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1 August 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome back for Term 3. It has been great to see our whole school community reconnecting so positively after the holidays. Students are excited and re-energised. Welcome to the new WUPS students and their families who have joined our school community for the start of this term. We also extended a warm WUPS welcome to Bu Moir. Bu is Indonesian for Mrs. Bu Moir will be working at WUPS on Fridays teaching Indonesian. Mr Lee joins our Senior Staff Team as Acting Advanced Skills Teacher (AST). Mr Lee comes to us from Ulverstone Secondary College where we was Year 7 Coordinator. Please make them feel welcome if you see them at WUPS.

School Value - Respect

18 students were invited to attend morning tea on Monday with an adult after receiving 100 Respect Tokens during Term 2. We are very proud of the respect they show to learning, others around them and the environment. The students listed below were recognised for being a respectful student at WUPS.

























Earn and learn

A big thank you to families who supported us by collecting Earn and Learn Stickers. We have been able to order a class set of Bee-Bots. These will be used in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) lessons. Students will have the opportunity to code the Bee-Bots to move and use them in a variety of ways.

Communicating with the School Year-Round

Stay attuned to your child’s academic accomplishments on a weekly basis. Communicate with us regularly. When you have a question or concern, write a note, email, phone or come and speak to us. In the first instance please make contact with your child’s classroom teacher. Mrs Walker is supporting students in K- Year 2 and Mr Lee is supporting students in Year 3-6. You are always welcome to schedule a meeting to discuss concerns with the teacher or senior staff.

Student Leaders

Imogen Year 6

My hobbies are Netball and reading.
In 10 years’ time I will be a hairdresser or in the Army.
This is year as a student leader I want to help raise money for the school.
As a leaders I will be respectful, kind and help others when needed.

Jack Year 5

My hobbies are Soccer and running.
In 10 years’ time I will be a Youtuber.
This year as a student leader I want to provide help in anyway.
As a leader I will show respect and do as I am told.

Book Week Parade

WUPS Book Week Parade will be held at 9:20am on Friday 23 August in the Hall. This year’s book week theme is – Reading is my Secret Power.

WUPS Talent Quest – Monday 9 September 2pm

WUPS talent show is a test of skill and what you’re good at. If you’re good at singing find a song you like and sing it. If you’re good at gymnastics you could get a group of friends and do a gymnastics routine. It doesn’t matter what you’re good at the judges are sure to love your performance. You will have the chance to show the whole school your talent. I will come around and talk to classes about this event. Please let me know if you would like to enter. I will need your name and the name of your act.

P.S Don’t be scared to show us your talent. I was scared to be on stage in front of people and now I have been in 20 shows! Be brave and give it a go.

Organised by Roscoe

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 5 July at our School Meeting:

and Learning

and Learning

and Learning

Respect and

and Learning

and Learning

and Learning


Gold Card


Outstanding progress in reading. He is now able to predict, self-correct and decode difficult words. Well Done Owen!


Aryannah received two gold cards this week. The first was for a huge boost in confidence and success with subtraction in mental maths. The second one for her sensational piece of art work. That’s a wonderful achievement Aryannah!


Making a sensational piece of art.


For a sensational piece of art.

Feature classes


As part of our whole school Reboot Program, every day our class have a checking in system. We pass an object around the room and rate ourselves from 1-5 towards our emotions and readiness to learn. Ratings of 1-2 alerts teachers and adults to check if these students need help or anything to improve their score.

Also as part of the program, we have been learning about the 4 engagement zones which relates to new learning. The stages move from survival, trying, learning and finally mastery zones. This week before and after our first session of the PCYC Operation Resilience program, we recorded in our reflection booklets which zone we felt we were individually and our group. We also recorded strategies to overcome small problems (speedbumps) and larger problems (roadblocks).

The photos show our class engaged in some recent social skills activities.

Kylie Mudford and Thais Gardam
5/6A Teachers


Young Tassie Scientists visit WUPS

To celebrate National Science Week, three of Tasmania’s young scientists visited our Primary classes to tell us about what they do.

We experienced the science of the blood with Paramedic and Neurologist Sarah, learning about our bodies and listening to our heat beats using her stethoscopes.

Chelsea had us intrigued about her studies of Antarctica and the many, many layers of clothing and equipment that she uses to be able to work in the freezing conditions.

Ross taught us about the brain and how it works to control our muscles and limbs without us even realising how hard it is working.

Now we are excited to have the chance to see what amazing things are on offer at TASTROFEST, Tasmania’s Astronomy Festival, at the Ulverstone Sports Complex this Friday and Saturday.

Deet Cox
5/6B Teacher


Year 5/6 Operation Resilience Program Week 1

All groups started this year’s program positively, using calm voices with everyone pitching in to help each other out.

Here is what some students from 5/6A thought of their first week:

When we got to PCYC we were greeted by Geoff the Co-ordinator. He took the classes into the gym and told us how to complete the activities and what happened when someone fell off (the consequence was usually restarting).

The four key qualities to remember are leadership, effective communication, teamwork and co-operation. The challenges were the Tyre Swing, Isle of Burke, Sewer Pit, Cargo Net, Tyre Wall and The River. The one our group got stuck on was the Sewer Pit which we had to restart three times because people weren’t letting the leaders talk, so our communication broke down with each other. The positive thing was our encouragement was really good.

The last challenge was the Tyre Wall, I was afraid at first to climb over, but my team mates encouraged me to climb over and I made it!

The team leaders helped everyone. The River challenge was the most difficult one of them all.

My group experience was 4 out of 5. My team was communicating pretty well, I think we just need to suggest and not say what we are going to do. We need to help each other more.

By Roscoe, Jonty, Ashton, Austin and Cohen 5/6A

Here are some students working on the Tyre Wall, Isle of Burke and Sewer Pit challenges.

Buttons and Bows

Maths and English Competitions

Does your child enjoy English and/or Maths and want to challenge themselves? If so, the (ICAS) National English/Mathematics Competition could just be what they are looking for. Students compete against other students their own age from across Australia. In the past West Ulverstone Primary School have had great participation rates and success with all students receiving certificates for participating and some have been awarded certificates of merit with distinction and credit ratings. The competition is delivered online and costs $10 per student for each subject which covers the cost of the competition materials, certificates of participation/achievement and an individual diagnostic report.

The English competition will be held on Tuesday 17 September and the Maths competition will be held on Thursday 19 September during normal school hours and will be supervised by staff. If your child wishes to participate could you please contact the school to complete a permission/payment forms. Forms and payment need to be returned to our school office by Friday 9 August to ensure participation. If you have any questions please contact Mrs Mudford on 6425 2195.

Kylie Mudford
5/6A Teacher

Community News


Ticket to play


Wings Wildlife Park

2019 Mini League Roster – Ulverstone Robbins

Penguin Basketball Association

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Monday 5 August

School Association Meeting

Tuesday 6 August

PCYC Year 5 and 6

Wednesday 7 August

NW 5/6 Sports Day

Wednesday 14 August

PCYC Year 5 and 6

USC 2020 Year 7 Info Night

Monday 17 – Friday 23 August

Book Week

Friday 23 August

9:20am Book Week Parade

Monday 16 – Friday 27 September

K-6 Swimming and Water Safety Program

Tuesday 17 September

Maths Competition

Thursday 19 September

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