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4 July 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Respect Focus

During Term 2 we have focussed on the school value Respect. Respect for self, others and the environment. When students have shown respect they may have be given a Respect Token by staff. Students were recognised as weekly respect champions and when milestone number of tokens they will receive a variety of incentives. Students in Prep to Year 6 were surveyed with the question do you think behaviour and attitude to learning has improved since implementing respect tokens? 70 students said yes, 10 students said no and 26 students were unsure. We will continue highlighting our value of respect next term.

Reports and 3 Way Conferences

We hope you were able to take some time to attend a 3 Way Conference with your child/children, to celebrate areas of success and discuss plans to address areas of need. I wish to thank our hardworking staff for being available for these important conferences. Mrs Walker and I were delighted to read reports. We would like to acknowledge the outstanding reports of students listed below.


































Reboot is a behaviour program that WUPS has been focussing on. We have been learning about the five faces and the three brains.

Wild brain is your survival brain. It controls fight, flight and freeze. Emotional brain controls your feelings and memories. Smart brain is the brain that helps you learn and come up with ideas.

The five faces go from one to five. One is the angriest or upset, two is not fully upset, three is calm, average or ok, four is positive, fine and alright. Last of all is five, the most excited or the happiest. All teachers have a check in card. They will ask you what number you are at. You can say 1,2,3,4 or 5.

We think Reboot helps kids share their emotions with a trusted adult. The program has helped teachers figure out how they can help us.

Written by Paige, Rubi, Montana, Corben, Sarah and Riley

Winter Holiday Challenge

How many of the 20 winter activities can you complete?

Premiers Reading Challenge

We are pleased to inform you that Isabella in Grade 1 is one of last week’s book review winners for her review of Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella by Cerrie Burnell. Isabella has won a $15 book voucher and a Hawks Junior pack. Congratulations Isabella

Student Leaders

Name: Charli

Year 5
My hobbies include horse riding, running and art.
In 10 years’ time I will be a criminal lawyer or police officer.
This year as a student leader I want to help the school with fundraisers.
As a leader I will always help where I can.

Name: Ella

Year 6
My hobbies include running and looking after animals
In 10 year’s time I will be a hairdresser or a vet
This year as a student leader I want to help our school be a better place
As a leader I will look after school property


To Game or Not to Game?

If you are a parent in 2019 it is almost impossible to escape the gaming epidemic. So what do you need to know to navigate this and keep your kids safe and healthy?

Research has shown us that children who play more violent video games (Fortnight, Call of Duty, Grand theft auto etc) are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and are less likely to be empathetic to others. It has also shown that children who play these games become immune to violence and are more likely to react or act violently themselves. The World Health Organisation has recently shared research that shows gaming can be addictive to children, having a similar impact on the brain as drugs and alcohol. Children who start gaming before the age of 15, are also more likely to be predisposed to other addictions in later life, such as drugs and alcohol. Children who are gaming more frequently experience higher rates of depression, anxiety and social phobias and are more likely to disengage of school and community. As a Senior School Social worker I can share this is what I have been seeing with the young people I have worked with for a number of years now.

So how do we make sure our kid’s brains and minds are safe? Balance is the key. Young people who are gaming prior to the age of 15 really should not be accessing it more then 30-60 minutes per day and should never be doing this before bed or right after they wake up. Children should be getting to bed at a reasonable time to allow the brain and body time to rest and re-fuel, so gaming and device use should NOT be occurring past 8pm. We should encourage children to engage with non-violent games that are strategic as this has shown some benefits to some parts of the brain. Children NEED technology free times and DAYS, where they are spending at least 2-3 hours OUTSIDE. Technology free times should include meal times and school hours (even on the weekend!)

Here at WUPS we are committed to helping and supporting our families to develop the best balance they can with technology. If this is something you would like support with please contact the office or pop into the school for a chat.

Stay Safe holidays

Enjoy the Term 2 holidays and be sure to take time out for yourself and spend time with your families. Thank you for your support over the past term.

Student Free Day

Monday 22 July staff will be working at Ulverstone Primary School with the 3 Schools in Ulverstone Cluster (East Ulverstone PS, Ulverstone PS and Ulverstone Secondary College) on Reboot. Together we can create learning environments where everyone can thrive.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 22 June at our School Meeting:


and Learning

and Learning


and Learning

and Learning

and Learning

and Respect

These winners were drawn out on Friday 29 June at our School Meeting:



and Learning


and Learning


and Learning

Respect and

Aussie of the month

March Jordan

Jordon consistently follows all school values. Jordon always listens attentively and uses his initiative to offer support to others. He speaks respectfully to adults, peers and others in the school community. Jordon makes positive choices both in the classroom and the playground. He readily accepts feedback to ensure he always gives ‘best effort’ work.

April Chiraphat

Chiraphat is a very responsible and respectful student who has excellent interpersonal skills. In April he was a great support to younger students learning to play chess and he can consistently be relied upon to work with others in a fair and inclusive manner.

May Kiarna

Kiarna consistently maintains a high standard in all areas and is always being kind, considerate and respectful to adults and her peers.

June Sienna

Sienna displays a positive attitude towards everything she does at WUPS. She is a good friend who is supportive of her peers and is always offering help to others when it is needed.

Gold Card

Awarded to Paige for outstanding work on bones in Health.

Cormac for fantastic Prediction writing

Rubi for a passionate writing response about inspirational women and nailing double by double digit multiplication.

Jordon DeVries for also nailing double by double digit multiplication.

Feature classes


Thanks to all our families who came and spent the morning in Kinder at the Winter Breakfast. It was wonderful to see so many enjoying breakfast and a play in our classroom.

We have already had a great half a year of growing, learning, developing friendships and personalities. The next 2 terms will be extremely busy and we want to thank families for their open communication and support working in partnership together.


In the Prep room, term 2 has been an exciting journey of learning and growth for all. It has been wonderful having extra helpers in our room this term to assist students in their learning. These have included Katie Davis for parent help, Kathy Cotton for extra reading, Taryna Sims and Jess Wright filling in for Jenny while she has a well-deserved extended break and Miss Howard for her 6 weeks of placement. Term 3 will see us continue to build on the strengths and interests of all of our students and we hope to be able to share the students’ efforts and achievements through our class Seesaw app. If you haven’t signed up, please sign up soon so you can receive these updates during the week. It has also been a pleasure meeting with families to discuss their children’s strengths and future focuses during parent teacher meetings. We look forward to seeing you all next term.

Elisse McWhirter
Prep Teacher


We have been talking in our class about how things change over time. We looked at old photos of features of Ulverstone and compared them with how things look today. We looked at the bridge, the war memorial and the school. The children were surprised how different things looked back then and how different they are now. After our discussion several boys decided to replicate features of Ulverstone in Lego. They were very pleased with the results.

Julia Hill and Thais Gardam
1/2A Teachers


It has been a very busy term in 1/2B, learning lots and working together to make our classroom a happier place to be. Some highlights this term have been our weekly dance fever lessons, getting hands on with our science and building our respectful class culture with the introduction of our weekly respect focus and respect tokens. We look forward to continuing our fantastic work in term 3.

Jess Finch
1/2B Teacher


Between 3/4A and 3/4B we have been learning about sustainability and what it means. If we don’t re-use, reduce and recycle, the world will be un-sustainable and un-safe. Millions of marine life are dying every day because of unrecycled plastic.

To be more sustainable, we need to do things like not littering, recycle our plastics and dispose of food scraps properly. You can be sustainable by reusing plastic containers instead of having plastic bags. You can reduce your water usage by having shorter showers. It is important to live sustainably because if we don’t, we will run out of non-renewable resources. We are looking forward to a sustainable excursion in term 3.

Shayarne Porteus
3/4A Teacher


Who can believe it is nearly the end of term 2! We are nearly half way through the year and have learnt so much already. On behalf of myself and Mrs Maria I would like to say a big thank you to my students for always trying their best in any task I give them. They try so hard and I am very proud of all of them. I cannot wait to see what term 3 and 4 bring and the successes we will have. I hope you all have a lovely break and come back ready to do lots more learning!

Nicci Birch
3/4B Teacher


5/6A have been experimenting with and working on a variety of poetry forms, including acrostic, rhyming couplets, haiku and limericks. A rhyming couplet has a pair of lines in a verse which rhyme, have the same rhythm and make a complete thought. Here is Daniel’s example of a rhyming couplet.

Learning – Snapshot – Rhyming Couplets with Miss Creely
West Ulverstone Primary School is a great school.
The food at the canteen will make you drool.

We are located in Maud Street.
At recess and lunch it’s time to eat.

At this school we have great cooks.
And in the library we have great books.

We go to school to learn.
And if we are good respect cards is what we will earn.

At this school we do maths.
And sometimes we do it in graphs.

Good students are easy to find.
Those with their moments we need to mind.

Written by Daniel Bundy

Kylie Mudford and Thais Gardam
5/6A Teachers


5/6 B have had a very busy term. With the help of Miss Burgess we have been learning to write information reports and focused on making our own version of The Amazing Race. Students chose various countries around the world and researched population, tourist attractions and cultural experiences. To celebrate our successful researching the class will enjoy completing some of the cultural challenges, such as learning the New Zealand Haka and eating sushi on the last day of term.

A big thank you to Miss Burgess for all of her help over the past 6 weeks, we will certainly miss you.

Deet Cox
5/6B Teacher

Student Leaders

Cross Country

Tuesday 25 June, our team of superstar runners took off to Symmons Plains to compete in the All Schools Cross Country meet. After tackling 1 hour and 30 minutes on the bus we arrived to a very brisk but beautiful sunny day. We were met with thousands of runners from all across the state, colourful marquees and excellent running conditions. All of our runners put forward a great effort, with a HUGE mention to Jordon. He came equal 19th out of 300+ kids, with only 38 seconds off the leaders pace. Jordon carries himself in such a humble manner and has the most modest attitude. It is an honour to watch him succeed. A superstar effort Jordon, true champion in the making. Thank you to Annette Jones for accompanying the team and providing such wonderful support. Well done WUPS!

Max Watson
HPE Teacher

Student Achievements

On Sunday 30 June 2019, Wyatt and Kendell both competed in the 2019 Swimming Tasmania SC Regional Championships held in Launceston. They both achieved new personal bests for different events. Wyatt smashed 11 seconds off his 100m individual medley event. This was Kendell’s first regionals and she swam magnificently.

This was a great learning environment, getting to watch their peers swim. Some great memories were made and they can’t wait for the next event.

Congratulations to Wyatt and Kendell. Everyone at WUPS is very proud of your achievements.

Maths and English Competitions

Does your child enjoy English and/or Maths and want to challenge themselves? If so, the (ICAS) National English/Mathematics Competition could just be what they are looking for. Students compete against other students their own age from across Australia. In the past West Ulverstone Primary School have had great participation rates and success with all students receiving certificates for participating and some have been awarded certificates of merit with distinction and credit ratings. The competition is delivered online and costs $10 per student for each subject which covers the cost of the competition materials, certificates of participation/achievement and an individual diagnostic report.

The English competition will be held on Tuesday 17 September and the Maths competition will be held on Thursday 19 September during normal school hours and will be supervised by staff. If your child wishes to participate could you please contact the school to complete a permission/payment forms. Forms and payment need to be returned to our school office by Friday 9 August to ensure participation. If you have any questions please contact Mrs Mudford on 6425 2195.

Kylie Mudford
5/6A Teacher

Chaplain News

Winter clothing

Just a reminder that I have a large amount of coats and jumpers to help during these cold winter days, if your child needs an item to keep them warm, please ask them to come and see me.

Leanne Jopson


On Saturday 29 June, the WUPS 3/4 team played against Leighlands on a 5/6 soccer ground. It was a close game. We had lots of shots at goal but need to work on our accuracy.

The final scores were 2-3, with Leighlands winning.

We are all really enjoying playing soccer for West Ulverstone.

Please remember that there is no soccer during the school holidays.

Team member

Premier’s Reading Challenge

This term WUPS has once again been a part of the Tasmanian Premier’s Reading Challenge (29 April - 5 July). Students from Prep to Year 6 are challenged to read 10 books in 10 weeks. We encourage all of our students to bring their completed reading logs back to school by Friday 5th July. Each student who completes the Challenge will receive a Completion Certificate signed by the Premier and a prize pack including stickers, a PRC bookmark, eraser and badge.

Alison Willoughby

Community News

Ticket to play


Ulverstone Christian Redformed Church Winter fair

New Mornings Trivia Night

Wings Wildlife Park

Ulverstone Basketball Club

2019 Mini League Roster – Ulverstone Robbins

School Calendar

Friday 5 July

Last day of Term 2

Free Dress Day – Donations to Little Free Pantry

Monday 22 July

Student Free Day Please note: this is the correct date.

Tuesday 23 July

Term 2 commences for students

Wednesday 24 July

5/6 Operation Resilience PCYC

Wednesday 7 August

NW 5/6 Sports Day

Monday 16 – Friday 27 September

K-6 Swimming and Water Safety Program

Tuesday 17 September

Maths Competition

Thursday 19 September

English Competition