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23 November 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report


Wow, what a great opportunity students at WUPS have had this year in being part of a whole school production. We had approximately 60 students in the cast, 3 students working backstage and two sell out shows last week. Our production even got a mention in the Learning Services fortnightly newsletter which is shared with all schools.

Working together, learning lines and developing confidence in portraying a character on stage are all lasting memories the cast will take away with them. I would like to thank Andrea Harding for her dedication and commitment in putting together 'Porridge'. I would also like to thank Annette Jones, Debbie Scott and Leanne Jopson for their work behind the scenes. All students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can't wait until our next production!

Civic Reception

The Governor of Tasmania, her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC and Mr Richard Warner visited Ulverstone recently and I was invited along with two student representatives to attend a Civic Reception. Rori and Amalie (student leaders) have written about their experience:

On Friday 10th November we went to the Ulverstone Basketball Stadium to meet the Governor as she was visiting the North-West Coast. When we got there we were greeted by Miss Green then we headed inside to get our seats for when the Governor arrived for her speech. In her speech she mentioned the places she had been to already. She said she had been to Penguin Primary School then to the Ulverstone Men’s Shed where she met a few students from our school. Later she visited the Women’s and Children’s shelter and she said how nice Ulverstone is.

While we were there we tried almost all of the food. We tried sushi, lamb and herb patties on a stick, pulled pork rolls and caramelised onion tarts with sour cream.

After we met the Governor we had our photo taken with her.

By Rori Coote and Amalie Benjamin

Education Act – Policies and Processes

The new Education Act is a transitional and ongoing process which started in July this year. For Tasmanian schools, the implementation of the Act means that the Constitution for School Association will change and some existing policies and processes will be updated. At our School Association meeting on Monday 20th November the new Constitution was adopted and policies and processes for Attendance and Enrolment were accepted. These now apply immediately. The model Out-of-Area Enrolment policy and process was also discussed and accepted. This will apply from the beginning of 2018. There are copies of these policies available at the office if you wish to read them, we have not sent hard copies home as they quite lengthy. You can also find more information regarding the Education act by clicking on the link below:


NAPLAN awards

Last week I went to the celebration of high achievement in 2017 NAPLAN held in Penguin. The Honourable Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training made the presentations and he spoke about the importance of literacy and numeracy. Jessika Marshall from 3/4A was presented with a ‘Top of School’ certificate which means that she performed highly in both literacy (reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy tests. Well done Jessika!

Jessika has written about her experience below:

On Tuesday 14th November I went to Penguin District School to attend the NAPLAN Literacy and Numeracy Results awards night.

I received a certificate for being top of West Ulverstone Primary School in literacy and numeracy NAPLAN. I almost achieved a mark in the top 1% for the whole state.

Mum, Heidi and Grandad came to watch and so did Miss Green. I felt really proud of myself.

2018 Class structures

Following staff discussion and consideration of student numbers, I can confirm that our classes for next year will be:

2 x Kinder/Prep
2 x Grade One/Two
2 x Grade Three/Four
1 x Grade Four/Five
2 x Grade Five/Six

This week staff have started looking at student placements into new class groups for next year.

Enrolments for 2018

We are accepting enrolments for 2018 in all of our classes. If you know of anyone living in the area or moving to West Ulverstone with primary aged children, please encourage them to come and discuss enrolment.


As you know, attending school every day all day is important to both academic achievement and also social and personal development. Parents are encouraged to make appointments for children outside of school time to minimise the impact of missed school. If you child is absent from school it is your responsibility to let us know the reason for this.

This year we are aiming for an average attendance rate of 94%. Our current attendance rate is 92%.

Let’s make every day count!

Attendance per class as at 20th November:

Kinder/Prep A


Kinder/Prep B


Grade 1/2A


Grade 1/2B


Grade 3/4A


Grade 3/4B


Grade 4/5A


Grade 5/6A


Grade 5/6B


Well done 3/4B on maintaining a 95% attendance rate over the past fortnight!

Nicky Green


Our fantastic production has come to an end! Last Thursday and Friday night saw our wonderful hardworking cast perform to full audiences and this was fantastic to see. I could not have been more proud of them. A big thank you to everyone who was in the audience, families that supported fundraisers and their children with costumes etc, West Ulverstone Primary School staff and School Association for their fundraising and support. The opportunity to bring this production together was fabulous and I look forward to directing another production in the future for West Ulverstone Primary School.

Andrea Harding
Drama Teacher

Maths Competition

The Maths Competition certificates were presented at our whole school assembly today. Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated.

Year 2

Corben Clark


Rubi Coppleman


Paige Lehman


Year 3

Roscoe Davis


Shataya Grant


Rory Grey


Jessica Maxfield


Indiana Mee


Year 4

Lilyana Stock


Karlia Riley


Year 5

Jack Bundy


Joshua Maxfield


Katilyn Riley


Blake Stock


Year 6

Gebriael Davis


Children and Technology Workshop

On Wednesday 6th December at 3.00pm we will be hosting a workshop around children and the safe use of technology to be held in the AV room. If you are interested in attending please contact Kate Larcombe on 6425 2195 for more information as numbers are limited.

Class News


From the end of term 3 and throughout term 4 the Kinder/Prep students have been exploring Biological sciences and the needs of living things through an excursion to Hagley farm and hatching chicken eggs in class.

On our Hagley Farm School excursion students met, fed and learned about ducks, cows, sheep, donkeys, pigs, deer and chickens. We also had the opportunity to ride around the farm on the back of a tractor and have a look at the history of farm life in the museum.

We would like to thank all of the adults who came along to help our classes to have a fantastic experience.

“At Hagley we learned that there were no roosters there and we got to collect the eggs.” Cormac

“I saw some ducks and we fed them duck food” Ella

“I remember feeding sheep and goats. It felt like my hands were being licked, like when my dog licks my hand” Liam

At the start of term 4 we put 9 eggs in an incubator in our learning space and eagerly awaited to see what might hatch out. Students learned that the eggs need to be kept at the right temperature and humidity for 21 days to hopefully grow a chick. Students made predictions about how many chicks they thought might hatch. This year we had 5 eggs hatch. Since the eggs hatched, students have talked about what chickens need to live which included a safe warm and dry place to live, food, water and friends.

We have also had the Elder family bring in their baby bunnies that they were hand rearing and we learned about what they need to grow.

This term we have continued to take our learning outside on Thursday mornings and students have had a variety of equipment and learning opportunities to explore.

This term we have also been exploring sharing our learning with our families through an app and website called Seesaw. If any families have any questions about this, please see one of the K/P teachers.

“When the chickens hatched they crack the eggs and hatch in the incubator. We saw one come out.” Cormac

“I thought 4 chicks would hatch but 5 hatched. They weren’t fluffy when they hatched. But then they dried and went fluffy.” Lily


On Friday the 10th of November we looked at Remembrance Day. We talked about the poppy and why we wore them on the 11th of November. Here are our poppies that we made:


In 1/2B we are having a large focus this term on living things and habitats. We have been learning about the different kinds of places that animals live and how these places meet their needs for survival. In our classroom we have been creating some habitat murals, adding in the animals and other elements that we know will be found there. This week we are very excited to be attending an excursion to the Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek to further our learning.

3/4A & 3/4B

Reptile Show

3/4A and B, and Year 4 from 4/5A had the opportunity to have a visit from Michael Thow, the Reptile Man on Tuesday morning. We learnt lots of information about our native reptiles, including first aid tips and we were even able to feel and hold a few of them. We would like to thank Michael for his time to inform our students.

We asked our students to share their thoughts around their learning and here are some examples:

Jakob: I learnt that ladybirds are poisonous if you eat them. The lizards and snakes felt funny and soft. Tiger Snakes are venomous. They can kill you.

Karlia: I liked the snake Charlie because it made me remember the time I got to hold it when I was in Mrs Thow’s class. I learnt how to deal with a snake bite and what to do when a snake is near you.

Ella: My favourite snake was Charlie. We got to hold him and that was the best bit. I learnt that some snakes can eat a rabbit under 30 seconds. Mr Thow is the best at handling snakes. We all had fun and Charlie was a very big snake. Also, snakes don’t have ears!

3/4 Science

n 3/4 A and B we have been learning about the phases of moons in Science. We have been learning the names of the phases and how many there are as well as developing our understandings of revolution and rotation. Here are a few examples of students’ work:

“There are eight phases in the phases of the moon. The waxing crescent looks like a banana. The first quarter looks like a half. The new moon looks like the night sky.” Cohen

“There are eight phases of the moon. One is called the new moon, one is called the waxing crescent, one is the waning crescent, one is called the waxing gibbous, one is called waning gibbous and one is called the full moon. The moon gets shined on by the sun which causes the moon to look different from different angles.” Roscoe

“There are eight phases of the moon. The new moon, waxing, crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent. Also all of the different phases are facing the same way.” Mia

“The earth rotates around the sun. The sun does not move at all. It takes the earth 365 days to rotate around the sun. There is always half a moon black and half a moon white which means the sun is shining on one side and that makes it light and dark.” Ashton

3-4's Phases of the moon
3-4's Phases of the moon
Click images to enlarge


After watching a you-tube clip entitled “Austin’s butterfly” 4/5A have been learning about how feedback can help us to improve.

We chose to draw a bird and after the first draft we gave each other specific feedback to help us improve our drawings.

It has been wonderful to see everyone accepting feedback and making improvements with each draft.

The feedback helped me to get better at drawing the bird. Knowing where I had to improve helped me to add less feathers and make is less messy. Joshua

The feedback helped me to draw the feathers and patterns better. Mitchell

The feedback helped me a lot with my drawing because the people who gave me feedback were very specific. Mia

The feedback helped me realise that if I concentrate I will get better at drawing and sketching. Maddison R

I thought all of the feedback was helpful because it helped me to focus on one part at a time. Ashley

The feedback helped me see what I had to do. After six drafts it turned out good. Alex

5/6A News

Back in September, 5/6A viewed current information on smoking in Australia as part of our Heath Curriculum learning. We watched advertisements from around the world, before each voting on the ad we thought was the most effective in discouraging young people from smoking.

Last week we received some exciting news that our class had won a $500 voucher to be spent on sporting goods for the school, by participating in Quit Tasmania’s Critic’s Choice! Here is our class celebrating our win for the school and our contribution towards assisting students to lead healthy active lives!


The students of 5/6B have been doing some more work on persuasive texts, with a focus on planning and editing work to get the best finished product possible. It has been great to see the quality of writing increase as students write about topics that they are passionate about and respond to feedback to improve their work. The final drafts are due this week and I’m really looking forward to reading the finished products before the students move on to creating a multimodal presentation to the class based on their writing.

It has been a busy year with a lot of ups and downs and many changes for us all to get used to but the students of 5/6B have shown fantastic adaptability and maturity. It has been a great privilege to get to know them all. The last few weeks will be busier still as our grade 6’s get ready to leave us and our 5’s prepare to move into the roles of leaders within the school, all while squeezing in as much learning as we can, but I know that 5/6B are up to the challenge!

Chaplain’s chin wag

It was a pleasure to accompany four students from our school to the Ulverstone Men's Shed on Friday 10th November 2017 to meet with the Governor of Tasmania, her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC. The Governor was in Ulverstone to meet local groups doing a variety of wonderful work in the community. A group of West Ulverstone Primary School students attend the Men's Shed each week to work on their woodworking skills and all enjoy this learning experience.

Pictured with the Governor are: Lily Banfield, Amber Rogers Sophia Hall-Riley and Danielle Saward

It was wonderful to see so many School Values Cards placed in the box to win tickets to Porridge. School Values Cards are a great way to recognise those students who are meeting our school values and I am particularly keen to offer them whenever I see such behaviours. Well done everyone. It was pleasing to ask Miss Green to draw the winners last week and they were Tyson Boskell K/PA and Lily Underhayes-Wood 1/2A. I hope that you enjoyed Porridge.

Leanne Jopson

Book Club

Book Club orders and money are due back on Tuesday December 5th. Orders can be done online and paid for by credit card via the link below. If you’d like your order to be a gift please put a note with your order otherwise your order will go to your child. As this is the last Book Club for the year I’d like to thank everyone who has placed an order in 2017.


Sharon Guard
Book club Co-ordinator

Lift Family Fun night

Reading With Riley

Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get! We read in order to do things such as follow directions and instructions, find information and interact with others through social media. We use strategies to help us make meaning and understand (comprehend) what we read. We encourage all students to read every day.

We want all students to be enthusiastic readers who read a range of texts for both pleasure and information. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Reading in 1/2B

Jack, Ashlee and Hunter are working with Miss Finch on reading comprehension. They are learning to infer which means they need to read between the lines by combining what they read with what they already know.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a new easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home.

Answers will be in the next newsletter.

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

Question: 19 children take a minibus to the zoo. They are to sit 2 or 3 to a seat. There are 7 seats. How many seats will have 3 children seated on them?

Answer: 5 seats will have three children to a seat

Question: Donna paid for 5 bottles of orange juice with a $50 bill and got $16 in change. How much did she pay for each bottle?

Answer: $6.80

This week’s Questions


The puppet show begins at 2:00 p.m. It lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. What time does it end?


Sally and Jim each have a bag of hard candy. Sally said, "Jim, if you give me 5 pieces of candy from your bag, I'll have as many pieces as you." Jim laughed and answered, "No, you give me 5 of yours and I'll have twice as many as you." How many pieces did they each have to begin with?

Shine – a combined schools concert

School Calendar of events


Friday 24th November

11:20am ECE Assembly 1:40pm Primary Assembly

Wednesday 29th November

Kinder Orientation

Thursday 30th November

Grades 3/4A, 3/4B and 4/5A excursion

Thursday 30th November

LIFT evening K-2

Friday 1st December

Public Holiday Devonport Show

Tuesday 5th December

Grade 6 sports day Ulverstone High School

Wednesday 6th December

Kinder Orientation