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13 April 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Well as we come to the end of first term we can only reflect on how quickly it has gone and all the activities, events and learning that has occurred in what has definitely been a busy term. Events have included; Welcome BBQ, Cultural Performance, Brave Hearts, Story Dogs, Delta Dogs, Mentor Program, Flexible Provision, Athletics Carnival (School & North West), Mem Fox visit, 5/6’s PCYC Program, T20 Cricket, School Sports (cricket, soccer), Assemblies and School Photos. All of this sit within the daily learning programs, ongoing staff development, reporting to parents and general functions of school life.

We all deserve a holiday; appreciating the Easter break with family and friends. Enjoy and stay safe!

Student Information Request

This term the administration staff have been reorganising the office areas which has included checking and relocating student files. To ensure all students have the correct information, letters are being sent to parents where verification of identity and/or immunisation information is missing. If you receive a letter could you please provide the requested information as soon as practically possible or if unsure please come and speak with either Susan or Nardi in the office.

Lockdown and Evacuation Practice

As part of the Department of Education requirements it is necessary for schools to practice emergency management procedures. This includes both lockdown and evacuation. Over the past few days class teachers have been talking to students about our lockdown procedure, evacuations and when it might be necessary for either of these to occur. This includes responding to a severe storm, dangerous animal, dangerous situation, fire or similar emergencies where students are required to either remain indoors or exit the school buildings. Your child may have spoken to you about this. Over the past week we have practiced both lockdown and evacuation procedures.

School Association

The Annual General meeting was held on Monday evening with new members being elected and the association commencing a new year supporting the positive growth and development of the school.

Our School Association members are;

Chairperson: Steph Templeton (Community Rep)
Deputy Chairperson: Alf Mott (Community Rep)
Secretary: Di Clark (Parent Rep)
Treasurer: Deanne Lee (Parent Rep)
Public Officer: Magella Dudley (Principal)

Members: Kim Lehman (Parent Rep)
Jacqui Hall (Parent Rep)
Kathrine Atkins (Parent Rep)
Abbi-Lee Carey (Parent Rep)
Jenny Plapp (Staff Rep)
Andrea Harding (Staff Rep)
Hannah Millar (Staff Rep)


Policies and procedures are an important component of any organisation. They help provide agreed expectations of all those connected to the school. Over the years we have developed a large number of policies to help provide common understandings and agreements to help guide our school. These include but are not limited to; Move Well Eat Well, Sun Smart, Homework, Assessment and Reporting, Adult Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices. All policies can be viewed on the school website


Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with them. It is a role of the school Association to work with the principal and staff to develop, review and update policies. Our most recent updated policy ‘Adult Code of Conduct’ was passed by the School Association in December last year. We are currently updating the Electronic Devices - Acceptable Use Policy. Once approved we will publish it in the newsletter and also on our school website.


A reminder to all parents and carers that if your child is absent from school it is your responsibility to notify us. If your child is absent due to sickness for 5 days or more they are asked to provide a medical certificate. It is important for both the academic and social development of children that they attend school every day. This year we are aiming for an average attendance rate of 94%. Our current attendance rate is 94%. Let’s make every day count!

Attendance per class as at 10th April 2017

Kinder/Prep A


Kinder/Prep B


Grade 1/2A


Grade 1/2B


Grade 3/4A


Grade 3/4B


Grade 4/5A


Grade 5/6A


Grade 5/6B


Magella Dudley

Feature Class News

Grade 3/4B

Students in 3/4B have been working hard learning about 3D objects and their attributes by creating cubes, triangular and rectangular prisms, and pyramids.

Pictured above are some of our students working hard to create their 3D objects and below are some of their final creations. Well done 3/4B!

Nicci Birch
Grade 3/4B Teacher

Aussie of the Month

The Aussie of the Month Program focuses on recognising students who exemplify the values of West Ulverstone Primary School, Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, Safety and Learning. It also includes values that we as Australians share including a sense of fair play, generosity of spirit, commitment to the community, participation and a genuine concern for the environment. The Program allows teachers to engage in classroom discussions about the values and what it means to be a good Australian citizen – be that in the school grounds, the local community or the whole nation.

This program enables us to recognise students of all ages, who always try to do the right thing, are a good friend to others and are respectful to all. They ‘have a go’ and are not necessarily the smartest or the best athlete but consistently do their best.

Each month teachers are asked to nominate one student that they believe would be an awesome Aussie of the Month. Each person will receive a special badge and certificate to keep. They will also have their name and photo displayed in the school foyer.

So far we have decided on two worthy recipients.

February’s winner is
Jessica Maxfield.

March’s winner is
Kiarna Majcen.

Congratulations girls!

Changes to Playground Spaces and Times for Term 2

Due to a large number of our younger students finding playing on the Top and Bottom Oval areas overwhelming we have decided to trial some changes in Term 2. We have spent time considering how we can support all student to have a positive, safe and fun play time experience.

From the beginning of Term 2, Kindergarten and Prep students will have a slightly different play time to the rest of the school. This will allow our Grade 1 and 2 students to access the Little Area Playground at the normal break times.

Many of our Grade 1 and 2 students have expressed they would like to play in this area and enjoy the new bike track and cubbyhouse. Grade 2 student will have a choice between playing in the Big Playground or the Little Area. However if staff feel the choices they are making are not appropriate they will be asked to play in the Little Area.

Kate Larcombe

Fun In Drama

Ms Coulson’s Grade 3/4 class had some time in Drama recently where they could have free choice with costumes, props and characters. Mikayla was a scientist and looking on to Mikayla’s science experiment is Jaidan. He is 'Wally' from ' Where's Wally' .

Andrea Harding
Drama Teacher

Grade 5/6 Operation Resilience Program

By week 3 improvements on all stations were starting to be made at our Grade 5/6 Operation Resilience Program. Two new team leaders were elected for each group at the start of the session. The leaders were responsible for making sure everyone in the group knew what their role was when working on each station, to achieve the common goal of the group. When approaching each piece of equipment, mini meetings were held to come up with these strategies.

The ‘The River Challenge all team members needed to be moved from one end of the river to the other. The team used coloured mats (boats) to transport all members. There were obstacles in the river which included logs to take the boats and passengers under. If any part of a team member’s body touched the river that team member had to go back to the start of the river again, which required a team effort to get them back.

This was another challenge where all the four key qualities of leadership, effective communication, co-operation and team work needed to be used for the team to successfully complete their mission.

Above are some groups helping their team members through ‘The River’.

The team needed to be patient if one of the group end up in the river some people will need to go back to get them. Teams were not be successful if they became frustrated with each other or blamed others.

School Leader Report

This week two people in each group wore special goggles. Our group needed to work on communication and listening but we worked well on ‘The River challenge’. Some people in the team needed to stay behind where the person with the goggles was so they could help them.

By Rori Coote

Jamie and Rori are getting
a helping hand from Koby

Rori is being guided and
assisted by Callie

Thank you to our PCYC Sponsors

We would like to thank Justine Keay MP and the Rotary Club of Ulverstone for their sponsorship of our PCYC Program. Without their kind support participation in this vital program for our Grade 5/6 students would not be possible.

School Values recipients

Assemblies are a time we celebrate the holders of School Values cards. One card is drawn each assembly from all classes celebrating the School Values of Respect, Relationships, Responsibility, Learning and Safety.

These were the recipients from the last assembly.

Tyron Collins – Responsibility K/P A
Angelica Elder – Respect and Responsibility K/P B
Corben Clark - Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Relationships and Learning 1/2A
Katiah Roughley – Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Relationships and Learning 1/2B
Masyn Campbell – Responsibility and Safety 3/4A
Wyatt Dobson – Respect and Responsibility 3/4B
Jakobhi Allen – Learning 4/5A
Amber Rogers – Responsibility and Relationships 5/6A
Harley Davison – Respect and Responsibility 5/6B

Rachel Steele

Mother’s Day Stall

The West Ulverstone School fundraising committee will be running a Mother’s Day Stall in Term 2. Practical, pretty, sentimental and stunning gifts will be available for all mothers and grandmothers and will be priced from $2.50 - $7.00.

The committee would love volunteers to assist with the stall.

Stall set up Wednesday 10th May 1.30pm – 3.00pm
Sales Thursday 11th May 9.00 – 3.00pm
Sales Friday 12th May 1.30 – 3.00pm

If you are available at any time to help please come along. More information will go home the first week of Term 2.

Eliza Purton Nursing Home Visits

As part of the Flexible Program, students have been going to Eliza Purton Nursing Home to visit with residents. Pictures of students with residents were taken with the resident’s approval and that of the Director of Social Services, Denise. Our students have been helping the residents with painting and decorating some door stoppers. There has been a lot of lovely conversation and interaction between students and residents.

Student Leader Profiles

Name: Jamie Walker
Leadership Position:Sports Leader
Family: Mum, Dad, Johny, Daniel, Bella, Ryan, Steph, Timmy and Geoffrey
Pets: Two dogs
Interests/Hobbies: Motorbike riding and swimming
Favourite Subjects: Art, P.E. and Maths
A goal for me this year is: Learning how to do BODMAS (Maths)
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Being a good leader and encouraging people to join in activities/games
Who inspires you: My brother Johny
When I leave school I want to: Be a good motorbike rider

Name: Starley Purton
Leadership Position:Sports Leader
Family: Mum, Dad, Jackson, Amalie, Koby and Maysi
Pets: Four dogs, six cows, four chickens and one cat and rabbit
Interests/Hobbies: Motorbike riding
Favourite Subjects: Art
A goal for me this year is: To become a better artist
I can help make West Ulverstone Primary a better place by: Helping everyone take part in games at recess and lunch
Who inspires you: My Mum and Miss Porteus
When I leave school I want to: Have a good car

T20 Blast Cricket Reports

On Friday a group of Grade 5/6 students went to T20 Blast cricket in Devonport. The girls team won one game and lost two matches. All scores were close right up to the finals. During the day there was a high catching competition with Starley Purton representing the girls team. Tanner Mott represented the boys and managed to catch two difficult catches. Starley and Tanner both received a prize for their effort. This year we did not make it into the finals but everyone tried their best.

By Stacey Robinson & Amalie Benjamin

The boys got off to a good start by winning their first game. I hit the first six in the double zone making it twelve runs. The opening batters for each game were Rhys Orders and myself. We also hit a few fours and sixes. The second pair to bat were Jack Bundy and Jack Schumann who were both good batsmen. Strong batting continued with Isaac Ling and Braith Templeton and they were followed up by Tanner Mott and Landon Dobson.

Tanner spoke to our group before leaving school about honouring one of the parents of our school who had passed away, so as a sign of respect both teams wore black arms for the day.

By Brady Walmsley

We would like to thank Jacqui Hall, Alf Mott and Jess Cook for helping out on the day. It was great to see parents, relatives and supporters there to cheer on our teams. It was a positive day out with all students representing our school exceptionally well and upholding our school values.

Kylie Mudford

Maths with Murphy

Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it. Each fortnight Murphy will share a new easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together at home.

Don’t forget to put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office to be in the running for a fortnightly canteen voucher. We still have a lot of vouchers up for grabs!

Answers will be in the next newsletter.

When working on problems together, don’t forget to ask each other questions such as: how do you know?, what are you thinking about? and can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Last Week’s Questions and Answers

Tom and Bob are brothers and they each had the same amount of money which they put together to buy a toy. The cost of the toy was $22.00 If the cashier gave them a change of $6.00, how much money did each have?

Answer $14.00

Claudia started making chocolate biscuits at 2pm. It took her 15 minutes to mix the ingredients for 48 biscuits. She had only one biscuit sheet to use and it held 8 biscuits. Each batch took 15 minutes to bake and it took 5 minutes to get each batch ready for the oven. When did Claudia finish?

Answer 4:15pm

This week’s Questions

Ethan and Frank went rowing. Ethan rowed the boat from 10:50 to 11:15. Frank rowed the boat twice as long.

How long did the boys row the boat altogether?

There are 8 students on the Maths Whiz team and their coach decides to give each one 4 pencils with ‘Math Whiz’ printed in gold. The pencils come in packets of 12. How many packets does the coach need to buy to give each team member 4 pencils?

Reading with Riley

Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get! We read in order to do things such as follow directions and instructions, find information and interact with others through social media. We use strategies to help us make meaning and understand (comprehend) what we read. We encourage all students to read every day.

We want all students to be enthusiastic readers who read a range of texts for both pleasure and information. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Our feature strategy is: Predicting

Language we use when predicting:

  • I think the text will be about _____ because _____
  • I predict _____ will happen next.
  • The picture makes me think that ____

Mini League Training

There will be NO mini league training during the school holidays.

If you have any questions please call Kate Dakin on 0458 435 305.

Ulverstone High School 2018 Cambodia/Singapore trip

Ulverstone High School would like to extend an invitation to any 2017 Grade 6 students, who will be attending Ulverstone High School in 2018, to be involved in their 12 day Cambodia and Singapore trip!

This trip is proposed to go ahead in the last week of Term 2 and first week of the holidays. To confirm a place on the trip we are asking for a $500.00 deposit to be paid by the start of Term 2 this year, this amount can be paid at the Ulverstone High School office along with a completed booking form. The booking form and information are available at the West Ulverstone Primary School office.

If any parents would like further information regarding this fantastic opportunity, please feel free to contact Sally Haynes at Ulverstone High School on 6425 1433 (please note Sally only works on Mondays and Wednesdays but she will return all phone calls as soon as possible).

Sally Haynes
Ulverstone High School Teacher

Devonport Junior Hockey Registration Night

The venue is Meercroft Park, Devonport.

School Calendar of events

Term 2 Calendar

Monday 1st May

Students First day back Term 2

Friday 5th May

PSST State Athletics Carnival (Selected Students)

St Leonards

Wednesday 17th May

Grade 3/4 NWPSSA Sports Expo

Venue TBA