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7 June 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Mid-Year Reports

Mid-Year Reports are currently being written and teachers have been working hard to ensure that these reports are meaningful and a great reference point for developing goals for the second half of the school year.

These reports will be available to parents at Parent/Teacher/Student interviews to be held in the last week of June. Information on booking a meeting will be available in the near future.

Public Holiday

A reminder that Monday is a public holiday. School will resume on Tuesday 12th June.

Get involved with your child’s education

Research shows that children do better at school when their parents are involved and engaged in their education.

Being involved and engaged in your child’s education adds to their school experience and sends a clear message that their education is important to you.

There are many ways that you can be involved in your child’s education.

Parent Help

Parent help involves working in your child’s classroom. Often you will be working with small groups of children and all activities will be ready for you. You may be helping with literacy, numeracy, art, craft and general activities.

Dads, grandparents and other relations are most welcome. However, helpers will need to have a ‘Working with Vulnerable People Card’ – see information below.

Breakfast Club

Our school Breakfast Club provides a healthy start to the day for children and families. Providing a free healthy breakfast at school helps children achieve their best in the classroom and in the playground.

Breakfast Club is about more than just providing a healthy start to the day, it is also a great place for adults to be role models for healthy eating and good hygiene.

If you would like to volunteer at our Breakfast Club, please contact Ms Kate Larcombe on 64252195.

Sporting Teams

Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting teams including cricket, netball, football and soccer. Parents are able to be involved in a variety of ways including coaching, assistant coaching, scoring and umpiring. If you are interested, we are able to provide assistance and support to enable you to undertake a role. Please contact Mr Stephen Dome on 64252195

School Association

All Government schools in Tasmania are required to have a School Association. School Associations provide parents, staff, students and community members with a way to be involved in the school.

School Associations help our school in a number of ways by participating in:

  • The development of school policies, school improvement plans and the formulation of school objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • Planning the financial arrangements to support these objectives
  • Fostering the value and benefits of education
  • Fostering co-operation among teachers, students, parents and the school community, and
  • Raising of funds for the benefit of the school

Fundraising Committee

Our Fundraising Committee are a dedicated group of parents that organise fundraising opportunities for our school including the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Stalls, and raffles. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the school office for details.

Milo Reading

Milo Reading encourages students to read to an adult and then enjoy a warm milo. Volunteers listen to individual students read or prepare them a milo to enjoy after reading in the art room. This is a great opportunity to actively engage with children and support them in their reading development. Please contact the office if you are interested in helping.

Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP)

The requirement to have a RWVP registration provides a process to ensure that the people working with young Tasmanians are safe, of good character and have no prior convictions that are of concern.

We strongly encourage all parents to register as a volunteer either on the Service Tasmania website below or in person at a Service Tasmania office.


Below are some examples of where it will be necessary to hold a RWVP:

  • Parents/grandparents/carers coming into classrooms to help with reading etc. are required to hold a RWVP card.
  • Parents/grandparents/carers involved with school excursions are required to hold a RWVP card.

Examples of people NOT requiring RWVP cards are as follows:

  • Parents/grandparents/carers coming into school in the morning, chatting amongst other parents and settling their child into school.
  • Parents attending carnivals.

  • People dropping off or picking up children.
  • Relatives attending school events such as assembly, sports carnivals, concerts, etc. where they are not directly participating.
  • Children under the age of 16.

Jenny Ashton
Acting Principal

School Values weekly winners

These winners were drawn out on Monday 28th May at our Assembly:

Maddison 5/6A
Responsibility and

Thorn 5/6B

Ashton 4/5A

Jayla 3/4A

Kobi 3/4B

Carly 1/2A

Elliott 1/2B
Relationships and Learning

Henry K/PA

Rudy K/PB

These winners were drawn out on Monday 7th June at our school meeting:

Aidan 5/6A
Respect, Responsibility
and Relationships

Mia 5/6B
Respect and

Eloise 4/5A
Respect and

Gabrielle 3/4A
Responsibility and

Rhiannan 3/4B
Respect and

Tyron 1/2A

Chace 1/2B

Siannah K/PA
Responsibility and

Troy K/PB

Feature class


It has been a busy term 2 so far for 1/2A with lots more exciting things to come. Here is a collection of photos featuring our leaf art, box work, apple art and our assembly sharing item.

Stacey Price and Kate Larcombe
1/2A teachers

Meet our student leaders

Name: Jayde
Leadership Position: Pride & Safety Leader
Family: Mum, Dad and Hunter
Pets: Our dog called Hulk and cats Hermes and Ninja
Interests/Hobbies: Art, Space, History and English
Favourite Subjects: English and History
A goal for me this year is: To get an A or B in English or Maths
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping others to follow the school values
Who inspires you: The tenth doctor on Doctor Who and Mrs Mudford
When I leave school I want to: Become an artist or teacher

Name: Jayden
Leadership Position: Pride & Safety Leader
Family: Mum, Dad and Cara
Pets: Our dog called Ziggy
Interests/Hobbies: Gaming
Favourite Subjects: Art and Drama
A goal for me this year is: To work on my handwriting
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping others to work and play safely
Who inspires you: My Mum
When I leave school I want to: Work in a shop

Grade 5/6 PCYC - Operation Resilience Program

Grade 5/6 Operation Resilience Program

By week 3 improvements on all stations are starting to be made. Two new team leaders are elected for each group at the start of the session. The leaders are responsible for making sure everyone in the group knows what their role is when working on each station, to achieve the common goal of the group. When approaching each piece of equipment mini meetings are held to come up with these strategies.

In the third week we talked about what is involved in completing the ‘The River’ challenge. All team members needed to be moved from one end of the river to the other. The team use coloured mats (boats) to transport all members. Boats and passengers had to go under the log obstacle in the river. If any part of a team member’s body touched the river, that team member has to go back to the start of the river again.This then required a team effort to get them back.

This was another challenge where all the four key qualities of leadership, effective communication, co-operation and team work needed to be used for the team to successfully complete their mission.

Here are some groups helping their team members through ‘The River’.

PCYC Fundraiser

The winner of Friday’s cake raffle was Jacob, congratulations Jacob! The next cake raffle will be Friday 15th June. Tickets will be on sale before school in the primary corridor, 1 ticket for 50c or 3 tickets for $1.

Story Dogs Fundraiser

Well done to all those people who participated and made donations to support our recent Story Dogs program fundraiser. It was great to see the effort that students and staff made to dress up in orange for the day. This is the same colour the Story Dogs volunteers and their dogs wear on their uniform. The students were very excited when one of the Story Dogs visited our classrooms to collect the donations.

We raised $155.95!

This money will go towards Story Dogs helping children to improve their reading skills and making reading enjoyable. Their mission is to make reading fun for children so they become confident, lifelong readers.

Kylie Mudford
School Leader Co-ordinator


Cross Country Report

On Thursday 24th May we held our annual Cross-Country. The weather was perfect and the students were pumped to compete to the best of their ability. Participation was excellent with the majority of students taking part in the event. A special thank you to Ulverstone High School Grade 9 students for their assistance on check-points and icy-poles. Also a very big thank you to all the spectators that turned up to cheer everyone on.

Final House Points

Mersey – 338
Don – 266
Forth - 250

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent West Ulverstone Primary at the annual North-West Cross-Country Carnival to be held at the Ulverstone Football ground on Wednesday 6th June:

Grade 6 Boys

Grade 5 Boys

Grade 4 Boys

1 Koby

1 Jonty

1 Wyatt

2 Jack

2 Daniel

2 Roscoe

3 Isaac

3 Mitchell

3 Austin

Emergency - Kaleb

Emergency - Thorn

Emergency - Liam

Grade 6 Girls

Grade 5 Girls

Grade 4 Girls

1 Danielle

1 Addison

1 Charli

2 Azaria

2 Taylen

2 Shataya

3 Maddison

3 Naomi

3 Gabrielle

Emergency - Ella T

Emergency - Ella S

Emergency - Ella L

Other grade results include:

Grade 3 Boys

Grade 2 Boys

Grade 1 Boys

Prep Boys

Kinder Boys

1 Jordon

1 Riley

1 Jay Jay

1 Sonny

1 Lachlan P

2 Corben

2 Sebastian

2 Kaid

2 Logan H

2 Rudy

3 Kobi

3 Elliott

3 Cormac

3 Troy

3 Rylie

Grade 3 Girls

Grade 2 Girls

Grade 1 Girls

Prep Girls

Kinder Girls

1 Montanna

1 Sienna

1 Tori

1 Isabel H

1 Maysi

2 Ruby C

2 Kendell

2 Megan

2 Angelica

2 Pia

3 Lily H

3 Amber S

3 Danika

3 Grace

3 Rosalie

Healthy Tips from Nurse Kerry

Hand Hygiene

This time of the year the school and home environment are havens for coughs, colds and upset tummies. To reduce the risk of spreading these illnesses’ staff and parents should encourage children to wash their hands frequently. The most important times are:

  • After going to the toilet
  • Before, during and after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • After coughing, sneezing and blowing noses
  • After touching animals


“There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one” (Sue Atkins)

School age children are continuously learning about the world around them. They may have a great deal of questions that they would like answered. At this age they will start to have their own views and may become more challenging and push the boundaries.

Remember all children are different and behaviour will depend on how old they are, their personality, if they have any health problems and their level of understanding.

Here are a few tips that might make it easier to manage this challenging behaviour.

  • Children learn by watching others. If they see you acting in a certain way they will tend to copy.
  • Children will test the limits. This is how they learn what is right and what is wrong – ensure they have regular routines and know what is expected of them.
  • Recognise good behaviour and praise the child – saying how well they have done, you are really pleased with what they have done and so on.
  • Try to ignore unacceptable behaviour. If the child gets attention for unacceptable behaviour they are more likely to continue with it. Praise the good behaviour and ignore the bad behaviour.

For extra advice and tips you may want to try one of the links below



Kerry Jewell
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West
Department of Education Tasmania
Email: kerry.jewell@education.tas.gov.au

Spelling with Sadie

Sadie knows that being confident at spelling helps with reading, writing and comprehension. Effective spellers use a large range of strategies when they write. These strategies include using: sounds, visual clues, meaning, making connections and checking. With about 250, 000 words in the English language we need to make spelling fun and purposeful – more like a code breaking treasure hunt!

Spelling in 4/5A

Mitchell, Sharalea, Lily and Violet are using both the sound strategy and the visual strategy for spelling as they have a test with Ms Cox. They need to think about the sounds they can hear in the word and how the word looks as they have-a-go at each one.

Spelling tip

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a K-2 maths problem and a 3-6 maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home. Answers will be in the next newsletter.

Class competition:

Put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office. The class with the most answers in the box each fortnight will be able to negotiate their class reward with Mrs Ashton. Good luck!

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

K-2 Jane built a square cubby house on one side of the river. She used eight posts for each side. How many posts did she use altogether?

Answer: 28 posts

3-6 Question:

A cube is painted then cut into 27 smaller cubes. How many of these are painted on just two sides?

Answer: 12

This week’s Questions


Brett built a tower using four different coloured milk cartons. The red carton was below the green carton. The blue carton was above the yellow carton what was above the green carton. Which carton is on top?


Each corner number is the sum of the numbers on the two sides which make the corner. Find the side numbers

Brixhibition Lego Challenge

Once again West Ulverstone Primary School will be supporting the Brixibition Lego Challenge. Students are encouraged to build a Lego creation for this challenge and there are some terrific prizes for the winning entries. Students can compete as individuals or in a team. Students intending to compete will need to fill in an entry form (sent home Friday 1st June) and return to school by Friday the 8th June 2018. Lego creations will need to be delivered to West Ulverstone Primary by Monday 18th June for judging.

School Calendar of events


Monday 11th June

NO SCHOOL - Public Holiday (Queens Birthday)

Monday 18th June

Brixhibition Lego Challenge – Lego Creations to be delivered to Mr Dome

Wednesday 20th June

Grade 5/6 Resilience Program, PCYC Burnie, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Monday 25th June -
Wednesday 27th June

Parent/Teacher Interviews & Collection of Reports