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16 February 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome to all our students, parents, carers and community members to the 2017 school year. Staff have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to ensure everything is in place for a successful start to the new year. As many of you would have seen we have been busy over the Christmas break upgrading the foyer, offices and meeting room.

With any new year we welcome new people to our community, students, parents, families and staff. For our Kinders it is their first days of schooling and an exciting time to explore and experience new things. We also have a large number of new enrolments in our other classes. I know everyone will make them all feel welcome. With the increase in enrolments and staff movements we welcome a number of new staff; Ms Mel Coulson, Mrs Deet Cox, Mrs Andrea Harding and Miss Shay Porteus.

It has been great to see all students’ smiley faces and excitement to catch up with friends, meet their new teachers and settle into their new classrooms. Having all our students in full school uniform is fantastic and gives us all a sense of pride and belonging. As we begin the year classes are focusing on building relationships, establishing routines and structures and working on ensuring all students have a sense of belonging and shared ownership of their learning environment.

We will be having a Welcome BBQ on Tuesday 28th February, 4.30pm – 6.30pm. Please save the date and more information will be corresponded.

We have had a great start to what will be a very productive and exciting year. We look forward to working with families and building positive partnerships with parents to ensure the best learning outcomes for our students.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2017.

Magella Dudley

Kinder/Prep News

All Kinder/Prep students have settled into routines this past week. We have played lots of ‘getting to know you’ games, learning about and revisiting our school values, and spending time developing relationships.

Hannah Millar and Elisse McWhirter

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Grade 1/2B News

In our class we have been focussing on exploring our school values and what they will look like in our classroom. We are getting to know each other while learning to work together as a team. We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning together in 1/2B.

Jess Finch

Grade 3/4A News

Welcome back to everyone!!! We have only been here a few days but already it has been very exciting getting to know each other and learning to work as a new team. We are looking forward to an excellent year of creating positive relationships and making good learning choices.

Mel Coulson

Grade 3/4B News

Wow! How exciting it is to be back at school for another fantastic year in 3/4 Birch. We have only been in the classroom for a week and have already accomplished so much. During this time we have been concentrating on getting to know one another and becoming a classroom filled with positive and friendly people. School values have been a hot topic in our room as we remember what each value stands for, how we uphold these values in our classroom and in the playground. We have also had a chance to reflect on goals we may have had last year and create new goals for term 1 relating directly to our school values. They are displayed in our classroom for parents or friends who would like come and take a look.

Building relationships is also important during these first few weeks and we have been participating in plenty of discussions and games around how we can build stronger relationships with one another to ensure our classroom has supportive and caring class members for the remainder of the year.

We are also beginning to engage in our learning for the year and I can already see that the students of 3/4B are very enthusiastic around their learning and trying their best!

We would also like to say a big warm welcome to a special visitor in our classroom for the next 4 weeks! Miss Serena Foster is an education student completing her 1st practical experience and has already made amazing relationships with students in a very short time. We hope that Miss Foster enjoys her time at West Ulverstone and learns a lot while she is here.

Ms Birch

Grade 1/2A News

Liz, Elliott and Jaxson building monsters.

Our Class is looking
at Calendar maths.

Hannah and Jayla
working on their puzzles.

Jenni Redman

Grade 4/5A News

What a fantastic start to the school year we have had in 4/5A. Being a new teacher at this school I have enjoyed getting to know new students, their families and all about West Ulverstone Primary over the past week.

To start the year off we have been busy learning about our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Learning and Relationships and how we can be our very best every day.

Deet Cox

Grade 5/6A News

In 5/6A we are learning to get to know each other better and find out the expectations of grade 5/6.

In a Quick Write Quick Draw activity we have reflected on our holidays. Come in and enjoy reading about our holiday adventures!

Kylie Mudford

Grade 5/6B News

This week in 5/6 French we walked into the classroom thinking “what is going on?” The tables were stacked and there were a bunch of chairs in a circle. We sat down with our friends and Mr French said in a very excited manner, “We are going to design our own classroom.” We were so excited. First we had to research ideas for classroom design, create a PowerPoint presentation and share with the class. Once we had decided on a plan, we sprang into action and created our classroom. It is still a plan in action. Here are some photos of our work.

By Tanner Mott and Isaac Ling

Early Connections, Launching into Learning Programs Term 1 2017

Play group: Monday 10:30am-12:30pm. Beginning February 20th

Playgroup is a program that encourages children’s learning through play based activities.

Water Awareness: Tuesday 9:30am-10:00am and 10:00am-10:30am

This program is aimed at growing children’s safety and confidence in the water and early swimming skills.

Venue: Fuchsia Fantasy Pool in Lillico Rd. Beginning March 7th.

Pre-Kinder: Wednesday 10:00am-11:30am. Beginning March 8th

A program which focuses on building school readiness through early literacy and numeracy skills and concept learning. It is for children turning 4 in the year before they start school and their parents.

Play Gym with Slipstream Circus: Friday 10:30 – 11:15am and 11:30-12:15pm. Beginning March 3rd

A motor skills development program. This is held at the Recreation Centre in Tasma Parade (older building).

All Early Connections sessions are held in the building situated at the front of the school unless otherwise specified

Julia Hill

Communication to Students during school day

We please ask that parents/guardians phone messages through to admin i.e. catching the bus home etc, no later than 2.30pm. After this time admin can not guarantee the message will reach your child/children.

Book Club

Welcome back to Book Club 2017. Orders for Issue 1 are due in by Friday, February 24th 2017.

This year you can do your order online and pay for it using your credit card and the LOOP system. You will need to go to the link below and follow the links. The school will still receive rewards for your order and your order will come back to the school to be handed out.


Sharon Guard
Book Club Coordinator

Head lice and Ring Worm Information

It has been brought to our attention that we may have possible incidences of Head Lice and Ring Worm within the School. We ask that you visit the web site below for information around head lice and treat your child if required. The following ring worm information is mandated from DoE.

Ring Worm procedures for Schools

Student should stay home until after the appropriate treatment has been administered

If you require any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact the school. We are now fortunate enough to have access to a School Nurse once a week that will be able to offer us additional assistance.


Mem Fox Community Event

Sports News

Health and Physical Education

Welcome back everyone.

I am looking forward to teaching the Physical Education classes again in 2017. Parents, please help our students remember to bring or wear some suitable footwear on PE days and a water bottle. If your child suffers from asthma it is very important that they have access to their puffers and a personal spacer.

Below is a list of PE days. At times we may need to run lessons on alternate days due to athletics carnivals etc. Class teachers will notify students of these changes as they occur.

Wednesday lessons;

1/2 A & B, 4/5 and Prep Perceptual Motor (selected students)

Thursday lessons;

Kinder/Prep A & B, 3/4 A & B, and 5/6 A & B

Athletics Carnival dates;

1 March – 800m Races Gr 3-6 1:30 – 2:30 pm
2 March - Athletics Carnival – whole school, all day
(9 March – back-up day)
16 March – NW Athletics Carnival – Gr 3-6 selected students

Kathy Milne-Viney
H&PE Teacher

Auskick Clinic

There will be a FREE auskick clinic on Saturday 18 Feb at the Ulverstone Show Ground.

The clinic will run from 10:00 am – 12:00pm and will be supported by Hawthorn players. Wear your footy gear and bring a drink. At the completion of the clinic there will be some time with the players to grab an autograph, listen to a healthy lifestyle talk and take home a Beyond Blue give away bag.

ALL WELCOME. A great opportunity for all our young aspiring football players.

Primary School Cricket (Grades 5/6)

It is planned to start the Primary School cricket roster on Friday 3rd March 2017. There will be four games in the first term (March 3rd, 10th and 17th and 24th), which includes the long weekend. There will be a further seven games in the last term, commencing on Friday 20th October, to be confirmed later in Term 3. All games will be played on a Friday night.


Primary School Roster $15.00 (includes first and fourth terms)

Notices were handed out earlier this week. Registration forms and money will need to be handed into the office by Monday 21st February.

Maths with Murphy

Meet Murphy. Murphy knows that maths is everywhere! He knows that we all use maths many times every day, often without realising it.

Improving students’ ability in maths, being able to use these skills to solve real world problems and explain how they worked out their answer continues to be a school priority. Students are learning to ask ‘will some maths help here?’ and then make choices about what maths they need to use to solve problems.

To extend maths learning and discussions at home, Murphy will feature in our school newsletter each fortnight with an easy maths problem and a hard maths problem that parents and students can do and talk about together. Put your answer (make sure it has your name and class on it) in the box at the office to be in the running for a fortnightly canteen voucher. Answers will be in the next newsletter.

Questions to ask when working together on a maths problem can include:

  • How do you know?
  • What are you thinking about?
  • Can you draw something to help you work it out?

Have fun!

Maths Questions

Lottie has a bag of apples.
She gives half of them to Fred.
Fred eats two and then has four left.
How many apples did Lottie have at the start?

Today is my birthday. If my age in months is 99 greater than my age in years, how many years old am I now?

Reading with Riley

Meet Riley. Riley knows that reading is fun and the more you read, the better you get!

Improving students’ ability to understand what they are reading (comprehension) and skilling them with a number of strategies to use when reading continues to be a school focus. Students are encouraged to talk about what they are reading to help improve their vocabulary and use strategies such as activating prior knowledge, self-monitoring, predicting, questioning, making connections, visualising, inferring and summarizing. We encourage all students to read every day.

As adults it is important that we show students that reading isn’t work. They need to see us enjoying books, magazines and the newspaper so that they learn that reading is fun.

To help support reading and the enjoyment of books at home, Riley will feature in our school newsletter each fortnight with information about each of the strategies students have learnt about and are encouraged to use to help them become better readers. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about reading.

Lollipop Jobs

School Banking

Student School Banking will commence next Tuesday 21st February. If you require information about school banking please see the admin staff.