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25 May 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Preparing our kids for the future

We have a strong focus on building a positive and encouraging learning environment with broad opportunities to learn and grow. Last week our Grade 3 and 4 students demonstrated their capacity to live by our school values and experience a diverse range of learning opportunities. The 3/4 Sports Expo last Wednesday saw our students participate in a range of activities at the Ulverstone Showgrounds and they did this with sportsmanship and respectful behaviours. On Thursday we had a visit from several University of Tasmania Rural Health Centre medical students. They provided hands on learning activities for our Grade 3 students, ranging from understanding how the brain works to how germs spread. Some our grade 4’s also had a taste of a medical career with a nurse from the North West Regional Hospital visiting and providing a variety of activities. Students had an opportunity to go into role with the clothing and medical equipment.

Flexible Provision program

On Saturday our catering group provided morning tea to over 35 teachers who attended a professional learning session in the school hall. Empty plates clearly indicated that the food was of a high standard. It was good to have a couple of students prepare and serve the morning tea. This was a great opportunity to share and promote our students and the learning opportunities we offer through this program.

Electronic Device – Acceptable Use Policy

Staff, with the support of the School Association have reviewed and updated the Electronic Devices – Acceptable Use Policy. The policy is aimed to support students in the respectful use of electronic devices; both personal and school devices. With the increasing use of technology within our society it is important that we work together to educate our children in the appropriate and safe use, social implications and responsibilities, addressing cyberbullying and how to maximise technology to help us with our learning. Please find a link to the new policy. The policy can also be found on our school website



A reminder to all parents and carers that if your child is absent from school it is your responsibility to notify us. If your child is absent due to sickness for 5 days or more you will be asked to provide a medical certificate. It is important for both the academic and social development of children that they attend school every day. This year we are aiming for an average attendance rate of 94%. Our current attendance rate is 94%. Let’s make every day count!

Attendance per class as at 8th May 2017

Kinder/Prep A


Kinder/Prep B


Grade 1/2A


Grade 1/2B


Grade 3/4A


Grade 3/4B


Grade 4/5A


Grade 5/6A


Grade 5/6B


Well done 4/5A for maintaining a consistent 96%!

Magella Dudley

Feature Class News – 5/6B

What is genius Hour?

Genius hour is a project we do where the teacher lets you brainstorm ideas to make/create anything you want (eg. billy cart, cardboard creations and games). Our creations have to come from our passions and they must have a purpose.

What have we done?

First we had to make plans for our projects, after that we did a shark tank pitch to share with the class and Mr French, Finally we made a 6 step plan to success.

In Term 2 we finished the planning and started making/creating our projects.

What have we learnt?

Things we have learned:

Rhys – I learnt how to code
Sophia – I learnt to make a toolbox and a wrench. I learnt how to use real tools.
Tanner - I learnt how to make arcade games out of cardboard
Danielle – I learnt that making epic failures is easy. I had to restart my clay model a couple of times
Braith – I learnt that you need measurements right when you are building.

This is a really fun way to learn.

Click images to enlarge

Rhys Orders and Tanner Mott
5/6B Students

Aussie of the Month - April

Congratulations Rori Coote!

Building relationships and interacting in a positive, caring, respectful manner at all times.

Student Leader Profile

Name: Amber Rogers
Leadership Position: Library Leader
Family: Mum, Howard, Dad, Paul, Bailey, Coby and Judd
Pets: We have a cat called Tia
Interests/Hobbies: Art, P.E., drama and science
Favourite Subjects: Art and drama
A goal for me this year is: To be able to help others read
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Encouraging others to read twice a day
Who inspires you: Mrs Mudford, Mrs Harding, Mum and Dad
When I leave school I want to: Become an artist and learn more before I go to Tafe.

Name: Cara Dakin
Leadership Position: Sports Leader
Family: Mum and Jayden
Pets: My dog Zigge
Interests/Hobbies: Sport and art
Favourite Subjects: P.E. and art
A goal for me this year is: To improve my reading
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping others
Who inspires you: My Dad
When I leave school I want to: Be a chef

Grade 5/6 Operation Resilience Program

In our fifth session Geoff and Tim our PCYC co-ordinators decided we were performing so well at all the stations that extra responsibilities could be added to challenge the teams. Our challenge was to transport a large heavy rope through all the stations. In addition one person in each group had to wear special goggles which affected their judgement of the space around them and their balance. Sometimes this made it difficult to know how much you needed to step down or up and could affect how to move under/over the equipment. The person nominated to wear the goggles needed to put their trust in their team that they would be cared for to safely move around the stations.

The large heavy rope that had to be carried around the course had to move over the tyre wall, planks and boxes without touching the ground. The rope needed to go under the logs on top of the mats used as boats in the river. It also needed to move under the cargo net. The added rope was an extra consideration that the groups needed to take into account.

All groups were successful in moving their team member with goggles safely and the big heavy rope around the course. For this to happen all team members needed to use the four key qualities of leadership, effective communication, co-operation and team work.

Here are some groups helping their team members who were wearing the googles and teams moving their rope around the course.

Mayah is helping guide Amalie safely
over the ‘sewer pit.

Jamie and Madi are offering a helping
hand to assist Callie on the Isle of Burke.

Here is a team working together to deal with the large heavy rope. This was another added challenge.

Thank You to Our PCYC Sponsors

We would like to thank Justine Keay MP and the Rotary Club of Ulverstone for their sponsorship of our PCYC Program. Without their kind support participation in this vital program for our grade 5/6 students would not be possible.

Kylie Mudford

Free Book Exchange

This week as part of LiFT (Learning in Families Together) we have established a free book exchange for families. The book exchange will be located in the garden courtyard and available for all parents to use with their children.

Books are free to be taken and read. You can then choose to swap or keep the books if you really like them. Please be mindful that the book exchange has been set up through donations from the school community. If anyone would like to donate to the book exchange books can be left at the office.

LIFT Survey

Last week families with children in Kindergarten to grade 2 received a parent survey. This survey aims to gather information from families. Thank you to all the families who have already returned their survey. If you haven’t yet please return them by the end of this week.

Early Childhood Playground

This term we have made some changes to our play spaces and times. Grade 1/2 students are now able to play in the early childhood playground at recess and lunch. We have also been providing some play materials for the student to use as their play. As you can see from the photos below this has been a big hit with the students.

Milo Reading

Last Monday morning we had over 40 students participate in Milo reading!!

Don’t forget Mondays and Wednesdays Milo reading starts at 8.30am in the library. After reading to an adult students have a warm milo in the Art room.

Story Dogs Raffle

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in our raffle to support the Story Dogs program.

Our winners were

1st Mrs Mudford 5/6 A
2nd Mrs Steele
3rd Geb Davis

A big thanks to Sharon and Suzie (from Story Dogs) for helping sell tickets and drawing the raffle. West Ulverstone Primary have sent a cheque for $150.00 to Story Dogs to assist them in continuing their fantastic work in schools.

Grade 2 – 6 English and Mathematics Competition

Does your child enjoy English and/or Maths and want to challenge themselves? If you said yes, then the (ICAS) National English Competition and/or the National Mathematics Competition could just be what they are looking for. Students compete against students their own age from across Australia.

Last year it was great to see our students’ success and participation in the National English and Maths competition and we strongly encourage students to test themselves and have a go again this year. This will be subject to the involvement of a minimum of fifteen students. Both competitions cost $9.90 (each) per student which covers the cost of the competition materials, Certificates of Participation/Achievement and an Individual Diagnostic Report.

The English Competition will be held on Tuesday 1st August and the Maths on Tuesday 15th August, during normal school hours and will be supervised by staff. If your child wishes to participate in either/both competitions, please contact the school office to collect and fill in a permission/payment form. Forms with payment need to be returned to the school office by Friday 9th June to ensure participation.

If you have any questions please contact Miss Green via the school office on 6425 2195.

UTAS Rural Clinical School visit

On Thursday 18th May we were lucky to have welcomed to our school the UTAS Rural Clinical Medical students for health sessions with our students from Grade 3.

Andrew, Abbey, Freya and Hamish supported by Heather, Miranda and Kayla taught students about mental health, heart health and fats, germs and washing hands effectively and they also allowed students to ‘operate’ on their model of the human body.

The sessions were informative and engaging for our students and we enjoyed having them visit our school.

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a new easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home.

Don’t forget to put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office to be in the running for a fortnightly canteen voucher. We still have a lot of vouchers up for grabs!

Answers will be in the next newsletter.

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

There are 18 students in Gavin’s class. There are 4 more boys than girls.

How many boys are in Gavin’s class?

Answer: 11 boys

Jim, Carla and Tom are members of the same family. Carla is 5 years older than Jim. Tom is 6 years older than Carla. The sum of their three ages is 31 years. How old is each one them?

Answer: Jim: 5 years , Carla: 10 years , Tom: 16 years

This week’s Questions

Rosa’s father gave her 42 stamps. Her goal is to have a collection of 100 stamps. She bought 12 stamps at a shop and ordered 9 stamps from a magazine. Then she bought a special set of 14 stamps from the post office. How many does she still need to reach her goal?

Louise got an aquarium for her birthday and she wants to fill it with fish. She can afford to spend $2 a week on fish. The fish she wants cost 75 cents each. How many fish can she buy in 6 weeks?

Reading with Riley

Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get! We read in order to do things such as follow directions and instructions, find information and interact with others through social media. We use strategies to help us make meaning and understand (comprehend) what we read. We encourage all students to read every day.

We want all students to be enthusiastic readers who read a range of texts for both pleasure and information. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Our feature strategy is: Making connections

Language we use when making connections:

  • That part reminds me of _____
  • This character reminds me of _____
  • That part is similar/different to my life because ____

Brixhibition Lego Challenge 2017

The Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. invites all Primary Schools and Primary School children in the West Coast and North West Tasmania area to compete in a Lego Competition running in the second term of 2017. Each Lego display to be no larger than 52cm x 52cm x 52cm, or no larger than four 32 x 32 lug Lego baseplates.

  • Each Lego display must be an original or freelance design and not made from a Lego kit.
  • The Lego Challenge is designed for individuals not teams.
  • Some Adult help is allowed, but the Lego design should mainly be the child’s own design.

Age groups are Prep – Grade 2, Grade 3 - 4 and Grade 5 – 6.

This means the winner from each age group will receive a medallion instead of one winner for the whole school. The school will then pick one overall winner from the age group winners. The overall winner will win other prizes (TBA) and a free pass to Brixhibition in Ulverstone.

Lego entries must be completed and will be displayed at school no later than Monday 29th June.

Entry forms are available at the office.

Sports News

Introducing an Old Tradition – House Captains

This Monday Gr 3-6 students elected House Captains (a boy and a girl) for each House.

We are trialling using House Points as an extra incentive for following our school values:

Respect, Relationships, Learning, Safety and Responsibility.

For example

Value cards = 1 point
Silver cards = 5 points
Gold cards = 10 points
Art Awards = 10 points
Encouragement Awards = 10 points
Aussie of the Month = 20 points

School sports carnivals, classroom mini competitions and many other ways.

Congratulations to the following students who were elected as our house captains for 2107:

DON Sophia Hall-Riley & Rhys Orders
MERSEY Starley Purton & Landon Dobson
FORTH Amber Thompson & Brady Walmsley


Yesterday I got to hang out with our grade 3 and 4 students at the Ulverstone Showgrounds for the Sports Fun Expo. I was super impressed with the attitude and the actions of all the students that attended and the way they represented West Ulverstone Primary in an excellent fashion. Each small group of West Ulverstone students combined with students from another school to “have a go” at 4 different sports. Pool C students participated in: soccer, golf, touch-football and cricket, while Pool D students participated in: tennis, netball, hockey and badminton.

Sports expos are a fun place to try new sports but also a great place to make some new friends from other schools. Well done to everyone involved and THANK YOU to all the volunteers that gave up their time to make this day happen

Mrs Milne-Viney PE Teacher and Mrs Birch, Ms Coulson & Miss Porteus (Class Teachers)

CUA School Fun –Run

The West Ulverstone School CUA School Fun-Run which will be held on Thursday 1st June, starting at 1:40 pm. All students will have received information booklets. All booklets and cash money will need to be returned to the school office by 8th June, 2017, in a sealed envelope with your child’s name clearly marked on it.

Please ensure that your child brings an extra drink of water for the day.

Students are encouraged to run in house colours. Students are to wear normal school uniform to school and will be able to change into house colours at lunch time.

The fun run will commence after lunch with the events in the following order:

Grade 2 girls
Grade 2 boys
Grade 1 girls
Grade 1 boys
Prep girls
Prep boys
Kinder girls
Kinder boys
Grade 3 girls
Grade 3 boys
Grade 4 girls
Grade 4 boys
Grade 5 girls
Grade 5 boys
Grade 6 girls
Grade 6 boys

Ulverstone High School will again assist us by providing senior students act as marshals around the course, thus ensuring the safety of our students.

Please feel free to come along and encourage our students.

For all sport enquiries please contact Mrs Milne-Viney, HPE Teacher.

Ulverstone Basketball Association – Junior Basketball

The Ulverstone Basketball Association will be conducting their Hoop Ball Basketball Skills and Drills program for primary school aged children, both girls and boys aged 6 - 8. The program is conducted of a Monday afternoon starting at 4.00pm – 5.00 p.m. – Cost $5.00


Michelle Howard email: michelle.d.howard@education.tas.gov.au
Phone or Txt: 0411 457 905

School Calendar of events

Term 2 Calendar

Friday 26th May

3/4A, 3/4B & 4/4A Arboretum excursion

Thursday 1st June

School Fun Run

Friday 2nd June

Sharing Assembly 11:30am K- Grade 2, 1:40pm Grade 3 - 6

Monday 5th June

School Association Meeting 5:00pm