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20 June 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings and Midyear Reports

Term 1 is quickly coming to an end. All students have made progress with their learning under the guidance of our fantastic team of staff. Midyear Reports will be available to families at our parent/student/teacher conferences in Week 10 in the Hall. Parent/Student/Teacher conversations are an important part of our reporting to parent’s commitment and where possible, and appropriate, it is beneficial to have the student as part of these conversations. This is an opportunity to share successes and to develop goals for the second half of the year. We recognise some parents may require a more private environment for these conversations. We can facilitate conferences in the classrooms in these instances. Our process is senior staff will attend these meetings. This year’s interviews have been scheduled for the week of Monday 1 July to Thursday 4 July with interviews on Wednesday 3 July available until 7:00pm. As in past years, you will be able to book interviews online. The booking link (see below) will be available from Tuesday 25 June to make your session times. Parents who cannot book online are able to seek assistance from our helpful and friendly administrative staff. All families are encouraged to attend the conferences.


The Circus Challenge

The best thing about the show was when the Circus man went on the unicycle because it is hard to do and it was very high up. I liked spinning the plate on the stick because I did not know how to do it before. If I was a part of the cirrus I would like doing the acrobatic challenges because I am really god at acrobatics. Sienna

The best thing I liked about the circus was the part where he juggled with cool music on. I also liked him juggling because he could do it while riding a unicycle over a meter in the air. The best part about the workshop was plate spinning on sticks. It was all fun. The challenging part was passing the spinning plates to a partner. If I was part of a circus my act would probably be plate spinning or juggling. Corben

The best thing at the circus challenge was when Clinton was telling Mr Watson and Mr Elstone to make silly noises and actions. The thing I liked the most at the circus workshop was when I was balancing the spinning plates on the palm of my hand. If I was part of the circus I would be a clown because they are creepy and I would scare everyone. Paige

The best thing about the circus was when Mr Watson and Mr Elstone were dancing because they were learning to do it in front of the whole school. My favourite thing about the workshop was when we learned to use the spinning plates. If I was in a circus I would be an acrobat because you can learn to balance on a tight rope. Doug

Student Leader Profiles

Name: Gabi

My hobbies are drawing, arts and craft.

In 10 years’ time I will be at university.

This year as a student leader I will be respectful

As a leader I will be awesome

My hobby is Swim team

In 10 years’ time I would like to be a famous swimmer

This year as a student leader I will be helpful in everyway

As a leader I will help other’s participate in activities

Buttons & Bows Tuesday 2:50pm – 4:15pm

Buttons & Bows has started! We’ve started knitting squares which will be turned into adorable, colourful bunny rabbits and have also made some cute button bookmarks. Next week we’ll be practicing our sewing skills by making felt hearts. If you’d like to join us, we still have some places available and we would love to see you there. Information and permission forms are available from the office.

Student Leaders

Since the last newsletter we have held a casual clothes day. Thank you to families for supporting this day. We raised $116.40. We have also held a Winter BBQ and we raised $167.00. This week we are going to discuss how we can spend the money raised.

With the help of Leanne the student leaders have started a canteen on Wednesday’s at lunch time. Next week and until the end of term we will be selling Chicken Burgers and Chocolate Crackles. Written by Addy and Mia

Written by Addy and Mia

Dance Fever

Families are invited to school on Wednesday 26 June to join students in dance. Dances times are Y3-6 11:00am – 12:00pm and P-Y2 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Parents will have the chance to be involved in a Parent Showcase if they wish. More information will follow about the Y3-6 Dance Event which involves all schools in our cluster.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 7 June at our School Meeting:

Respect, Responsibility and Learning



Respect and Learning

Respect, Relationships, Responsibility, Learning and Safety


Responsibility and Learning

Responsibility and Respect

These winners were drawn out on Friday 14 June at our School Meeting:


Responsibility, Learning and Safety

Respect and Learning

Responsibility, Relationships, Respect and Learning

Respect and Responsibility


Responsibility and Learning

Responsibility, Relationships and Respect

Gold Card

Awarded to:

Sophie Reimer for excellent
independent writing.
Amazing job, well done.

Marli Pinner for outstanding
improvement in writing.

Feature classes


In Kinder we have been very busy! We have been adjusting to the cold weather and staying inside for our learning jobs of a morning – however being outside is so important so we would like to ask families to include jumpers, gumboots and raincoats in the children’s bags. We are happy to store them here at school.

Problem Solving, Risk Taking and Perseverance

These are all skills we encourage in Kinder through our daily program. Recently, children had to use their imagination and problem solving skills to create their own box work. We have also been using the terrapin on wet days to get our wiggles out and try new equipment – some of which is a bit tricky and scary the first time, and we had to be brave and keep trying! We have also been learning about patterns and had a go at making patterns without any help. Sharon and I have been very proud of the way most children in our classroom have a go at new and unfamiliar tasks.

Hannah Millar
Kindergarten Teacher


In the Prep room, students have been working exceptionally hard in all their learning areas. We have had a University student join us – Miss Howard, she has been with us for the last 3 weeks and will continue with us until the end of this term. The students have been showing their respect towards Miss Howard by engaging in her learning activities positively and trying their hardest to show Miss Howard their best work.

In English, additional to our letters and sound focus through words of the week, we have been focusing on rhyming words and we are working out which words rhyme and which do not. We have been reading stories and have been efficient in pointing out words that rhyme and those that don’t. We are also developing our reading comprehension strategies and have been doing a lot of predicting about different texts and images we look at, and most recently we have started using who, what, when, where, why and how to develop questions.

In Maths, we have been using informal measurements to determine the length and the mass of objects. Most recently, we used our hands, cubes, pencils and anything else we could find to measure how long our partner’s body is. We have started to look at addition and have been using hands-on activities to grasp the concept of how we can add things together.

Through inquiry, we have been developing a greater sense of who we are by looking at places that are special to us. We talked about why they were special and engaged in a discussion about how we can respectfully look after these places. We are about to begin a science inquiry on how things move!

We have had a wonderful term and hope that we can continue our positive and respectful learning attitudes for the remainder of this term and for the rest of the year!

Elisse McWhirter
Prep Teacher


Hi everyone!

As the LIFT (Learning in Families Together) Co-ordinator, I am excited about 2019 and the opportunities we will have at WUPS to continue positive partnerships with all families and our community.

Each fortnight, a class teacher will share the teaching and learning that is happening in areas of reading, writing, maths, and social/emotional. They will also include some simple tips, ideas and resources you will be able to use to support your child at home.

Feature class of the fortnight Prep featuring Myah Tate

Learning area

Fortnightly Focus

Suggestions for home


Finger spaces

See video for example

Start by counting the number of words in the sentence your child wants to write, remind them that between each word there needs to be a finger space.

Other ideas to make it fun:

Learning area

Fortnightly Focus

Suggestions for home


Simple addition with concrete materials

See video for example

Encourage counting on from biggest number.

Use words like ‘total’ and ‘altogether’.

Make it fun! Count things they like, play dice games, build block towers etc.



Hannah Millar
LiFT Coordinator


On Friday 14 June Kyran, Riley, Wyatt, Harris, Chiraphat, Tahlia, Roscoe, Jonty, Cohen, Charlie, Kurt, Ashton and I participated in a Chess Tournament at Latrobe Primary School. Six other schools participated in the event. All WUPS students gave their best effort showing excellent sportsmanship. Leanne and Miss Cox were proud of the way we showed respect while representing WUPS out of school. A big thank you to Leanne and Miss Cox for making it possible.


Maths and English Competitions

Does your child enjoy English and/or Maths and want to challenge themselves? If so, the (ICAS) National English/Mathematics Competition could just be what they are looking for. Students compete against other students their own age from across Australia. In the past West Ulverstone Primary School have had great participation rates and success with all students receiving certificates for participating and some have been awarded certificates of merit with distinction and credit ratings. The competition is delivered online and costs $10 per student for each subject which covers the cost of the competition materials, certificates of participation/achievement and an individual diagnostic report.

The English competition will be held on Tuesday 17 September and the Maths competition will be held on Thursday 19 September during normal school hours and will be supervised by staff. If your child wishes to participate could you please contact the school to complete a permission/payment forms. Forms and payment need to be returned to our school office by Friday 9 August to ensure participation. If you have any questions please contact Mrs Mudford on 6425 2195.

Kylie Mudford
5/6A Teacher

Student Leaders

Upcoming events

Wednesday 26 June and Wednesday 3 July Canteen
Wednesday 3 July 3-6 Lunch time game
Thursday 4 July K - 2 Lunch time game
Friday 5 July Casual Clothes Day instead of a gold coin donation please bring an item of non-perishable food

Brixhibition Schools Challenge 2019

The overall winner of WUPS Brixhibition Lego Challenge 2019 is Cormac.

Congratulations on a fantastic Lego build.

Cormac has won a:

  • Free pass to Beaconsfield Heritage Museum
  • Free Pass to Richmond Gaol
  • Free pass to Leven River Cruises
  • Free family pass to Brixhibition

Winners from other age groups are:

Prep – Year 2

Year 3 – 4

Year 5 – 6

Cormac is invited to display his winning Lego creation at the Ulverstone Sports and leisure Centre, Ulverstone on Sat 13 and Sun 14 July 2019.

All Lego Challenge winners displayed at Brixhibiton will be judged by Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. members.

  • Individual student overall Prizes (Prizes awarded to students)
    1st Place $300 Games World Plus Voucher
    2nd Place $200 Games World Plus Voucher
    3rd Place $100 Games World Plus Voucher
  • Winners announced at 3pm, Sun 14 July 2019 at Brixhibition

Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 July 2019
9:30am – 4:00pm
Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre, Flora Street, Ulverstone.

School Nurse

Tips for fussy eaters

  • Involve the kids in the cooking
  • Don’t battle over food – instead provide as wide a variety as you can manage and let them choose
  • Keep trying! Sometimes it takes 10 or 20 attempts at a food for them to like something!
  • Make it fun! (see Kindy kitchen book below)
  • Hide food (eg zucchini in mince dishes)
  • Map what your child eats for a week or two – will help to identify what they are and aren’t eating

Further Reading

Recipes from Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines:


Royal Melbourne Children’s hospital:


Kids Health:


Raising Children Network:


Recipe books: Kindy Kitchen by Jessica Rosman, illustrated by Nettie Lodge

Kerry Jewell – Fridays at WUPS
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West
Department of Education Tasmania


On the weekend, Under 10 WUPS played Forth Primary. We did very well and won by two goals. We borrowed two people from Forth to play in our team, James and Zarah. James and Jordon scored the goals for WUPS. The end score was WUPS 5, Forth 3.

Amealiah and Paige
Team members

On Saturday 16 June, West Ulverstone played Sacred Heart in the Under 12 soccer league. Jonty scored three goals for West and Sacred Heart scored four goals. It was a really close game and everyone tried their best. Our players are Cameron, Charli, Cohen, Daniel, Jonty, Karlia, Liam and Tori. We all enjoyed the game.

Team member

Community News

New Mornings Trivia Night

Ulverstone Rep’s Youth Production

Wings Wildlife Park

Penguin Basketball Club

Ulverstone Basketball Club

2019 Mini League Roster – Ulverstone Robbins

School Calendar

Tuesday 25 June

All schools Cross Country Symmons Plains

Wednesday 26 June

Student Leader Canteen

Monday 1 – Thursday 4 July

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences Reports given out

Tuesday 2 July

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Please note the change of date

Wednesday 3 July

Dance Fever Event

Student Leader Canteen

Friday 5 July

Casual Clothes day

End of Term 2

Monday 2 July

Student Free Day

Tuesday 23 July

Term 2 commences for students

Tuesday 17 September

Maths Competition

Thursday 19 September

English Competition