/2B to ensure a smooth transition for students and staff.

Upcoming Events

Book Week Parade

WUPS Book Week Parade will be held at 9:20am on Friday 23 August in the Hall. This year’s book week theme is – Reading is my Secret Power.

WUPS Talent Show – Monday 9 September 2:00pm

WUPS Talent Show is a test of skill and what you’re good at. If you’re good at singing find a song you like and sing it. If you’re good at gymnastics you could get a group of friends and perform a gymnastics routine. It doesn’t matter what you’re good at the judges are sure to love your performance. You will have the chance to show the whole school your talent. I will come around and talk to classes about this event. Please let me know if you would like to enter. I will need your name and the name of your act.

P.S Don’t be scared to show WUPS your talent. I was scared to be on stage in front of people and now I have been in 20 shows! Be brave and give it a go.

Written and organised by Roscoe Davis

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 2 August at our School Meeting:



and Learning

Respect and

Respect and

Respect and

Learning and

These winners were drawn out on Friday 9 August at our School Meeting:



Learning and


and Learning




Gold Card


A sensational piece of artwork


Showing a great understanding of the Five Dimensions of Health


Being a respectful friend who is caring


Rubi received two gold cards this week. The first was for a showing a great understanding of the Five Dimensions of Health. The second one for her detailed charcoal Monkey Art.

Congratulations to all Gold Card recipients.

Feature classes


Wow. We cannot believe it is Term 3 already. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun - and we are definitely having fun in 3/4A. Aside from our work on measurement and the four operations in Maths and our work on procedural texts in English, the extra subject areas have us super busy.

Recently, we’ve been using both the Reboot program and additional social skills activities to make our classroom the best it can be. We created our own “super friend” and “super villain” characters with qualities we would like (and not like so much) in a friend. They came equipped with an appropriate super suit and gadgets suited to their character.

Here are the descriptions of some of them:

My super villain is Destructive Dorintio. He has a robot claw which crushes peoples creations. He also has a ring of destruction to cause chaos when people have great ideas.


My super friend is Loyal Lauren. She has an “I see your sadness” eye mask to help friends when they’re down. She also has an “in need help detector” to detect when people are in need of a friend. Loyal Lauren’s most important feature is her “I’ll be there for you” spray.


My super friend is named Kind Kimmy. She has a special bow which sprays kindness around. Kind Kimmy also has a cape to wrap around people and make them feel better.


My super villain is named Selfish Sharlet. She has “super hog hands” to take things away from people. She has a secret bag to hide other peoples things. Selfish Sharlet is a bad friend.


Shay Porteus
3/4A Teacher


What a start to Term 3! All of the 3/4B team members have had an amazing start to the term. They have shown resilience, respect and support for one another during the first three weeks of term. We have lots planned for this term, including an excursion, to support our learning around sustainability and looking after the environment. We are also looking forward to Book Week dress up next week and swimming in Weeks 9 and 10. It's going to be a busy term and I thank all parents for the support you show for your students learning.

Nicci Birch
3/4B Teacher

News from the Students

Student Leader Canteen

The West Ulverstone Primary Student Leaders have been working on a canteen. We sell different food items every two weeks. So far we have sold 140 main meals and 201 treats. If you have any food requests you can tell your child and they can come to tell some of the student leaders to request the foods or sweets.

Up Coming Events

Fun Run – Term 4 Date to be confirmed

Written By
Masyn and Addy

Mens Shed


Once a week during school terms, some “Young Menshedders” can be seen in action at the Shed. Four Year 5 or 6 boys from West Ulverstone Primary School are coached by volunteer Men’s Shedders in woodworking projects such as making tool boxes. Under the watchful eye of Teachers’ Assistant Annette Jones who transports the boys to and from the Shed, the boys get a lot of satisfaction from developing practical hands-on skills in contrast to academic school subjects. The boys comment that they enjoy dealing with their Men’s Shed tutors on a 1:1 basis: maybe this will be good preparation for an apprenticeship sometime in the future.

Written by Ian Nettleton
Mens Shed Co-ordinator

On behalf of WUPS, thank you to Mrs Jones and The Mens Shed for making this opportunity possible.


Year 5/6 Operation Resilience Program

At the start of each session we meet up with Geoff our PCYC co-ordinator who explains the requirements of each station. This week we will talk about what is involved in completing the ‘Sewer Pit’ challenge. No one is allowed to touch any part of their body or the wooden planks on the blue mats. If either of these two rules are broken the whole team need to go back and start all over again. The aim is to get your whole team from one end of the ‘Sewer Pit’ to the other side. To move your team you are provided with only two planks which need to be moved along to transport the whole team.

To be successful all team members need to use the four key qualities of leadership, effective communication, co-operation and team work.

Here are some groups helping their team members over the ‘Sewer Pit’.

This involves a real team effort, listening to others and lots of encouragement. Teams will not be successful if they lose their cool with each other or blame others.

Kylie Mudford
5/6A Teacher

School Association

The School Association are calling for nominations for a parent member. If you would like more information, please contact Stephanie Templeton via email at stetemp51@gmail.com

Buttons and Bows

Community News


Ulverstone Netball Assosciation


Penguin Basketball Association

East Ulverstone Swimming Pool

School Calendar

Tuesday 20 August

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Friday 23 August

9:20am Book Week Parade

Monday 26 – Friday 30 August

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre Visit

Monday 26 August

3/4A and 3/4B Excursion to Burnie

Thursday 29 August

Hurricanes visit

Friday 30 August

Fathers Day Stall

Monday 2 – Fri 9 August

Love Your Body week

Monday 9 September

2:00pm Talent Show

Monday 16 – Friday 27 September

K-6 Swimming and Water Safety Program

Tuesday 17 September

Maths Competition

Thursday 19 September

English Competition

Friday 27 September

Term 3 ends

Monday 14 October

Term 4 starts