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3 August 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome back to the beginning of Term 3. I hope you all had an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. I was fortunate to have an additional week so am very much feeling refreshed and motivated for an exciting term. Thanks to all staff for ensuring a smooth transition for everyone and their ongoing effort in supporting the learning and development of our students.

Welcome and Farewell

With the beginning of term we have also had a number of changes in staff. We welcome Mr Dan Langford to the teaching team. Mr Langford replaces Mr French on the Grade 5/6 class. I know we will all make him feel welcome. Unfortunately we farewell Nat Urbanczyk who has been an Education Facility Attendant with us for just over 12 months. Nat is tireless worker and we wish her all the best as she takes on a fulltime cleaning position at Penguin District School. We also have a number of new enrolments that I am sure everyone will make feel welcome.

Expected Behaviour

Towards the end of last term we saw an increase in the number of students using disrespectful and inappropriate language to both staff and peers. Class teachers have been working with students to further understand and action the school values and expectations. We hope that parents can also support us with this by talking to your children about using appropriate language and our values of Respect, Relationships. Responsibility, Learning and Safety.

We have also had a number of incidents where parents have spoken to other students in a disrespectful manner or used inappropriate language within the school grounds. This behaviour is not acceptable and breaches our school ‘Adult Code of Conduct’ policy, which can be found on our web site:


Education Act

The new Education Act came into effect from 10th July 2017. In the coming months the school and our School Association will be working to implement a number of changes. The Department is working with the School sector to support a staggered rollout which will focus on updating policies and processes and focusing on only a few priorities at a time. If you would like to know more about the Education Act 2016 please follow the link;


ICT Policy

Our school association has approved the updated ICT policy, which can be accessed on our web site.


We ask all parents take some time to read through it. Important points are

  • Students bringing phones to school are to hand them to their teacher on their arrival. They will be handed back at the end of the day.
  • The use of mobile devices and cameras (still and video) to film people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and will not be allowed.
  • Students found using or carrying an electronic device inappropriately will have it confiscated.
  • Electronic devices must not be taken onto the school playground/toilets during lunch breaks
  • Adults and students are not to photograph or record any activities, conversations or events.
  • Electronic devices are not to be used to threaten, bully, intimidate, discriminate or otherwise harass other people through SMS or text message, photographic, video or other data transfer system or social media available on the device or for any illegal activity.

NAPLAN Online Trials

In the coming years NAPLAN will be moving to an online platform. In preparation for this schools will be trialling the online testing systems over the next 2 years. We have agreed to run a trial during August and September this year and again next year. Information will be provided at a later date directly to parents including a consent to participate form. The trial is not compulsory and no scores or assessment data will be provided.

School Nurse Change

We also farewell Jenny Garnsey who has been our school nurse this year. Jenny is heading further West and into supporting the secondary schools in Burnie and Smithton. We wish her all the best in her new role. We are fortunate however to have Kerry Jewell replacing Jenny who is well experienced and will play a significant role in support our students health and wellbeing.


As stated in the last newsletter due to the risks associated with boiling water, we are unable to provide boiling water for noodles and soups. Parents are encouraged to send these in thermoses. Students are able to bring ‘leftovers’ or food that can be heated in their class microwaves. We would appreciate parent support with this.

Drama Production

We are very fortunate this year to have Ms Andrea Harding on staff as our drama teacher. Over the first 2 terms she has provided students with opportunities to express themselves and experience many aspects of drama and performance. Ms Harding has many years’ experience in theatre including writing, producing and performing. Her expertise in school productions is well known across the coast with successful productions at Penguin High School over many years.

To further support the development of The Arts and provide students with the opportunity to further develop their creative talents we will be presenting a school production later in the year. Please see below for information about this exciting event.

Magella Dudley

School Musical Production ‘PORRIDGE’

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be directing a School Production for Prep to Grade 6 students mid Term 4, ‘Porridge’ (dates to be confirmed).

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to be a part of a live theatre experience. Numerous studies exhibit students involved in the performing arts demonstrate the following positive results:

Provide a creative escape for children, introducing them to the imaginative worlds of theatre, music and dance.

Exposure to the performing arts at an early age provides fond memories that children will cherish for a lifetime.

More importantly, an introduction to the performing arts initiates the development of invaluable life skills and self confidence in children.

There will be a script reading next Wednesday for interested students to become familiar with all the roles and characters. If students are interested in auditioning, a contract and further information will be given out after the reading to take home.

Again, this is a fabulous opportunity for our school to showcase our student’s brilliant talents to family, friends and the wider community.

Information regarding ticket sales will be advertised in the upcoming months. There will be no cost for students involved in the production.

Andrea Harding
Drama Teacher

Feature Class News – 1/2B

Welcome back to term 3! So far in 1/2B we have been focussing on getting back into routines and showing our school values.

This week we have started to work together with 1/2A to build on our social skills and learn to work cooperatively with different people. We are joining in with a range of art, craft and construction activities in mixed class groups.

Our writing focus for the beginning of the term has been information texts so we have been reading and creating our own texts on a range of topics.

We are also beginning a class focus on Health and will be learning lots this term about how we can keep our bodies happy and healthy.

Jess Finch

Aussie of the Month

Congratulations to Isabella Dernehl for being selected as our June Aussie of the Month.

Isabella was selected for consistently upholding the school values, completing all learning tasks to a high standard, offering to help others, being kind to everyone and doing extra to make the classroom a nice environment for everyone.

Book Club

Book club orders are due back on Tuesday August 8th. Please remember to put the correct money with your order.

Book Fair

This year's book fair will be held between August 21st - 24th. More information will be sent home soon.

Sharon Guard
Book Club Co-ordinator

Learning in Families Together (LiFT)

Do you want to help your child with their reading skills?

Needs some tips on how you can help?

Come along to our parent session.

When: Tuesday 8th August from 9.00am-9.20am
Where: AV room (at the top of the library stairs)
What: Hot tips on how to support reading development.

Tea and coffee provided, plus a free gift to take home.

Kate Larcombe

Canteen News

In Term 3 the flexible learning program students will be serving lunch for all grades on a rotational basis. This special lunch will be offered once a fortnight to 2 classes and will be free of charge.

Early childhood classes will be given a form to indicate whether they will be ordering this lunch which must be returned to school by the Friday before the lunch date. Grade 3-6 students will opt into this special lunch themselves and will take a form home notifying parents they will not be needing a cut lunch on that day.

The first special lunch will be offered to students in 1/2A and 1/2B on Thursday 10th August.

Student Leader Profiles

Name: Malakai McGlone
Leadership Position: Library Leader
Family: Mum, Dad, Anarchy and Nan
Pets: Three dogs named Kosta, Cider and Zoe and two cats called Slash and Sapphire
Interests/Hobbies: Gaming and reading
Favourite Subjects: Maths
A goal for me this year is: To help keep the library tidy
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping to clean up in our library
Who inspires you: My Mum
When I leave school I want to: Be an electrician

Ulverstone High School Open Night – Grade 7 in 2018

Reading With Riley

Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get! We read in order to do things such as follow directions and instructions, find information and interact with others through social media. We use strategies to help us make meaning and understand (comprehend) what we read. We encourage all students to read every day.

We want all students to be enthusiastic readers who read a range of texts for both pleasure and information. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Reading in K/PA

Korbie, Henry and Troy are talking about the front cover on their book and are learning about making predictions about books with Ms McWhirter.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a new easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home.

Answers will be in the next newsletter.

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

Question: There are usually 30 students in Mrs. Holt's 3rd grade class. 1/5 of the students are absent. How many students were in class?

Answer: 24

Question: Tim's garden is divided into 3 sections. There are three times as many pepper plants as cucumber plants. There are twice as many tomato plants as pepper plants. If there are 8 cucumber plants, how many tomato plants are there?

Answer: 48 tomato plants

This week’s Questions

There are four pieces of paper in a bag. Each paper has a number on it. The numbers are 19, 23, 34, and 38. Harry took out one piece of paper. The sum of the remaining numbers was 76. What number did Harry remove from the bag?

Max had $35 and he withdrew some more money from his bank account. He bought a pair of trousers at $34, two shirts at $16 each and 2 pairs of shoes at $24 each. After the shopping, he had $32 left. How much money did Max withdraw from the bank?

Sports News

This term we have a number of exciting activities to look forward to:

5/6 Sports Day is being held on Tuesday 8th August. We will have students participating at 4 different venues in 4 different sports. Basketball is at the Ulverstone Recreation Centre, Soccer on the Show Ground at the Ulverstone Recreation Centre, Football at Byard Park Devonport and Tennis at the Devonport Tennis Centre. We look forward to a wonderful day of socialising with other schools and playing as a school team. Students received a note on Monday 31st July containing all relevant information.

AFL Sporting Schools. We have received a $3000 grant to be used on AFL coaching sessions. Each class will participate in 4x 45 minute sessions throughout August and September. These sessions will be delivered by Emma Humphries the Junior Development Officer for AFL on the coast.

Hockey in Schools. Grades 1/2 - 5/6 will participate in 2x 45 min Hockey sessions later in the term with coaches from Hockey Tas.

Swimming and Water Safety Campaign. K-6 students will participate in their annual swimming campaign in Weeks 9 & 10 of this term.

MAST Visit; Mr Ian Ross will visit classrooms from Grades 3 - 6 on Wednesday 6th September to present a talk about Boat Safety prior to our Swimming Campaign.

For all sport enquiries please contact Mrs Milne-Viney, HPE Teacher.

Local Dance Company Production

School Calendar of events


Friday 4th August

Tastrofest 5/6 classes

Monday 7th August

School Association Meeting

5.30pm – Staff Room

Tuesday 8th August

Sports Expo 5/6

Tuesday 8th August

LiFT – Reading Tips parent session

9.00 – 9.20am AV Room

Friday 11th August

Assembly K-2 11:30am Sharing K/PA, 1/2B

Assembly 3-6 1:40pm Sharing 3/4A, 4/5A

Tuesday 15th August

Maths Competition