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12 April 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Tomorrow teachers will be working at Port Sorell Primary School with the 8 Schools Cluster on Moderation (Forth PS, Riana PS, Sprent PS, East Ulverstone PS, Ulverstone PS and Penguin District School). The purpose of moderation is to support the ongoing teaching, learning and assessment cycle. Moderation occurs regularly throughout the school year and on a designated state-wide day at the end of Term 1. Curriculum Services, the Professional Learning Institute and Learning Services work together to support schools to develop and deliver best practice moderation state-wide. The 2 key purposes for moderation are ensuring consistency of judgement and improving student learning outcomes.

Parent Session - Raising Resilient Kids

This session ran by Robyn was attended by community members both at WUPS and the Neighbour House. The session was informative and provided strategies for parents who want to raise resilient kids. A key message cantered around the importance of parents not being children’s friends.

Scary statistics and information about technology/gaming was shared explaining both the impact it has on social skills and brain development. Feedback from parents after the session was that a lot of information was relatable.

Parent Information Session – Thinkuknow what young people seem say and do online Tuesday 30 April 6pm

It provides information on the technologies young people use, the challenges they may face, and importantly, how they can be overcome. The session aims to provide you with the tools to create a safer online environment for young people in your care. Presentations cover what young people SAY, SEE and DO online.

The presentations cover topics such as social media reputation management, cyberbullying, ‘sexting’, online grooming, online gaming, inappropriate content, privacy management, identity theft, how to protect your devices, and how to report matters when things go wrong.

The program bridges the knowledge gap between adults and young people so that everyone has an understanding of the roles they play and what they can do if something goes wrong online.

What young people SEE online

  • We talk about challenges such as online grooming, ‘sexting’, cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
  • What you can do to support young people through online challenges.
  • We also explain how to report if something goes wrong.
  • What young people SAY online

  • What you can do to help support young people understand what they say online can be permanent. We call this our ‘digital shadow’.
  • This includes talking about being respectful online, thinking before you post, knowing what information is okay to share online.
  • What young people DO online
  • How they use technology to have fun online, such as applications (or apps), websites and social networks.
  • How they can handle their digital shadow, including their privacy and relationships online.

Easter Raffle

Congratulations to the following winners

1 Alison Willoughby
2 Leanne Jopson
3 Kerry Radford
4 Dakota Lee
5 Taylen Crowden
6 Addy Thompson
7 Sharon Gleeson
8 Daniel Bosworth
9 Bruce Maxwell
10 Annie Gluyas
11 Marli Pinner
12 Louise Schweinitz

The Raffle draw has been posted onto our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who supported the Easter Raffle.

2019 School Association

Congratulations to our School Association members for 2019 I look forward to working in partnership to provide the best learning opportunities and environment for our students.

School Association Members for 2019

Chair Person Stephanie Templeton
Vice Chair Person Alf Mott
Secretary Katherine Atkins
Treasurer Bek Van Der Neut


Belinda Baldock
Emma Singleton
Anna Lawler
John Whishaw
Di Clarke

Staff members will be confirmed next meeting

Student Leader Report

We thank you for participating in casual clothes day. We raised $173.00 and we will use this money to buy something for the school. Today students played a game of dodge against the teachers. It was heaps of fun. We hope you have a Happy Easter we have lots exciting events planned for next term.

Charli and Harris

Student Leader Profiles


My hobbies include Soccer, running, gaming, bike riding, and dodge ball.

In 10 years’ time I will be a Soccer Player for Australia.

This year as a student leader I will respectful and encourage younger students to learn from my example.

As a leader I will help the teacher set up fundraisers and games.


My hobbies include scooting, fornite and running.

In 10 years’ time I will be an Olympian in sprints and high jump.

This year as a student leader I will be respectful to other students and if they need help I will help them.

As a leader I will be safe and learn.

60th Year Anniversary Celebration – Save the Date

More details will provided in the next newsletter.

Enjoy the Term 1 holidays and be sure to take time out for yourself and spend time with your families. Thank you for your support over the past term.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

Parent and family forums

Parents and families are invited to attend a forum to provide information about and discuss Educational Adjustments.

From 2020, there will be a new approach in Department of Education schools to assisting students with disability to access, participate and engage in quality educational programs

Forums are scheduled for Term 2. Light refreshments will be provided.

See details of locations and timing and how to register at: REGISTER HERE

For paper based newsletters please use the full web address to register is:


School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Monday 1 April at our School Meeting:

Respect and

and Relationships





These winners were drawn out on Monday April at our School Meeting:

and Learning



and Learning


Learning and

Respect and

Colouring Competition

Congratulations to Billy Newitt for winning the Becks Mitre 10 colouring competition winner for Ulverstone. Billy won a $50 Gift voucher from Sports Power. Well done Billy!

Gold cards



Both Prep students received gold cards for fantastic writing. Great work Pia and Tyson!

Feature Classes


This term in Kinder, we have had a big focus on social skills. The learning spaces in our classroom and outdoor area encourage children to talk, problem solve, role play, share and take turns.

On Friday’s, we spend a block of time focusing on maths concepts such as number, pattern and shape. In small groups with an adult, we have been practising important social skills and learning some new games.

Thanks to all our families for the open and honest conversations we have had about your child. We are very lucky to see so many family members on a daily basis, and have loved getting to know you all. We are available before and after school for any questions, concerns or general sharing about your child at home and school.


In the Prep room students have all been working hard, learning and exploring in a variety of ways. Our inquiry room has seen various changes as the students interests have changed. Our home corner turned into a performing stage with puppets, costumes and musical instruments. Now it has become a city of box work buildings.

In English we have been working on our letters and sounds through a focus word each week. We share our knowledge of the word, write sentences using the word, practice our handwriting of the letters and rearrange the letters to make other short words. This week we are looking at the word JAM. Students talked about it being a spread and the different flavours and about how you can jam your fingers in a door.

In Math we have been looking at graphing and looked at our favourite flavours of Jam and then did a taste test and had another vote of our favourite flavours and compared the data.

Our inquiry focus this term has been all about us. We have looked at where we come from, who our families are, our strengths and goals for what we would like to improve on.

Students have also been working hard on their reading at school and at home through our home readers. It would be great to see the home readers being returned and changed as often as possible. We will start adding letters and our focus words for students to share and practice with you at home.

Miss McWhirter and Jenny wish all of our families a wonderful break and look forward to another great term as we move into Term 2.


In 1/2B we have been looking at rhyming words in our literacy time, practising making and matching rhymes or finding rhymes in stories. One of our favourite stories we have used for this so far has been The Gruffalo. We also had good fun making some of our own Gruffalo paper bag faces.

In science we have been learning about the different materials things are made from and the properties that might make them suitable for certain purposes. This week we have planned a construction project with a specific focus on choosing materials that will suit our purpose. We are excited to find out how our constructions go and whether or not we have made some good choices with our chosen materials!

Jess Finch
1/2B Teacher

5/6 PCYC Operation Resilience Program

Once again all Year 5/6 students are looking forward to having the opportunity to be involved in the PCYC Operation Resilience Program. This year the program starts on 24 July (Term 3). More information will be sent home to parents closer to the time.

Without the kind support of Justine Keay MP, we would be unable to participate in such a worthwhile program which is usually a highlight for all students during their time in Year 5/6.

Kylie Muford
5/6 Teacher


Hi everyone!

As the LIFT (Learning in Families Together) Coordinator, I am excited about 2019 and the opportunities we will have at WUPS to continue positive partnerships with all families and our community.

Each fortnight, a class teacher will share the teaching and learning that is happening in areas of reading, writing, maths, and social/emotional. They will also include some simple tips, ideas and resources you will be able to use to support your child at home.

Feature class of the fortnight 3/4B

Learning area

Fortnightly Focus

Suggestions for home



Before reading
Look at the cover and the title of the book

During reading
STOP! Predict what will happen next

After reading
Confirm or adjust your prediction


Persuasive texts

A good holiday activity!

Write/give reasons why/why not they should do an activity in the holidays

e.g. why I don’t need to tidy my room, why Mum/Dad should take me to the cinema.


Telling time – quarter to and quarter past

Incidental moments – asking/pointing out what time it is, dinner is going to be ready at 6.15…etc.

Click here for some good, free activities


The emotional brain – supports our feelings and emotions, memory and scans for stresses in our daily lives

Encourage children to:

-Practice relaxation techniques

-Take a minute in a place they feel safe

-Write about their feelings

-Listen to music

-Come up with some ideas together that best support your child – this will make them feel included, valued and in control of their emotional brain.

Hannah Millar
LIFT Co-Ordinator

Naplan Online

NAPLAN is moving completely online in 2019. This means moving NAPLAN from paper-based assessments to online-based assessments. NAPLAN Online will provide better assessment and more precise results. The assessments feature a tailored test design where the questions a student receives will depend on their answers to previous questions.

Tasmanian schools will participate in NAPLAN Online from 2019.

NAPLAN Online testing will be held from the 14 to 24 May 2019.

NAPLAN Online 2019 will include four components, Writing, Numeracy, Conventions of Language and Reading. For 2019 Year Three students will be completing a paper based Writing Test. Online Testing will be available for each of the NAPLAN year levels (3, 5, 7 and 9)

Schools will receive results and reports for participants following the completion of NAPLAN Online 2019. Individual Student Reports will have the same format as the results from the paper based testing. The same report format is used for every student in Australia.

Individual student performance in NAPLAN is shown on a national achievement scale for each test. The performance of individual students can be compared to the average performance of all students in Australia.

Security and privacy are key requirements for the delivery of national testing. The online assessment platform has been designed to comply with relevant national data security policies and guidelines as well as data encryption standards. It meets the requirements of the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework and Information Security Manual to protect privacy of data, including any personal student data, required to be used.

Please see the Department of Education’s NAPLAN Online Privacy Notice


Thank you, in anticipation, for you and your child’s participation in this important national initiative.

If you have further questions, please contact the office on 64252195.

Canteen Ordering

Tuesday Lunch Orders – Ulverstone Secondary College

If you wish to order lunch for your child from the Ulverstone Secondary College canteen and need help with installing the QKR App or with processing an order, please see Bek or Nardi in the office and they will provide you with a tutorial.

School Nurse

Head Lice - is a catchy subject !

If you have little time to read this, just watch the 2 YouTube clips at the end

Head lice are universally reviled, despite the medical view that they are little more than a nuisance.

There are few things more frustrating than trying to get rid of head lice.

Ask any parent who spent hours is painstakingly combing through their child’s hair— only to see them start scratching their head a few days later.

How do you catch head lice?

"You must have direct head-to-head contact for head lice to move from one person to another,"

Lice can't jump or fly — they don't have wings. Instead, they crawl along strands of hair from one head to another.

This is one of the reasons why lice are most common among primary school children — they often put their heads together while playing, cuddling, or doing group work.

"Head lice love being on the hair, and love being in that warm, humid environment,".

"Take the time to make sure your children's hair is pulled back nice and tight when they're going to school,"

"That's probably one of the best ways you can stop your child from picking up head lice in the first place."

Recent reports suggest that taking selfies could help to spread nits around the schoolyard.

Head lice don't have a preference when it comes to clean or dirty hair — they'll get on anyone's hair if they get the chance.

"We find that you can get head lice on almost every type of hair imaginable — thick, thin, long, short, clean, dirty — it really doesn't make a difference,".

Having particularly thick or long hair might increase your chances of picking up head lice, simply because you have more available hair.

But the presence of head lice in no way indicates poor hygiene habits or an unclean living environment.

"Sometimes you can just be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the child picks it up,"

What's the best way to treat head lice?

There are generally two different approaches to treating head lice.

The first is over-the-counter chemical treatments (or lice shampoos) which you can buy at a supermarket or pharmacy.

"These contain either an insecticide or some sort of plant-derived product, and can be effective at killing head lice,"

It's important to apply the chemical treatment as directed, he says, to ensure it's effective.

However, people should not overuse insecticides, as head lice populations can become increasingly resistant to them.

"It's probably one of the reasons why the conditioner-and-comb method is so effective … because head lice won't be resistant to that," he said.

That brings us to the second approach: what experts call the conditioner-and-comb method.

"That involves rubbing a cheap, pale-colored conditioner through your child's hair. What that does is it stuns the lice, so it immobilizes them," Dr Webb said.

Then, using a specially designed lice comb, you systematically comb through your child's hair to remove the lice.

While the initial treatments will kill or remove the adult head lice, neither are 100 per cent effective at removing head lice eggs — also known as nits.

The key with both treatments is to regular checking of your child’s head. "The eggs will hatch in less than a week, so you just allow them all to hatch, comb through and repeat the process again, and remove as many lice as possible,"

I recommends setting aside Sunday nights, putting on your child's favorite DVD, and carefully working through their hair.

"The secret to this is getting cooperation from your child to sit still long enough so you can systematically comb through their hair."

"We have to be mindful that some urban myths and home remedies for removing head lice can expose children to possible irritating substances … chemicals that may not be necessarily registered for use on children's heads."

I recommends the conditioner-and-comb method or an over-the-counter product.

"The secret ingredient really is patience and persistence."

Can you have head lice and not know it?

Sadly, yes.

"It's possible that there's head lice in someone's hair for quite a while and it's never really noticed,"

So if you see something crawling, say something. Or at least don't put your head close by.


***This is about head lice


How to remove head lice with conditioner.

Kerry Jewell – Fridays at WUPS
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West
Department of Education Tasmania

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