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28 September 2017

Newsletter Articles

Acting Principal’s Report

This week finds us at the end of another successful term. It has been great to see all the fantastic work undertaken by students, staff and parents.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the staff for their hard work and dedication. We are very fortunate to have a team of great people working to improve opportunities and outcomes for our students. Through building strong positive partnerships we are seeing our students grow in confidence, an improvement in engagement and ownership of their learning and the living of our values.

We are looking forward to a productive and busy Term 4. I encourage parents to keep an eye on the newsletter, calendar and Facebook for up and coming events and celebrations.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to have a restful holiday and the weather is kind to us.


I would like to welcome Mrs Karen Richardson to our staff for Term 4. Mrs Richardson is coming to us from Reece High School in Devonport and will be our new Raising the Bar – Literacy and Numeracy Coach.

Please note I will be taking two weeks long service leave at the beginning of next term when I will be playing in the Australian Masters Games. Ms Kate Larcombe will take on the role as Acting Principal while I am away.


We have been lucky to receive a capital works grant from the Department of Education which will allow us to build a new school boundary fence. This work will commence during the school holidays and will see new tubular fencing along Josephine Street, a colourbond fence from Josephine Street down to Stepping Stones and new tubular fencing along Maud Street. Over our two week holiday the existing fencing around the little area will be taken down, cleaned and repainted. It will be back up ready for the start of term 4. This new fencing will further improve our school sense of pride in the community.

Enrolments for 2018

We are now also accepting enrolments for 2018 in all of our classes. If you know of anyone living in the area or moving to West Ulverstone with primary aged children, please encourage them to come and discuss enrolment.

Kindergarten 2018

We are now also accepting enrolments for 2018. If your child is turning 5 in 2018, they are eligible to enrol in Kindergarten. Enrolment forms are available from our School Office or any of our Launching into Learning programs.

We look forward to welcoming your child into Kindergarten!


Hats – Term 4

All students will need to wear a sun safe school hat from the beginning of term 4. If students are not wearing a hat they will be asked to sit in the shade on the seats at the end of the primary corridor.

Nicky Green
Acting Principal

Update: Musical Production – Porridge

Firstly I would like to acknowledge everyone who purchased and sold Krispy Kremes. Your fantastic contribution will assist us greatly.

Rehearsals are very exciting for us all. The student’s energy is fantastic as well as their enthusiasm in making a real effort to learn lines, songs and dances.

After the holidays I’m looking forward to blocking the show (blocking is telling actors where they should move for the proper dramatic effect).

Next term will be the busiest time for the production as this is when we will be sorting and organising costumes. Letters will be sent home.

We are also planning to have a Porridge t-shirt designed for the production students to purchase.

Thank you for your support

Andrea Harding
Drama Teacher

Children and Technology Workshop

Would you like to know:

  • More about e-safety?
  • How to set blocks?
  • What are some good educational apps?
  • How to conduct a good search?
  • What are the recommendations for children using technology?
  • Plus much more

We are hoping to run some free workshops for parents early in term 4, where you can bring your device along and practice, listen, learn and talk with an expert in the field of children safely using technology.

If you would be interested in attending please contact the front office on 64252195.

For more information please contact Kate Larcombe

Student Safety

Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Please be alert at all times when driving in or around the school
  • The speed limit around schools is 40km/hr
  • Please be aware of the children’s crossings and stop to let children cross safely

  • Please do not park in the bus parking area
  • The car park is closed between 2:30pm –3:15pm
  • Remind your children to walk along paths and not to go through the carpark
  • Ensure children always use the children’s crossings on Maud and Josephine Streets

Keeping our students safe when arriving and departing school is everyone’s responsibility.

Thank you

Kate Larcombe

Move Well Eat Well Award renewal

Great news this week, as West Ulverstone Primary School is renewed as a Move Well Eat Well Award school for another two years.

We received our first Award in 2014 and since then we have steadily kept our focus on healthy eating and physical activity for all children. It's become a normal part of every day at our school.

Thanks to the great support of our parents, our students and our community, we can keep moving well, and eating well at West Ulverstone Primary School for years to come.

Feature Class News – 5/6B

Term 3 has been a big learning curve for all of us in 5/6B. Starting the year with a new teacher you haven’t met can be difficult, so having to start with a brand new teacher halfway through the year can be a really big ask! And as a teacher, starting at a new school with new students and not knowing anyone can be very nerve-wracking! But despite all that, we’ve all started to get to know each other as a class and find a new routine that’s all our own. I’m enjoying the excitement, willingness and humour that these students have been bringing to their learning, and it’s made me feel welcomed in your school.

Term 4 is going to be action-packed and super busy, especially with our grade 6s getting ready to leave us, so we here in 5/6B are getting ready to put our heads down and finish the year strong. It can be hard when a teacher leaves partway through the year, but I have been so impressed with the resilience of the students and the way they’ve put a brave face on it and seen the positive side. It shows me that Term 4 will be even better than Term 3, and we’ve got a lot of hard work and laughs to get through before the end of the year!

Dan Langford

Reading With Riley

Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get! We read in order to do things such as follow directions and instructions, find information and interact with others through social media. We use strategies to help us make meaning and understand (comprehend) what we read. We encourage all students to read every day.

We want all students to be enthusiastic readers who read a range of texts for both pleasure and information. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Reading in 5/6A

Charlee, Madison, Monica, Logan and Stacey are working with Mrs Mudford on guided reading. They are working on learning new vocabulary, making predictions and answering comprehension questions.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a new easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home.

Answers will be in the next newsletter.

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

Question: Caitlin is on the 13th step of a giant slide. She walked down 4 steps to talk to her friend Dana. Then she walked up 12 steps to the top. How many steps does the giant slide have?

Answer: 21

Question: Kevin read 20 pages of his new book on Saturday. He read 1/4 of the remaining pages on Sunday. He still has 36 pages to read. How many pages are in Kevin's book?

Answer: 68 pages

This week’s Questions

Drew gave 12 marbles to Marcus. Each boy then had 25 marbles. How many more marbles did Drew have than Marcus at first?

I collect 20 shells every 30 minutes, but I drop 3 shells every 2 hours. If I collect shells for 8 hours how many shells will I end up with?

Sport news

Cricket Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes Visit

West Ulverstone were lucky to be part of Cricket Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes’ first ever MyState Community Blitz event. We had a number of players visit our school and spend time with our school cricket team as well as Gr 3/4 B class during a PE lesson. Students enjoyed participating in a number of cricket activities. The Hobart Hurricanes visited all classes handing out various small gifts including foam cricket balls, wrist bands and book marks as well as handouts outlining how to join the local cricket club.


The Ulverstone District Cricket Club will once again be running a Milo In2Cricket program for children from ages 5-8, at the River Road ground on Tuesday evenings, from 4.00 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. The program will run from Tuesday, 24th October to Tuesday 12th December inclusive, at a cost of approx. $75.00 per child, which includes the program sessions and a Milo give-away pack (bat, ball, tshirt, milo hat etc.).

REGISTRATIONS, together with payment, may be done online:



For children age 8-12 years, to be played at the Ulverstone Cricket Club, River Road on Wednesday nights . To commence 25th October at 5.30pm. Cost will be approx. $99 per child which includes eight sessions and a give-away pack.

REGISTRATIONS, together with payment, may be done online:



Roster will re-commence on Friday 20th October. A new roster will be distributed the first week back after the school holidays.


Ulverstone Cricket Club is calling for all interested players in these age groups (must be Under 13/15/17 as at 31 August) to play in the Cricket North West coastal roster on a Sunday morning. Roster runs from 12 November to February/March. Training is held at the Ulverstone Cricket Club, River Road, on Tuesday nights (U15 & U17) and Wednesday nights (U13) from 4.00-6.00pm. commencing 3/4 October.

REGISTRATIONS: Tuesday 3 October and Wednesday 4 October prior to training.

For all junior cricket enquiries, please contact:
Jason Pearce (Junior Development Officer)
0407 371 996

Footy Colours Day

Congratulations to West Ulverstone students and families for raising $485.95. This money allows the Fight Cancer Foundation to support children and young people living with cancer to continue their education. What a wonderful and worthwhile cause.

During recess and lunch some of our Grade 6 Leaders volunteered to run a number of Footy activities. The Grades 3-6 ran the activities as mini competitions. Below is a list of our winners. These students were able to choose a small prize out of our prizes box.

Longest Kick

Fastest Bouncing Around Course

Most Accurate Handball

Grade 3

Masyn Campbell

Grade 3

Kyran Majcen

Grade 3

Wyatt Dobson

Grade 4

Jonty Hamill

Grade 4

Jonty Hamill

Grade 4

Jonty Hamill

Grade 5

Koby Purton

Grade 5

Koby Purton

Grade 5

Koby Purton

Grade 6

Starley Purton

Grade 6

Tanner Mott

Grade 6

Geb Davis

Thank you to our Grade 6 Volunteers: Amalie Benjamin, Rori Coote, Tanner Mott, Geb Davis, Amber Thompson, Jamie Walker and Rhys Orders.

We would also like to thank Woolworths Deloraine for donating the sausages and Woolworths Ulverstone for donating the bread and tomato sauce.

A special thank you to our wonderful cooks Mrs Maria and Mrs Jones and their special student helpers from the flexible program and to Mrs Mudford for all her efforts in organising the event.

A fantastic school effort.

Thank you to the flexible learning group who helped with the sausage sizzle. Focused on their cooking skills are Jacob Marcelo, Blake Stock, Amber Thompson and Courtney Cook



It was wonderful to see so many students enjoying spending time in the water, listening intently to the swimming instructors and improving their ability to stay safe in and around the aquatic environment. Mrs Murfet, Mrs Murdock, Mr Hales and myself have all been very impressed and excited by how well behaved, enthusiastic and hard working the students have been.

A big thank you to parents for their support for having their children organised to participate. It was also really nice to see so many parents, grand-parents, carers and friends coming, sometimes daily to the pool to watch and support the children.

I would also like to make a special thank you to our Grade 6 Helpers who supported our younger students in the pool, making their water experience a happy and safe one. You have all been fantastic!

Certificates will be sent home with students during the first week back next term. Students need to attend at least half the sessions to receive a certificate. Kinder certificates will be kept and placed in their special folder for the end of the year.

Kathy Milne-Viney

Halloween Disco

School Calendar of events


Friday 29th September

Last day of Term 3

Monday 16th October

Term 4 Commences

Wednesday 25th October

Questacon whole school performance