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1 March 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome BBQ

It was fantastic to see so many families at our annual Welcome BBQ on Tuesday night. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with families. Thank you to all our staff who helped make this event a great success.

Welcome BBQ
Welcome BBQ
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Student Leaders

Congratulations to our Student Leaders who received their badges at our Whole School Meeting on Tuesday. I spoke with students about their responsibilities as Student Leaders and what it means to be a successful leader. As leaders at our school, they will be responsible for upholding our school values of ‘Safety, Responsibility, Relationships, Learning and Respect’ in all they do. Staff are looking forward to working with students throughout the year to help develop their leadership skills. We have great confidence in them achieving success within their roles.

The Sports Leaders began their leadership responsibilities in week two and have been responsible for setting up and running the daily PE activities each day. It has been fantastic to see them taking their roles seriously and with enthusiasm, arriving at school each morning to set up the daily activities.

Congratulations to our House Captains who were elected last Friday. They will receive their badges in the near future.

Maths with Murphy - CONGRATULATIONS 4/5 A!

Nine students from Mrs Cox 4/5 class took on the ‘Maths with Murphy’ challenge in our last newsletter. All nine students correctly answered the question -

“After school, Sam and his sister stop for a snack at the corner shop. They both like fruit chews that cost 30c each. Each one eats 1 fruit chew each day after school. How much money will Sam and his sister spend in 1 week for their snacks?”

Answer $3.00

Grade 4/5A are using maths to help decide what they class reward will be. They are going to conduct a survey and collate the results using graphs.

Athletics Carnival and Sausage Sizzle

Next Friday 9th March we will hold our annual Athletics Carnival. A program was sent home last week with students. Students are encouraged to wear clothing according to their house colour –

Mersey – Blue, Forth – Yellow, Don – Red
Please no coloured hair spray or face paint.

We look forward to seeing plenty of parents faces at the carnival.

We will be have a sausage sizzle on the day. Information and an order form will be sent home today.

Class Changes

Next week there will be a number of changes to current staff structures. Mrs Stacey Price Grade 1/2A will work Monday – Thursday, with Ms Kate Larcombe working on Fridays. Ms Mel Coulson Grade 3/4A will work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with Mrs Thais Gardam working Wednesday. Mrs Nicci Birch 3/4B will work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with Ms Julia Hill working Wednesday.


It is great to walk around the school and see our students wearing their uniform with pride. I would like to thank parents for the effort they have made to ensure students are in full school uniform. The school uniform builds a sense of connectedness among students and the school. When worn well, it enhances the way the school is viewed in the community. Uniform also means that students can easily be identified as a member of WUPS, increasing safety and supervision for all students.

School Photos

Our school photos will be taken on Tuesday 13th March (Tuesday after the public holiday) and it would be fantastic to see everyone in their full school uniform. For more information on school photos, please see further on.


Following a revision of the Education Act there are now changes to when a student’s absence will be recorded as authorised or unauthorised. Missing school for whatever reason has a negative impact on students’ learning. Because of this, the new Education Act specifies the reasons a child can be authorised not to attend school. We have attached an article that discusses attendance changes below. I would encourage you to take the time to read this to have a better understanding of the changes and why they are important.


When reporting absences to the school due to illness, we ask that parents and carers specify the reason. With the nature of notifiable illnesses eg. hand foot and mouth, school sores or even headlice or influenza, it is really helpful for us to know the type of sickness so that we can monitor it within our school community. If your child is well enough to attend school but requires medication or pain relief, this can be administered at school if we have a ‘consent to administer medication form’. Alternatively parents can come to the office to administer medication during the school day.

Jenny Ashton

Values winners

These winners were drawn out at our Monday weekly school meeting.

Name and Class: Koby Purton - 5/6A
Values: Safety and Respect

Name and Class: Jack Bundy – 5/6 B
Values: Relationships, Respect and Responsibility

Name and Class: Kurt Schumann - 4/5 A
Values: Safety and Respect

Name and Class: Amealiah Moss- 3/4 A
Values: Relationships, Respect and Learning

Name and Class: Sarah Aitken - 3/4 B
Values: Safety and Respect

Name and Class: Siannah Legg - K/P AB
Values: Respect

Name and Class: Lochie Campbell - K/P B
Values: Relationships and Respect

Name and Class: Derek Elder - 1/2 A
Values: Learning

Name and Class: Clevelan Haugland – 1/2 B
Values: Responsibility

Class News

All our students have settled in well and are adjusting to the expectations and routines of being in Grade 5/6. It is a busy time for our Grade 6 leaders who have taken on extra responsibilities and have seamlessly moved in and out of the classroom and been able to settled back into their learning tasks.

Our room has a calm feel which makes it a great space for learning! We have enjoyed getting to know each other through a range of social skills activities. We created a class web and have shared appreciations of each other. We all kept a piece of our ‘web’ to symbolise our joining together as a community of learners.

Our Class “Web”

Wearing our class web together we can all be stars!

On My Back” activity, writing positive statements of appreciation on each other’s paper capes.

Kylie Mudford and Kylie Malone Teachers

GRIP Leadership – School Leaders’ Report

On Wednesday 21st February we went to the GRIP Leadership conference in Burnie at the Town Hall. We talked about how leaders are Transformers and the four things that help being transformed into a leader are attitude, words, actions and care. We also learnt that the first step to being a leader is not being given a position, but transforming ourselves into leaders.

In session two we learnt how to lead like a strawberry leader instead of a watermelon. This means you are the same on the outside as you are on the inside. We learnt that this links with showing integrity.

We learnt there a six ways to contribute to positive change:

Clarify what we want to do
How does this change benefit others
Ask permission from teachers
Name the people who will assist you in this change
Go forward with the change
Evaluate the change

We also talked about comparing leadership to other things in the world, like a map “you can lead others to their destination in life” or a traffic light “you can eventually always move forward.” After that we played a game called Loud Noises. Braith got called up on stage and had to show off his favourite dance move, two hundred students and teachers had to join in! We had a great time.

By Jack Bundy, Callie Enright, Kaitlyn Riley and Braith Templeton (School Leaders)

2018 GRIP Leadership conference
2018 GRIP Leadership conference
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Meet our student leaders

Name: Braith Templeton
Leadership Position: School Leader
Family: Mum, Dad and Kaden
Pets: A dog Connor and cat Cemmy
Interests/Hobbies: Riding my scooter
Favourite Subjects: Writing and Maths
A goal for me this year is: To become a better role model
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping others do the right thing
Who inspires you: Raymond Warner (professional scooter rider)
When I leave school I want to: Become a carpenter and work for my Dad

Name: Callie Enright
Leadership Position: School Leader
Family: Mum, Dad, Corey, Brandon, Mitchell and Troy
Pets: Oscar our guinea pig
Interests/Hobbies: Basketball, video games, running, watching YouTube and playing on my i-pad
Favourite Subjects: Maths, English, P.E., History and Art
A goal for me this year is: To be the best person I can be and treat everyone respectfully
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Making sure people around me are happy and smiling
Who inspires you: My Mum, Dad and Stephen Curry (basketball player)
When I leave school I want to: Become a teacher, professional basketball player or actress

Athletic Carnival

Please click on the link below for the latest version of the Athletic carnival program. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

PCYC Operation Resilience Program

Grade 5/6 PCYC - Operation Resilience Program

9 Weeks to Go!

Healthy Tips from Nurse Kerry

Healthy and easy recipe

The Easiest Cheese and Vegetable Frittata

Serves 6

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small red bell pepper, diced
1/2 small sweet onion, chopped (red)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 small zucchini, quartered lengthwise and sliced crosswise 1/4-inch thick
3 cups baby spinach or kale,
6 fresh basil leaves, coarsely chopped
6 large eggs
1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese or cheese of your choice
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 medium shallots or leeks, thinly sliced
85-100 fresh goat cheese or feta crumbled
Arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and heat to 400°F.
Heat the oil in a 10-inch cast iron or oven-safe non-stick fry-pan over medium-high heat until shimmering. Add the bell pepper, onion, and salt, and sauté until slightly softened, about 5 minutes. Add the zucchini, spinach, and basil, and cook until wilted, about 3 minutes. Remove from the heat.
Whisk the eggs, Parmesan, and pepper together in a medium bowl until the eggs are broken up. Pour into the skillet over the vegetables. Sprinkle with the shallots and feta cheese.
Bake until the eggs are almost set, about 8 minutes. Turn the oven on to grill on high and grill until the top is set and light golden-brown, about 2 minutes more. Let cool 5 minutes before slicing and serving.

Recipe Notes

  • Storage: Leftover frittata keeps well in the fridge for up to three days. Enjoy cold or reheat in a low oven.
  • While grilling make sure the fry-pan handle is not getting hot or effected by the griller.

Primary School Health Assessment

Every Kindergarten child at West Ulverstone Primary School has the opportunity to have a Primary School Health Assessment with the Primary School Health Nurse.

This term the Primary School Health Assessment form will be sent home with your child for you to complete. If you would like your child to have the assessment please return the completed form to the school office or to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

If you do not want the assessment can you please tick the box on page 2 and still return it to school please.

If you have lost the form you can ask your child’s teacher or the friendly office girls for a new one.

Kerry Jewell
School Health Nurse – Primary, North West
Department of Education Tasmania
Email: kerry.jewell@education.tas.gov.au

Chaplains chin wag

It’s great to be back and already we are off to a fabulous start, with some wonderful things happening around the school. I have been very pleased to listen to the holiday stories being told and to hear of the goals and hopes of many of our students, for the year ahead.

I am at School Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this year and welcome anyone who would like to come in for a chat on these days. Please contact me via the school office.

In this newsletter you will see a flyer for the Scripture Union art competition being run this year to celebrate Chaplaincy week. The theme of the competition is Strong and Courageous and invites students to complete a piece of art work in A4 size in any medium i.e. crayon, ink, paint etc. The prizes are awarded for the individual and the school. I know that 4/5 Cox students are already working on some entries and I look forward to seeing many from around the school. See me for further details and good luck.

Leanne Jopson
School Chaplain

Clean Up Australia Day-Nude Food Day

West Ulverstone Primary will be endorsing the importance of Clean up Australia Day on Friday March 16th by holding a Nude Food Day. Nude Food Day is about students bringing their food to school for recess and lunch that has no or minimal packaging, e.g. food that can be placed into alternative reusable containers, fruit, celery, carrot sticks, sandwiches in container or paper bag. Teachers will also be talking to their students about the harmful effects plastic packaging can have on the environment, recycling and other ways in which we can have a positive effect on our environment to create a sustainable future.

Spelling with Sadie

Sadie knows that being confident at spelling helps with reading, writing and comprehension. Effective spellers use a large range of strategies when they write. These strategies include using: sounds, visual clues, meaning, making connections and checking. With about 250, 000 words in the English language we need to make spelling fun and purposeful – more like a code breaking treasure hunt!

Our feature strategy is: Visual Strategy – focusing on the look of words

What can I do to help me spell words?

I can think about the letter pattern. Do I know another word that looks like this?

I can think about how the word looks and try different letter patterns.

I can think about which other letters could be used to write a particular word.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a K-2 maths problem and a 3-6 maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home. Answers will be in the next newsletter.

Class competition:

Put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office. The class with the most answers in the box each fortnight will be able to negotiate their class reward with Mrs Ashton. Good luck!

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers


After school, Sam and his sister stop for a snack at the corner shop. They both like fruit chews that cost 30c each. Each one eats 1 fruit chew each day after school. How much money will Sam and his sister spend in 1 week for their snacks?

Answer: $3.00


Using only 4 straight lines, can you cut an octagon into five geometrical shapes - a triangle, two rectangles, a parallelogram and two trapezoids?


This week’s Questions


Joe likes to collect and trade watches. On Friday he had 23 watches in his collection. On Saturday he went to a market and bought 4 more watches for $2 each. On Sunday he went to 3 garage sales and bought 2 watches at each sale for $1 each. How many watches did Joe have on Sunday after his last purchase?


23 + 9 = 32

See how the digits of the number 23 are reversed when you add 9. To which other 2 digit numbers can you add 9 in order to reverse their digits?

School photos

Coles Sports for Schools 2018

Food Redi course

School Calendar of events


Monday 5th March

9-9:30am Whole School Assembly

Tuesday 6th March

11:30am ECE Sharing Assembly

1:40pm Primary Assembly

Wednesday 7th March

1:40pm Grade 3-6 800m races

Friday 9th March

Athletic carnival

Monday 12th March

Public Holiday

Tuesday 13th March

School Photos

9:30am K-2 Brave Hearts Ditto show

Wednesday 14th March

NW Athletics carnival