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23 May 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Premiers Reading Challenge

Students have been busy reading books as part of the Premiers Reading Challenge. The goal is to read 10 books in 10 weeks. How many books have you read? Two students have written a book review on books they are reading at school. Please let me know if you would like to write next week’s book review.

Book review one

  1. The name of the book I am reading is Asterix and the Black Gold
  2. Written and Illustrated by Uderzo
  3. This book is funny.
  4. In my words, this book is about Asterix and Oberlix are trying to find an oil rock in the dessert.
  5. I think the best thing about this book is when Roman asks Halt who goes there?
  6. I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars

Book review two

  1. The name of the book I am reading is Edward and Edwina Emu
  2. The Author is Shenna Knowles and Rod Clement
  3. This book is funny.
  4. In my words, this book is two emus finding one another and a man deciding which emu is the best. When Edward goes back to his pen Edwina is there and they have 9 babies. One was named Yeek.
  5. I think the best thing about this book when they have babies they are cute and fluffy.
  6. I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars

Let’s Raise Readers!

The more minute’s children read per day, the more fluent their reading becomes. From 5 minutes to 15 minutes per night there is about a 200% increase in word exposure over one year!

What book are you reading tonight?

Student Leader Profiles

Name: Indiana Year 5

My hobby is dancing.

In 10 years’ time I will be driving and have a job as a make-up artist.

This year as a student leader I will help others.

As a leader I will encourage others to do the right thing.

Name: Ruby Year 6

My hobbies include drawing and sports.

In 10 years’ time I will be working in a clothes store.

This year as a student leader I will help others.

As a leader I will encourage others to do the right thing.

Student Leader Upcoming Events

On Friday 7 June Student Leaders have organised a Winter BBQ and Casual Clothes Day.
Casual Clothes Day is a gold coin donation and sausages will be for sale for $1 each.

The Student Leader group with Leanne will run a canteen on Wednesday’s starting on Wednesday June 12. We will be cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise for $3.50 and Truffles for 50 cents each. The menu will change every 2 weeks. Please let a Student Leaders know if you have any food suggestions.

School Association

A big thank you to our fundraising committee and volunteers for holding a BBQ on Election Day. We raised $165.20 for the school.

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting - Monday 3 June 6:00pm at WUPS

2019 State Primary Athletics Carnival

Jonty represented the North West in the 100m, 4 x 100m relay and high jump. He received a bronze medal for high jump and the relay team placed first. Charli represent the North West in the 100m event. Well done to both Jonty and Charli for achieving sensational results.

Reboot focus – Self-regulation

This term at WUPS our Reboot focus is using the 5 faces tool to help students to develop the skills needed to self-regulate.

Self-regulation is the ability to understand and manage your behaviour and your reactions to feelings and the things happening around you.

It includes being able to:

  • regulate reactions to emotions like frustration or excitement
  • calm down after something exciting or upsetting
  • focus on a task
  • refocus attention on a new task
  • control impulses
  • learn behaviour that helps you get along with other people.

Helping your child learn self-regulation

Here are some tips for helping your child learn self-regulation:

  • Try to model self-regulation for your child – for example, show your child how you can do a frustrating task without getting upset. You could say something like, ‘Wow that was hard. I’m glad I didn’t get angry because I mightn’t have been able to do it’.
  • Talk about emotions with your child – for example, ‘Did you throw your toy because you were frustrated that it wasn’t working? What else could you have done?’. When your child struggles with a difficult feeling, encourage him to name the feeling and what caused it. Wait until the emotion has passed if that’s easier.
  • Help your child find appropriate ways to react to difficult emotions – for example, teach her to put her hands in her pockets when she wants to touch, snatch or strike out. Say things like ‘Let’s relax’ and ‘I can help you if you like’.
  • Have clear rules that help your child understand what behaviour you expect – for example, ‘Use your words to show your feelings’.
  • Talk with your child about the behaviour you expect – for example, ‘The shop we’re going to has lots of things that can break. It’s OK to look, but please don’t touch’. Give your child a gentle reminder as you enter the shop. For example, ‘Remember – just looking, OK?’
  • Praise your child when he shows self-control and follows the rules. Descriptive praise will tell him what he has done well. For example, ‘You were great at waiting for your turn’, or ‘I liked the way that you shared with Sam when he asked’.


In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Friday 10 May at our School Meeting:

Ruby, 5/6B
Leaning and

Mia, 5/6A

Sienna, 3/4B

Montana, 3/4A

Cormac, 1/2B

Lochlan, 1/2A

Myah, Prep

Tarlia, Kinder
Respect and Learning

These winners were drawn out on Friday 17 May at our School Meeting:

Axcel, 5/6B

Jonty, 5/6A

Finlay, 3/4B
and Learning

Rubi, 3/4A

Ziqi, 1/3B

Logan, 1/2A

Maysi, Prep
and Learning

Cooper, Kinder

Gold Card

Awarded to:

Aysh for creating a digital book of Fat Ferdie

Feature classes 3/4A and B


In 3/4 A, we have been doing lots of work on being respectful, organised and following a routine.

In Maths, we have just begun a unit of work on money. We explored the different currencies of the world and talked about our currency – the Australian Dollar. We then investigated the people on our bank notes and talked about why they were important. We learned about the word ‘influential’ and decided to create our own currency with people who were influential to us. These were shown off in assembly this week.

When we returned after holidays, we did some work on ANZAC day and the importance of commemorating occasions which changed our world. We did some ANZAC art after our discussion – we drew poppies, with the background of the Ode. Here are some of them.

Shay Porteus
3/4A Teacher


In 3/4B we have been very respectful of our learning in the beginning of term 2.

In literacy block we have been learning about visualisation and describing words to use when describing characters and settings in our narrative writing. We have been doing lots of visualising when reading and have been creating some drawings around what we have been listening to. These are some of our creations we have drawn using a description of Wanda the Witch.

In numeracy we have been learning about money and how we can use different money to make up the same amount of money. Lots of hands-on activities are being used at the moment so students can manipulate different values of money.

We are also concentrating on our value Respect for this term and as a result we have been able to write some recipes that we think could make respect work in our classroom. They are on display in the primary corridor, so feel free to come down and have a look when you are visiting us next!

Nicci Birch
3/4B Teacher


Hi everyone!

As the LIFT (Learning in Families Together) Co-ordinator, I am excited about 2019 and the opportunities we will have at WUPS to continue positive partnerships with all families and our community.

Each fortnight, a class teacher will share the teaching and learning that is happening in areas of reading, writing, maths, and social/emotional. They will also include some simple tips, ideas and resources you will be able to use to support your child at home.

Feature class of the fortnight

1/2A – Julia Hill

Learning area

Fortnightly Focus

Suggestions for home



Before reading - Using the cover of a book – Look at the title, the pictures, the blurb…what do you think will happen?

During – Has your prediction changed? How/why?


Using capital letters and punctuation

Use a highlighter texta to highlight different forms of punctuation in magazines, newspapers etc.

Write notes for your child and ask them to fill in the missing punctuation – make it fun!


Place value

A great song to introduce place value:



“What to do if you’re a 1 or 2”

Recognise – “I can see that you might be feeling…”

Reassure them and stay calm.

Give them time, space, reminders or options you know might calm them i.e. go to a quiet place, have a cuddle, fiddle with the playdough, and go for a run outside.

When/if they are ready, debrief about what made them feel that way, what strategies worked, or what they might try next time to calm themselves.

Book Exchange

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Book Exchange on Wednesday morning. We really appreciate all the donations and will happily accept more throughout the year – just bring them to the Kindergarten/LiL space before or after school.

It was great to see lots of excited people being able to take new books home, enjoying a pikelet and a milo. Pikelets were donated by Cripps – thanks!

All students who attended went into the draw to win the picture book “Alpacas with Maracas” - well done to our lucky winner, Pia.

Hannah Millar
LiFT Coordinator

Book Fair

Thank you so much to the families who supported our book fair. We had a lot of books and craft packs to choose from which made it a hard choice for some children. We were able to get a lot of free books for our library. They will be available for borrowing in the coming weeks. Children who have books on back order will receive then as soon as they arrive.

Sharon Guard
Book Fair Co-ordinator

Brixhibition Schools Challenge 2019

The Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. and Brixhibition invite all Primary school students on the West Coast and North West Coast, to compete in an individual Lego Competition running in the second term of 2019.

  • Parent/Guardian to return entry form to your school before Friday 7 June 2019
  • Each student or team to have their Lego creation completed and ready for judging by your school by Monday 17 June 2019
  • Each School to have judged and announce their winning student and team by Friday 21 June 2019
  • The overall winning student of your school will win a winner’s medallion, Leven River Cruise, Beaconsfield Heritage Museum, and Richmond Gaol vouchers
  • Each Schools Lego Challenge overall winner is invited to display their winning Lego creations, at the Ulverstone Sports and leisure Centre, Ulverstone on Sat 13 and Sun 14 July 2019.
  • All Lego Challenge winners displayed at Brixhibiton will be judged by Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. members.
  • Individual student overall Prizes (Prizes awarded to students)
    1st Place $300 Games World Plus Voucher
    2nd Place $200 Games World Plus Voucher
    3rd Place $100 Games World Plus Voucher
  • Winners announced at 3pm, Sun 14 July 2019 at Brixhibition
  • Applications and Conditions of entry are available from your school

Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th July 2019
9:30am – 4:00pm
Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre, Flora Street, Ulverstone.

School Nurse

Kerry Jewell – Fridays at WUPS
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West

Department of Education Tasmania


On Saturday 11 May the Under 12’s played against Penguin. Our team was two players short so Penguin gave us some of their players. In the first half Jonty scored two goals and in the second half Cohen scored one goal and one of the Penguin players on our team scored a goal as well. Unfortunately Penguin didn’t score any goals but it was still a really good game. This is our second game but we are doing a very good job and I hope we can keep it that way.

Team member

Woolworths Earn and Learn

We are excited to be taking part in the 2019 Woolworths Earn & Learn program. During the previous campaign, we were able to purchase some great resources with the points we earned, thanks to you. From now until June 25, you can collect stickers at Woolworths that go towards Earn & Learn points. For every $10 you spend at Woolworths, you will receive a sticker. These stickers can then be given to your children to collect on a special sticker sheet. Once it is completed, they can simply bring it back here to school or you can drop them into the WUPS collection box at Woolworths, Ulverstone. We are grateful for your support and look forward to a successful program. If you have any questions, please ask at the school office.

Ipads for sale

We have iPad 4th Gen’s available for purchase at $100 each and iPad Mini 2’s available at $125 each.

Each iPad will come with a charging brick and case, and a limited number will include a charging cable.

If you’d like to purchase one, please see Bek or Nardi in the office.

Oral Health Services

Oral Health will be visiting our school next week from 17 – 24 May. It is not too late to return the second round of offer forms to the office.

Community News

Ulverstone Surf Life Saving Club

Crescendo Piccolo

Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society JR musical

Motton Preston Scout Group

2019 Mini League Roster – Ulverstone Robbins

School Calendar

Monday 3 June

6:00pm School Association meeting

Wednesday 5 June

Inter School Cross Country

Friday 7 June

Circus Performance

Tuesday 25 June

2:00pm Whole School Assembly