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15 March 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy at school with students having a number of opportunities to participate, celebrate and enjoy a range of school based activities.

Our annual School Athletic Carnival was held last Friday and we were incredibly fortunate to have amazing weather for the day. Students participated with anticipation and enthusiasm and were supportive and encouraging of each other.

Events like the Athletic Carnival would not be successful without the help of the whole school community. A huge thank you to Mrs Kathy Milne Viney, Mr Randall Hardy for the time and effort taken to organise and run the carnival. Thank you also to the students from Ulverstone High School who gave up their time to help on the day.

Thank you to parents that were able to take time out of their day to support and cheer students on. I would also like to thank Mr Stephen Radford for his assistance in ensuring the running track was ready on the day.

The Sausage Sizzle organised by our Admin Team and parent, Kelly Olsen was a huge success. Thank you Kelly for co-ordinating a great team of parents to assist and to all the parents that helped out on the day.

Yesterday we had 34 students represent the school at the North West Athletic Carnival at the Dial Sports Centre, Penguin. Congratulations to all participants for representing West Ulverstone Primary School. We placed second in Division C, a fantastic achievement.


A fortnight ago Andrew Hughes from Expedition Class visited our school to share information about the Where? Where? Wedgie! initiative. This initiative is aimed at students, teachers and for the first time families and communities who can all get involved and learn about the Wedge Tailed Eagle - the winged warrior of the sky. Please see more information below and how you too can become involved.

The last formal estimates of wedge-tailed eagle population size - at fewer than 1000 birds - were many years ago, and based on inference from quite limited information. Since then, there have been lots of efforts to reduce the impact of human activities on these birds, but we don’t know if they’re working.

We’re inviting as many people as possible across Tasmania to join us in finding out, by spending a day out with your eyes to the sky on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and or Sunday 27th May. On this website via the link below, we explain what the survey involves and provide resources for you to gain or build on your bird identification skills.



At our school we aim to create a safe and supportive school community for everyone.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for parents or carers to know what to do when their child talks to them about bullying.

You are an important part of our work to prevent bullying and to respond effectively if it happens. Stopping bullying involves everyone.

Upcoming Progress Reports

Next Friday, 23rd March, students from Prep to Grade 6 will bring home their progress reports. Whilst there are no official parent/teacher meetings scheduled, parents and guardians are encouraged to keep in contact with their child’s teacher/s throughout the year and to make contact at any time they have any concerns. A full written report will be the end of Term 2 and parents/guardians will have the opportunity to have face-to-face interviews with their child’s teacher at this time. A summary report will be sent home with students towards the end of Term 4. This is in line with the departmental reporting to parents guidelines and school reporting to parents policy.

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2018

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) commenced in Australian schools in 2008. Each year all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in common national tests which assess:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • Numeracy

The scheduled dates for the tests in 2018 are Tuesday 15 May, Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May.

The benefits of participating in NAPLAN testing:

  • NAPLAN tests the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy.
  • NAPLAN results provide valuable information on how your child is progressing against national minimum standards of literacy and numeracy skills expected for each year level.
  • The NAPLAN tests provide you as parents with an individual report that shows your child’s results and a comparison of your child’s performance against all other Australian students in their year level.
  • Teachers use the NAPLAN results to determine your child’s areas of strength and where future focus is required and how best to provide support or extension activities.
  • School teachers use the online NAPLAN Toolkit to analyse your child’s results. The Toolkit provides detailed information right down to the individual question with links to teaching strategies.
  • Principals, senior staff and others use NAPLAN results to inform school planning and to allocate resources and support including informing decisions around targeted programs and initiatives for individuals and groups.

The best way you can assist your child is by helping them to feel comfortable about the nature and purpose of the tests and assure them that the tests will give them an opportunity to show what they have learned in class.

For more information about the national tests, please visit the national NAPLAN website at the link below:


Maths with Murphy competition reward

Next Tuesday Grade 4/5A will be watching a movie and enjoying an ice cream as their reward for the fortnightly Maths with Murphy competition. We look forward to seeing lots of entries for next fortnight.

Jenny Ashton

Values winners

These winners were drawn out at our Monday weekly school meeting.

Courtney Cook - 5/6A
Values: Responsibility
and learning

Jack Bundy - 5/6 B
Values: Relationships,
Respect and Learning

Lily Banfield - 4/5 A
Values: Responsibility

Jordan DeVries - 3/4 A
Values: Relationships

Corben Clark - 3/4 B
Values: Relationships

Finlay Coote - 1/2A
Values: Respect,
& Learning

Pia Thomas - K/P A
Values: Responsibility

Jason Coulson K/P B
Values: Safety


Name and Class: Kendell Dobson 1/2B

Values: Responsibility & Relationships

Aussie of the month

Congratulations to Drey Bonner-Pope, Aussie of the month for February.

Drey has had an outstanding start to the year, showing an amazing effort to display our school values. He has been a positive class member.

Well done Drey, we are so proud of you.

Class News

In 1/2B we have started a unit of work on living things. Last week we went out into the playground to see what living things we could find and were very excited to see an eagle circling in the distance. We have also started some planting experiments to find out how plants grow and what they need to survive. In maths we are starting a unit of work on measurement. We have begun experimenting with the use of different objects to find and compare lengths of items. One of our highlights last week was of course the athletics carnival. We were very excited about the big day and all tried our best to earn some points for our house teams.

1-2B Class photos
1-2B Class photos
Click images to enlarge

Jess Finch

Meet our student leaders

Student Leader Profile

Name: Kaitlyn Riley

Leadership Position: School Leader

Family: Mum, Dad and Karlia

Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Maths and hanging out with friends

Favourite Subjects: Maths and P.E.

A goal for me this year is: To be the best leader I can be

I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Looking out for others

Who inspires you: My Mum

When I leave school I want to: Be an athlete

Name: Jack Bundy

Leadership Position: School Leader

Family: Mum, Dad and Daniel

Pets: Two fish named Coral and Lucas

Interests/Hobbies: Dinosaurs, video games, football, soccer, tennis and cricket

Favourite Subjects: P.E. and art

A goal for me this year is: To be the best student leader I can be

I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping others to do their best

Who inspires you: Lenny Hayes (retired St Kilda AFL player) inspires me to be the best I can be

When I leave school I want to: I haven’t made a decision about what I want to do yet

Athletic Carnival

2018 Athletic Carnival Report

On Friday 9th March Kinder-Gr 6 participated in our annual Athletic Carnival. The weather and ground presentation was absolutely magnificent. It was a wonderful day with all students participating to the best of their ability, with many students demonstrating and upholding our school values. A big thank you to all the early birds that came in to help set-up and those that helped pack up. A special welcome to our new PE Teacher Mr Hardy.

Thank you to all staff members for their patience and support throughout the day, it was a fantastic team effort. Teaching staff mentioned how well behaved and fabulous all the students were at cheering, listening to instructions and staying in their house area when not competing.

Also a thank you to all our parents/grandparents/carers and family members for their ongoing support, cheering and encouragement.

A special thank you goes out to the 10 Ulverstone High students Leaders for their assistance throughout the day.

Final House Points

1st - Forth: 874
2nd - Mersey: 826
3rd - Don: 731

Athletic Carnival
Athletic Carnival
Click images to enlarge

Congratulations to all our students who were selected to represent West Ulverstone Primary at the North West Combined Athletic Carnival.

This was held yesterday on Wednesday 14th March at the Penguin Athletics Track.

We are sure they did us proud! ‘Go WUPS’

NW Athletic Carnival

A group of excited and nervous students represented West Ulverstone Primary at the North West Primary School Sports Association Athletic carnival on Wednesday 14th March. The students selected to represent our school were; Danielle Saward, Maddison Russell, Kaitlyn Riley, Ella Toth, Mayah Campbell-McQueen, Naomi Polden, Ella Stevens, Taylen Crowden, Mia Emanuel, Gabrielle Ellis, Shataya Grant, Charli Hamill, Indiana Mee, Hannah Artavillia, Rubi Coppleman, Montana Crawford-Cooper, Aryannah Howe-Allen, Koby Purton, Jack Bundy, Isaac Ling, Aidan Hefford, Daniel Bundy, Jhett Cullen, Jayden Longstaff, Jonty Hamill, Cameron Gleeson, Roscoe Davis, Wyatt Dobson, Austin Rush, Kobi Cullen, Connor Brimfield, Jordon DeVries and Corben Clark.

West Ulverstone had a fantastic day finishing 2nd in C Division! It was an awesome team performance with all of our runners competing to the best of their ability.

A number of students qualified to make semi-finals, these included; Rubi Coppleman 75m & 100m, Charli Hamill 100m & 200m, Naomi Polden 75 & 100m, Kaitlyn Riley 100m, Mia Emanuel 100m & 200m, Danielle Saward 75m, Cameron Gleeson 75m, Corben Clark 75m, Aryannah Howe-Allen 75m, Ella Stevens 75m, Wyatt Dobson 200m, Jonty Hamill 100m, Hannah Artavilla 200m, Jordan DeVries 100m & 200m, Montana Crawford-Cooper 100m.

A special mention to the Grade 3 relay team of: Kobi Cullen, Connor Brimfield, Jordon DeVries, Hannah Artavilla, Rubi Coppleman and Montanna Crawford-Cooper who had a terrific win.

The following students ran so well in their semi-finals that they are now qualified to run in the Twilight Carnival next Tuesday 20th March; Jonty Hamill 100m, Jordon DeVries 200m, Naomi Polden 75m and Aidan Hefford 400m. Well done to these athletes and we wish you all the best at the Twilight Carnival.


West Ulverstone Cricket Report

On Friday 9th March the West Ulverstone cricket team had a cricket match against Penguin cricket team. The game went for three hours. It started at 4:00pm and went till 7:00pm. West Ulverstone lost the toss. So West Ulverstone had to bat so we had to bat first. The batting turns were in this order.

  1. Jack Bundy. Bowled
  2. Kurt Schumann. Run Out
  3. Aidan Hefford. Hit his own wickets
  4. Isaac Ling. Retired
  5. Braith Templeton. Run Out
  6. Cohan DeVries. Left the cricket game
  7. Daniel Bundy. Retired
  8. Jonty Hamill. Retired
  9. Harris Pinner. Bowled
  10. Roscoe Davis. Run Out.
  11. Chiraphat Hongchinda. Run Out

The final score was


West Ulverstone won, well done all players!

By Isaac Ling 5/6A

PCYC Operation Resilience Program

Grade 5/6 PCYC - Operation Resilience Program

7 Weeks to Go!

Oral Health Services Tasmania

Clean Up Australia Day-Nude Food Day

West Ulverstone Primary will be endorsing the importance of Clean up Australia Day on Friday March 16th by holding a Nude Food Day. Nude Food Day is about students bringing their food to school for recess and lunch that has no or minimal packaging e.g. food that can be placed into alternative reusable containers, fruit, celery, carrot sticks and sandwiches in container or paper bag. Teachers will be talking to their students about the harmful effects plastic packaging can have on the environment, recycling and other ways in which we can have a positive effect on our environment to create a sustainable future.

Spelling with Sadie

Sadie knows that being confident at spelling helps with reading, writing and comprehension. Effective spellers use a large range of strategies when they write. These strategies include using: sounds, visual clues, meaning, making connections and checking. With about 250, 000 words in the English language we need to make spelling fun and purposeful – more like a code breaking treasure hunt!

Our feature strategy is: Meaning strategy – thinking about the meaningful parts of words

What can I do to help me spell words?

I can think about the meaning. Does it give me clues to the spelling pattern?

I can begin with the base word.

I can think about the ending of the word.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a K-2 maths problem and a 3-6 maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home. Answers will be in the next newsletter.

Class competition:

Put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office. The class with the most answers in the box each fortnight will be able to negotiate their class reward with Mrs Ashton. Good luck!

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

K-2 Question:

Joe likes to collect and trade watches. On Friday he had 23 watches in his collection. On Saturday he went to a market and bought 4 more watches for $2 each. On Sunday he went to 3 garage sales and bought 2 watches at each sale for $1 each. How many watches did Joe have on Sunday after his last purchase?

Answer: 33 watches


23 + 9 = 32

See how the digits of the number 23 are reversed when you add 9. To which other 2 digit numbers can you add 9 in order to reverse their digits?

Answer: 12, 34, 45, 67, 78, 89

This week’s Questions


Using each number only once, fill in the circles with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 so that each row of three circles adds up to 12.


Mr Smith's class was responsible for bringing balloons to the school Fair. Each of the 28 students brought in one pack of 5 balloons and everyone went outside to blow them up. As they were blowing up the balloons, 24 popped and 11 blew away. Mr Smith found 2 more packs of 5 balloons in his desk and the students blew them up without losing any more. How many blown up balloons did the class end up with altogether at the end?

West Ulverstone Primary School Easter Raffle

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Forth Primary School Fair

Thunder Basketball Clinic

School Calendar of events


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