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18 February 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Value of the fortnight –

A big welcome back to everyone. I am looking forward to an exciting school year full of learning, new experiences and opportunities. Thank you to each of our families for preparing your family to be ‘School Ready’ following the holiday break. Our staff look forward to working with you in 2019. During the year if have concerns classroom teachers are your first port of call. You can book an appointment through our office staff to see classroom teachers after 3pm.

Congratulations to Mrs Stacey Price and Ben who welcomed a baby boy on February 7. The WUPS community wish you and your new family well.

Congratulation to Miss Alison Harvey who got married during the holidays. She has returned to WUPS as Mrs Walker.


We’re Rebooting!!

Reboot is a brain-based program that works with the whole school to help us all become more calm, happy and productive.

Our teachers are using Whole Brain Teaching and Learning to help students feel valued, connected and motivated in class. We know that every single one of our students is capable of learning and growing and making a great contribution. With Reboot we are helping everyone to recognise that learning can sometimes feel hard or uncomfortable, but with effort and persistence we will all learn and grow.

You might hear about the Wild or Emotional Brain and ways to stay up in Smart Brain. You might see the 5 Faces or witness your children using Strategies to overcome Speedbumps and Roadblocks. These are all Reboot terms we are using to help our children become more powerful and independent learners.

We know how valuable education can be and we thank you for giving us the chance to work with your children! Reboot is helping both the students and staff in our school to thrive.

With the support of Reboot, we are:

  • Developing a shared language and understanding between students and school adults
  • Improving student understanding and capacity to manage their emotions
  • Improving sense of belonging and safety at school
  • Improving relationships at school
  • Improving student enthusiasm and engagement at school
  • Increasing staff knowledge and capacity to engage students
  • Decreasing incident reports and suspensions
  • Improving the happiness and wellbeing of our staff as well

Cosy Corner Thursday Mornings 8:30am – 9:00am

Thursday mornings you can find Wendy and Emmy in the Cosy Corner in the Early Learning Hub. Go in and have a chat. Tea or coffee is available. Next week the cosy corner will be making fabric hearts.

In partnership,

Angela McAuliffe

School Values Weekly Winners

These winners were drawn out on Monday 11 February at our School Meeting:

Nicholas 5/6B
Respect, Responsibility
and Relationships

Jordon 3/4A
Respect, Responsibility,
Relationships, Safety
and Learning

Jessie 3/4B

Judd 1/2A

Sonny 1/2B

Kash Prep

Gold Cards


Outstanding journal writing.


Showing improved resilience in the classroom.

Chaplain News

Thank you to the many people who have sent well wishes as I recover from a hip replacement and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. I will be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this year and can be contacted by seeing the lovely office staff.

Best regards
Leanne Jopson

Feature – All classes


Kindergarten students have only had a few days at school but have loved exploring their new environment! They are already becoming familiar with simple routines and developing some special friendships with one another.

A special thankyou to New Mornings for our amazing parent packs given on the children’s first day.

Hannah Millar


Our Prep students have all made a wonderful start to their full time schooling and have settled in well to our new classroom space. This year we are very lucky to have two spaces to work in and currently have a play/investigation space where the students are able to take charge of their learning and a space for the more teacher led explicit skills based learning.

This term our focus is on learning about the children and their families that make up our classroom and exploring our similarities and differences. We will also be looking at our interests, our strengths and the areas that we would like to work on this year.

One of our exploration areas at the moment is a Tinker Table where students are able to explore what things are made of. If anyone has any electronic devices that are no longer working that they would be able to donate to our classroom for students to explore that would be greatly appreciated.

We are both looking forward to working with our prep students and their families this year and invite any interested family members who are able to be involved in parent help to come and see us.

Elisse McWhirter


In 1/2A we have been investigating patterns. We used the pattern blocks to make patterns and then recorded them. We read the book ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson and we followed instructions to make sea creature pictures with the pattern blocks. We will continue to learn about patterns over the coming weeks.

Julia Hill


In 1/2B we have been having lots of fun. We have been getting to know each other and practising working or playing in different groups. We are learning to be a team. We are helping each other with our jobs and encouraging others to make good choices.

Jess Finch


Wow. What a wonderful start Grade 3/4A have had. It has been so nice to see such a settled, enthusiastic group of children returning to school. We have been focussing on getting to know each other and how we work best. We are working on our reading and writing stamina so we can ensure best effort work – every time! We are all so excited for the year ahead.

Shay Porteus


Welcome back to 3/4B! It has been wonderful to see all the students engaging in their learning and being part of our wonderful team. I am extremely impressed with everyone's hard work over the last few days and it is great to see smiles on all my students faces. Please feel free to come and visit the classroom and see some of the beautiful work your children have already completed. I cannot wait to see what we can achieve this year!

Nicci Birch


All our students have settled in well and are adjusting to the expectations and routines of being in Grade 5/6.

Our room has a calm feel which makes it a great space for learning! We have enjoyed getting to know each other through a range of social skills activities. We created a class web and have shared appreciations of each other. Afterwards we all kept a piece of our ‘web’ to symbolise our joining together as a community of learners.

Our class web

Wearing our class web together we can all be stars!

Kylie Mudford


What a fantastic start we have had to 2019 in 5/6B.

Students have been enjoying getting to know each other and with two new students in our class we have worked hard to make them feel welcome at West Ulverstone Primary School.

With the new structure to our Student Leader Roles this year Grade 5/6 students have been thinking hard about what roles they would feel comfortable putting their hand up for and exploring the use of persuasive language when writing their election speeches.

I am looking forward to a very positive year as we all grow and learn together.

Should you need to contact me regarding your child’s progress at any time please send me an email to guidita.cox@education.tas.gov.au with your name and number and I will endeavour to contact you as soon as I can.

Deet Cox

Teacher contact

If you would like to contact your child’s teacher, they can be reached on the following email address:


Ipads for sale

We have 4th Gen iPad’s available for purchase at $100 each and iPad Mini 2’s available at $125 each.

Each iPad will come with a charging brick and case and a limited number will include a charging cable.

If you would like to purchase one, please see Bek or Nardi in the office.

Sports News

Ulverstone District Cricket Club

Calling any students interested in playing Cricket or Parent/Guardians interested in coaching:


It is planned to start the Primary School cricket roster on Friday 8 March 2019. There will be three games in the first term (March 8, 15 and 22), which includes the long weekend. A further seven games will be played in the last term, commencing on Friday 25 October, to be confirmed later in Term 3. All games will be played on a Friday night.

If schools find that they are struggling for numbers to fill a team, then there is the possibility of merging with another school which may be in the same situation. They may also be able to use some of the most capable Year 4 players to make up the team if necessary.

If for some reason your team cannot play on any of the Friday nights, please liaise with the opposing school and make alternative arrangements to play the game on the Saturday morning, or one night during the week after school.


Primary School Roster $15.00 (includes first and fourth terms)

To fall in line with our Public Liability Insurance conditions, all players must be registered before they can play. Registration money should be attached to their registration forms when returned back to schools.

For all junior enquiries, please contact Doreen Leary on 0407 811 992.

Book club

Welcome to Scholastic Book Club for 2019. Twice a term all students will get a Book Club catalogue. Ordering can be done by filling out the order form on the back of the catalogue. Please return the order and correct money with the correct money to the school office. Orders can be also done online and paid by credit card at scholastic.com.au/loop or by using the LOOP app. Book club is a great way for our library to receive new books. Issue 1 orders are due back on Friday, February 22.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sharon Guard
Book club co-ordinator

School Nurse

Packing a healthy lunchbox

Content used with permission from Nutrition Australia as part of Healthy Lunchbox Week

Did you know that children will consume more than a third of their daily food intake while at school? Packing them healthy lunches is critical for their everyday health and it will also help them to concentrate and learn.

4 parts to a healthy lunchbox

  1. Main item - sandwich/wrap/roll, pasta with vegetables, soup, frittata or sushi.
  2. Fruit or vegetable snack - whole fruit, cut up veggie sticks, canned fruit in natural juice, or a small salad.
  3. Second snack - yoghurt, grainy crackers with cheese, plain popcorn, a slice of raisin bread, a wholemeal fruit muffin, a boiled egg or a can of tuna.
  4. Something to drink - a bottle of tap water is best, and plain UHT milk can be great too.

Lunchbox inspiration

Mix and match from the following lunchbox combinations to provide healthy lunches your child will be excited to eat.

Lunchbox 1

  • Fruit in season
  • Boiled egg
  • Vegetables with natural yoghurt
  • Pita bread, filled with salad vegetables or tabouli and lean rissoles
  • Water

Lunchbox 2

  • Wholemeal pikelets
  • Frozen UHT reduced fat milk 125mL
  • Vegetarian pizza or a sandwich
  • Vegetable pack
  • Fruit salad
  • Reduced fat yoghurt

Lunchbox 3

  • Fruit in season
  • Egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese multigrain sandwich
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Slice of fruit bread
  • Frozen UHT reduced fat milk 125mL

Lunchbox 4

  • Fruit in season
  • Bread roll filled with vegetables, cheese and a slice of lean roast beef
  • Reduced fat yoghurt
  • Grapes
  • Water

When children eat well they behave better. They are also able to concentrate for longer. Packing a healthy school lunchbox will help them to learn and be happy at school.

7 steps to a healthy lunch box

  1. Make time to prepare. Write a shopping list to make sure fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and yoghurt, bread and crackers are available
  2. Shop wise and save money. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables to ensure good quality and value for money.
  3. Make your own snacks. Build snack packs from fresh ingredients bought in bulk.
  4. Look after the environment. Put sandwiches and other items in reusable containers instead of plastic.
  5. Choose a mix from the 5 food groups - grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy and proteins.
  6. Include a bottle of water. No need for sweetened drinks such as juice, cordial or soft drink
  7. Keep it cool. In warm weather freeze a water bottle or put a small ice pack in the lunchbox.

Content used with permission from Nutrition Australia as part of Healthy Lunchbox Week

Even though there are plenty of people out there making incredible lunches with bento boxes or cookie cutters or egg molds, I’d say you don’t need fancy equipment or funny ideas. If your goal is just to get a healthy meal into your kids while they are away at school, you just need a few quality minutes of planning, shopping, and prep time. Of course you can get more creative if you want to, but if you don’t, we’ve got a simple, no-brainer plan for those weeks when you just don’t have enough mental energy to get into the whole creative lunch thing.

Sample shopping list:

  • Selection of 3-4 relatively sturdy fruits (grapes, apples, melon, strawberries, bananas),
  • Selection of 3-4 relatively sturdy vegetables (carrots, celery, lettuce, cherry tomatoes)
  • A block of cheddar cheese
  • Good-quality whole wheat bread/tortillas/pita bread
  • Eggs
  • Turkey, chicken, and/or ham for sandwiches
  • Hummus (you can buy it, even though we think homemade is better and pretty darned easy)
  • Selection of 2-3 healthy crunchy snacks (veggie chips, whole-wheat pretzels, popcorn, whole-grain crackers)
  • Yogurt
  • Couscous or other grains for making a hearty salad

Weekend prep jobs:

Cube fruits and cheeses. Cut carrots and celery into sticks. Cut bread/tortillas into cubes or strips. Hard-boil the eggs or cook the eggs and veggies into a frittata. Make a salad with couscous and chopped veggies.

Now you’re ready to put it all together. Keep in mind that this plan isn’t fixed in stone; the idea is to have a bunch of pre-prepped items ready to grab and pack. Hint: For each day, pick a main course, a fruit and/or veggie selection, and a crunchy snack.

Sample Menus:

Day 1: Pita squares, hummus, fruit, veggie sticks, cheese, olives

Day 2: Turkey kebab sandwich (turkey skewered on a straw or stick with squares or cubes of bread, cheese, lettuce, cherry tomato), fruit, veggie chips

Day 3: Frittata squares, fruit, whole wheat pretzels

Day 4: Confetti couscous salad, hard-boiled egg, yogurt, crackers, fruit and veggies

Day 5: PB & J (or sunflower butter and jelly) cut into cubes, fruit, veggie sticks, popcorn

Lazy ham, spinach and cheese quiche


  • 200g spinach
  • 230g shortcrust pastry circle
  • 150g ricotta
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 100g mature Cheddar, grated
  • 1tsp thyme leaves, chopped
  • 90g cooked ham, torn


  1. Heat the oven to 190°C. Put the spinach into a colander and pour boiling water over to wilt. Run under cold water, then use your hands to squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
  2. Unroll the pastry circle and transfer to a lined baking tray.
  3. Beat the ricotta and eggs until smooth, then add the Cheddar, thyme, ham and wilted spinach. Season and pour into the centre of the pastry circle. Fold the edges of the pastry over the filling. Brush with a little milk, then bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until set, puffed up slightly and golden

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult.

Kerry Jewell - Fridays at WUPS
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West
Department of Education Tasmania

Community News

Ulverstone Judo Club

The Dance Company

Runs after school classes for all ages in both Devonport & Ulverstone.

These include Dance Play (aimed at ages 2-4)
Movement to Music (aimed at 4-6)
Intro to Dance (aimed at ages 6-8)
Classes for Older Beginners + the More Experienced Dancers
Hip Hop for boys & girls, plus Loads More

For more information check out The DANCE Company on Facebook OR phone 0409 24 25 21


Crescendo Choir

Like Singing?

Then join one of the most highly regarded, friendly and exciting young choral organisations - the renown Tasmanian Department of Education’s children’s choir, CRESCENDO.

We are currently offering positions for new members and are seeking enthusiastic singers with a love of sharing music! Everyone is welcome to apply for the 2019 intake.

Please note Junior choir rehearsal day has been changed to a THURSDAY in 2019.

JUNIOR CHOIR REHEARSAL TIMES -THURSDAY, 3.30 - 5.00pm, Reece High School, music suite, Building 7


email Elizabeth at: ree.crescendochoir@education.tas.gov.au
Or phone/text mobile: 0407 244 602

Golf Australia

School Calendar

Tuesday 26 February

K-2 Ditto Program

Tuesday 26 February

2:00pm Whole School Assembly

Friday 1 March

Friday afternoon sports and 800m race

Monday 4 March

11:10am Year 3-6 1500m race

Tuesday 5 March

School Photos

Friday 8 March

Athletic Carnival

Monday 11 March

Public Holiday